Fred Thompson: Condi not the Right Choice, Obama Campaign Getting Dirtier by the Minute

By Gary P Jackson

Fred Thompson talks to Greta about the rumor that Condoleeza Rice is on Mitt Romney’s list of vice presidential choices. Not sure why, as the Romney people have said she isn’t, and Condi has said over and over, she doesn’t want the job.

Fred makes the case that choosing her would be a disaster, and I agree. Besides the fact that she’s a pro-choice liberal, who reportedly voted for Barack Obama in 2008, she made a mess of foreign policy, and will forever be tied to the Bush administration. It would be an unwanted distraction.

Fred notes that Obama campaign is playing dirtier by the minute, and Condi, who has never run for office, is simply not up to the task. Again, I agree. He says Obama is playing “small ball” by focusing on things like where Romney did or didn’t work over a decade ago. When you can’t run on your record, what else is there?

Good interview.

Video courtesy SarahNet:


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