Video: Sarah Palin’s Full “Patriots in the Park” Speech

By Gary P Jackson

I posted a report on Sarah Palin’s speech in Michigan Saturday. The only thing that was missing was a quality video of the entire speech.

Our buddy Ray at SarahNet found this to share:

Every time I watch one of Sarah Palin’s speeches, I’m reminded just how weak the current leadership of the Republican Party is. They are supposedly fighting for us, but they aren’t fighting the same fight Sarah and the rest of us are.

Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment™ need to take notes. This is how it’s done boys!



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9 responses to “Video: Sarah Palin’s Full “Patriots in the Park” Speech

  1. at one time i would have taken exception to the comment ” This is how it’s done Boys” but now i believe that is exactly what we are dealing with “Boys”.. Although i will vote Republican,, Romney is letting things slide by without comment.. Obama is pounding the fact that Romney doesn’t want or wont show more tax returns.. why doesn’t Romney start pounding back with all the papers Obama has had sealed.. Tax returns are not that important to the public,,, to find out about Obama’s past is a must for us to know along with why was his law license was revoked??? why is all this not being brought out?????? somebody please give me an answer…. thanks and have a nice day………

  2. Palin Gets It~!

    We need to show the American people a bright future because optimism is what is under attack along with various other things~ The Oligarchial principle (way of Empire) is what is driving the opposition’s look to the future and they feel in order to save their future, they have to destroy ours~ American people should create goals again such as real energy, manufactoring, production, exporting as much as importing, and space exploration, as examples~ Additionally, all cronies and the corrupt in Gov need to be arrested and all false banks and worthless derivative holders need to be forced into bankruptcy~
    The American people hold all the power because as a collective group whatever is enforced on them by Gov they can simply deny to do or find a way to do it on thier own~ Both, ” Null and void” & ” Alter and abolish” still lies in the hands of the American people~

  3. bbmomof3

    Gary, you post the best Sarah Palin aritcles, and yet it’s so ironic that you chastise those of us that still hold on to the hope of having her win the nomination in a brokered convention. I know deep in your heart you feel the same way we do, but you are looking at this from a “realists” point of view. I pray for a miracle because I agree 100% with your comment that every time you watch one of her speeches you are remind at how weak the current leadership is in the Republican Party. But regardless of what happens at the convention…Anybody But Obama will have to do…How sad…

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’m just someone who lives in the real world. There is zero chance of a brokered convention. None. Wishing there was a different nominee is all well and good, but understanding it will not happen is important. Flights of fancy are OK, and yeah, the real world sucks sometimes, but it’s the world we live in.

      Sarah Palin is a true leaders and the real deal. It’s why we support her so strongly, but that doesn’t change the harsh reality of the situation we are in.

  4. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Perhaps the GOP shud agree and name Sarah’ Chairperson of
    the Platform’ or ‘Minister of Mission’? She cud be the ‘Editor’ of the GOP
    national ‘laundry list’ of what to say and what to do? Using her TV appear-
    ances and written policies, she cud generate positive pressure–not spin–
    as we enter the cyclone of the current voting and delivering cycle?..Aaron

    • Gary P Jackson

      The GOP doesn’t want anything to do with her. They are still pissed at all the corrupt Republicans she sent to jail in Alaska! Just the fact that she is a true Conservative makes them nauseous. They felt the same way about Ronald Reagan as well.

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