Romney Disses Sarah Palin But This Fat, Obnoxious Hamas Loving Clown is Keynoting in Tampa?

By Gary P Jackson


The word is going out quietly to Republican activists across New Jersey: If you’re going to the GOP convention in Tampa next month, be sure to be there by Tuesday night, Aug. 28, because Gov. Chris Christie is going to be giving the keynote speech that night.

We’ve been told that’s the night to be there, that’s when the governor is going to speak. They’re saying he’s the keynoter,” one top party activist told The Post yesterday.

I guess our “betters” in the Republican Party have decided on a theme for this year’s convention: Northeastern Liberals. Good luck with that!

I know the GOP Elite hate Conservatives, and are as tone deaf as humanly possible, but this is a serious WTF moment.

I know some “conservatives” think Chris Christie is all that, and Ann Coulter completely destroyed every shred of credibility she ever had by professing her love for this loud mouth bully, but actual Conservatives have Christie’s number.

While taking Coulter to task, Mark Levin points out Christie’s passive support of ObamaCare and refers to him as a “male Christine Todd Whitman,” not exactly a complement.

Christie is also an open borders, amnesty shill, a gun grabber, thinks “global warming” is real, and supports legislation to “fix” it, and is an all around liberal Republican. Oh sure, some get excited because he took on the corrupt teachers unions, and tried to reform their pension plans. And some people get cheap thrills because Christie is a classless bore who loves to yell at people, especially reporters. The same people who tell me that Sarah Palin is “shrill” and “polarizing” just lap this clown’s antics up.

Why is it I find more photos of these two idiots together than of Christie with actual Republicans?

Let’s get something straight, Christie took on the union thugs out of sheer desperation. New Jersey is broke. He really had no choice. It’s a simple matter of survival. That makes Christie marginally better than California’s Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. But only marginally.

Sarah Palin reformed her state’s public employee’s pension system. She also slashed spending, reformed a corrupt government, and took on Big Oil. And she didn’t have a proverbial gun to her head like Christie does. No Sarah Palin was a budget hawk during good times, when Alaska was swimming in oil money, thanks to record high crude prices.

Sarah cut her own office’s expenses, spending over a million dollars a year less than the two previous governors, Frank Murkowski and Tony Knowles. She fired most of the staff at the Governor’s Mansion, including the executive chef, opting to do her own cooking. She put the useless jet Murkowski bought on eBay, [later selling it through a broker] drove herself to work, in her own car, and turned down a $25,000 a year raise that was offered to her by the Alaska legislature.

Alaska was swimming in oil money and the legislature was wanting to spend like drunken sailors. Sarah vetoed all of the nonsense, remembering good times never last forever. Instead she managed debt and liabilities, creating a $12 billion surplus, and ended up getting Alaska an upgrade on it’s credit rating to the highest level.

Christie did the right thing, for sure, but only because it was either that, or throw New Jersey into bankruptcy. I’d like to see what he’d do if he had a seemingly unlimited stream of money pouring in. I doubt he’d be as prudent.

This stuff isn’t my only problem with Christie though. There are plenty of loud mouth, obnoxious losers in this world. Can’t waste time being disgusted by them all. No I’m more concerned about his liberalism, and disregard for the rights of his citizens.

We noted in January of 2011 that Christie had cooked up a scheme to steal the private property of New Jersey citizens in order to feed the out of control government beast. In this scenario, right out of Soviet Russia [or communist Cuba] Christie would confiscate private citizen’s unused gift cards and travelers checks, just taking them and putting the money towards paying down debt. This is immoral and probably illegal, but Christie was all for it. Like any good liberal, Christie thinks government is all powerful and the people are merely there to serve government, not the other way around.

The real thing that troubles me about Christie though, and the thing that should disqualify him not only from speaking at the convention, but from ever being considered for anything other than Governor of New Jersey, is his deep ties to the terror group Hamas.

Back when Christie was still at the Justice Department, he intervened on behalf of confessed Hamas terrorist Mohammed Qatanani. Qatanani is a confessed member of Hamas,and the Muslim Brotherhood, which of course has ties to Al Qaeda.

Qatanani had widespread support in New Jersey, despite a record of condemning Christians to eternal hellfire and his attendance at numerous radical conferences in the United States.

For example, Qatanani spoke at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) conference in Chicago. The IAP served as a Hamas propaganda arm in the United States and was part of a secret Muslim Brotherhood committee assembled to help Hamas politically and financially.

One of the groups Qatanani was involved with provides funds to the children of suicide bombers, a recruitment incentive, if you will.

And yet, Chris Christie worked hard to stop ICE from deporting this terrorist.

That’s not all, as Governor, Christie nominated Qatanani’s attorney, Sohail Mohammed to be a New Jersey Superior Court Judge. Mohammed is a piece of work in his own right. He was an attorney for many GITMO terrorist detainees, and Mohammed has ties to the “Fort Dix Six” a group of Muslim terrorists who were plotting to kill “as many soldiers as possible.”

Oh, and Sohail Mohammed thinks Sharia Law should be part of the American justice system.

It goes without saying that Christie supports the Ground Zero Mosque.

Read more about Christie’s many despicable ties to radical Islam here.

Whether Sarah Palin speaks at the convention, or not, it’s an insult and an outrage that someone like Chris Christie would be given a platform there.

Here is a man that represents everything Conservatives are fighting against.

Here’s a man who not only consorts with know terrorists, he appoints people with deep ties to terrorism, and a want to subvert the justice system of the United States, to positions within the courts.

It’s completely unacceptable and a disgrace.

But it’s par for the course. It’s just one more instance of the brain dead GOP Elite clowns not giving a damn about anything but power.


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18 responses to “Romney Disses Sarah Palin But This Fat, Obnoxious Hamas Loving Clown is Keynoting in Tampa?

  1. Jim Thompson

    Wait!! Are You telling us Sarah Palin’s being shut out of the GOP Convention in Tampa, FL and the infamous NJ Blowhard Chri Christie is giving the Convention Keynote Address? Blow It Out Of Your A$%^&&&, GOPe!!! I’m Outraged!!! Pardon me Y’all.

  2. Karen

    Gary this is Great and thank you for throwing in the Tape by Mark Levin and how he pointed out who and What Christie is. This man is Not Conservative and all he knows how to do is run his mouth. One look at his State’s Debt Clock, talk about Magic, nothing has changed, but people are only Listening to his big Mouth.

    Just so you know I was “ASKED” to leave a Group on Facebook for Daring to put up an article about Sarah not speaking at the Convention. I was Told I was being Negative against Mitt Romney. How am I being Negative when I want her to speak and have a Prime Time role? I never said a word about Mitt Romney. Also too in this same group we were told not to say anything bad about Marco Rubio, You can’t bring up anything about being Natural Born, nothing about his amnesty push, Because if you say anything against Marco your doing Obama’s Work. Also in this same group you post anything about Sarah not speaking your post will be deleted, and you could be deleted from the Group. What is the Groups name LOL you can’t make this stuff up.

    Restoring America Together and Restoring America Together II

    • Gary P Jackson

      To hell with Mitt Romney! We may have to vote for him to get rid of Obama, but that don’t mean we gotta put up with his BS! Romney’s team has been spreading lies about Sarah since before the election of 2008 was over.

      Many Romney staffers went to work for McCain/Palin, and they actively sabotaged the campaign. They knew they had to stop Sarah or Willard’s shot at the White House was over.

      I’m not suicidal, so I’ll still vote for Romney to get rid of Obama, but that doesn’t mean I’m not already looking towards 2016.

  3. Gary, you took the very words out of my mouth (but I’ll phrase it slightly differently): Namely, the political landscape, beginning in Jan. 2013 and starting to show strength in 2014, will look entirely different by 2016. Conservatives will now step out of the shadows, tell the
    RINOs and the GOPe (plus the entire gamut of Dems, Libs, Regressives & Socialists, of course) that we’re NOT going to sit down and shut up! We have our own agenda now – and it DOESN’T include “progressive,” commie or islamist policies!

    I guess we all know who we want to lead the charge and be our Joan of Arc; but, unlike the REAL Joan of Arc in history, THIS one wil NOT burn at the stake and become a martyr!! Instead, she’ll be indomitable and challenge the Left like they’ve never been challenged before (at least, since the great Ronaldus Magnus!).

    BTW, I read all about Christie sometime last year at Atlas Shrugs (by the equally fearless Pamela Geller). Frankly, I was really surprised that he had such unsavory ties to the “Sharia-compliant” tools that are basically ushering in a VERY dark period in American History. Who would ever have thought that a decade after 9/11 America would be so deeply in bed with her own enemy?!? And fools like Christie need to be exposed BIG TIME for the enabling role they play in subverting our society… (I have a feeling that as soon as this unsettling news is confirmed, Pam will take him apart with an even sharper scalpel!!)

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks. Yeah Pamela Geller is incredible. I love her work. I have a lot of people get upset because they think Christie is all that, but I don’t see it, and never will see it.

      Again, the same people who call Sarah Plain polarizing, and divisive, LOVE this asshat, who gets in fights walking down the street! Maybe they are missing The Sopranos or something. Even those cats had more class though.

      Anyhow, I think you may be right. Even before this latest fiasco many Conservatives were saying this was the GOP’s last chance to get it right. Romney MUST win, but he’s doing everything he can to lose. It’s unreal. He’s playing right into Obama’s hands.

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  5. George Edwards

    I don’t know where the obnoxious blowhard who wrote this article comes from, but it sure isn’t New Jersey! Governor Christie is the best thing to hit this state in 20 years. He’s trying to straighten out the mess he inherited. While he may not be the extreme right wing darling the author of this article would like he is managing to do a credible job of working with a Democratic legislature to straighten out this state. Is he tough, Hell yes. Is a he a bully? Only when he’s taking on a bully.

    • Gary P Jackson

      If you like your loud mouth obnoxious terrorist loving governor, no problem, you can have him.

      It’s obvious that you have no problem with amnesty for illegals, gun control laws and usurping the 2nd Amendment, ObamaCare, and the harboring of Hamas terrorists. That may fly in New Jersey, but not in the rest of America. To the rest of America Chris Christie is a loud, obnoxious, no class, bore.

      That he is allowed to represent the Republican Party is just pathetic. He’s a caricature, not a real person. A walking punch line. Corrupt and lazy. I mean seriously, the slob had a chopper fly him to his kid’s ball game, and land so he didn’t have to walk? Just pathetic.

      Oh and spare me the “he saved NJ” spiel. After years of electing corrupt democrats, and coddling union thugs, the state was on the verge of collapse. It was a matter of survival, not good governance. He’s only don’t what had to be done, not anything heroic.

      Christie is nothing more than a liberal democrat with just enough brain function to not let the state collapse. That’s all. He has nothing in common with the Conservative movement, or mainstream America.

      • Good for you, Gary (aka “obnoxious blowhard!” Lol…) – you really took Christie apart (again) for the benefit of Mr. Edwards! I’m sure Christie will give a boisterous speech in Tampa, but I think, in that regard, the emphasis will be on “boisterous,” if not on subtance…

      • Gary P Jackson

        Simply not a fan of Chris Christie. He’s the typical northeastern liberal. Just because he got one thing right doesn’t make him one of us. Remember, Bill Clinton worked with Congress and balanced the budget for the first time in decades. Laudable, admirable, but it don’t make him a Conservative, or someone I’d want speaking at a Republican convention.

        I feel sorry for people up north sometimes. Many of them have no idea what a real Conservative is. When someone does ANYTHING right, they immediately want to anoint them the new king. How sad is that?


  6. Michael Maddux

    Frankly I find it amazing that the OP and other posters here fight like cats and dogs with the supposed wunderkinds of the “tea party” and conservatives. As a “liberal independent” I find it interesting that you all rip each other to pieces about how conservative a particular person is or is not. After reading many, and I mean many conservative blogs and news outlets, the vitriol and flat out bigoted, racist bile that pass’s as comments and discussion’s by the users of these sites, how can you reconcile with and or compromise with those of us that do not share your brand of politics?

    After all, anyone knows that in order to get anything accomplished in our government requires compromise. From what I have been reading, this does not seem to be what the goal is. It sounds to me like many of these authors and commentators want nothing short of revolution. I really hesitate thinking this as I am not sure that people who foment for this really understand the gravity of what a revolution would do this country, to them and their children. I mean I am not sure any of you actually really think about what you say very deeply. All these euphemisms and “talking points” from various media outlets are saying things that are dangerous and in many cases just false.

    I know that since I have already revealed that as part of my political spectrum I hold some liberal tendencies my words will most likely be ignored or scorned. However if any readers of this blog would like to have a rational discussion regarding points I have made in my post, I would like to hear your thoughts.

    Note: responding with disparagement, ad hominem attacks, invective, racist, sexist comments will assure me that my current set of beliefs in how the “Tea parties and any other stripe of conservatives” believe and behave will be confirmed. Now I realize that everyone is different so I have high hopes that someone who peruses this site and believes many of the tenets of the tea party and republicans will prove me wrong.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Unlike liberals, who tow the party line, like good little sheep, Conservatives have principles, and aren’t about to sell out.

      The democrat party went through a similar process the GOP is going through, years ago. The dems ran all of the reasonable and likable lawmakers and spokespeople completely out of the party. It was a nasty fight. Now the party is run by socialists, communists, sixties radicals and other assorted reprobates. Marxists of all stripes. Sane, sober leaders need not apply.

      The problem is, the Republican Party has it’s share of liberals as well. Most of the GOP leadership is full of Big Government liberals with little daylight between them and their democrat brethren.

      Liberalism has failed every time it’s been tried. It’s been failing for over 100 years, and it’s failed in country after country all around the world. It’s THE probable with this country, and the reason why the nation is on the verge of total collapse.

      The Tea Party was created in response to liberals in both political parties. There are just as many disgusted democrats in the Tea Party as Republicans, though most of the folks who describe themselves as members, also describe themselves as independents. [as I myself do]

      You are correct when you say compromise is often necessary to get things done. But compromise just for the sake of compromise is a special kind of evil all it’s own. If one will sacrifice their core values and principles for the sake of often meaningless legislation [in the long term] they don’t belong in elected office. That goes for someone of any ideology.

      Sadly, with liberals, the concept of “compromise” is telling everyone who disagrees to shut up and get behind them, or else. THAT is why nothing can ever be solved.

      Conservatives have been proposing solid plans to save our nation, only to see liberals in both parties block them.

      The Obama regime hasn’t produced a constitutionally REQUIRED budget since Obama took office. At least not a legitimate one. The two he HAS put forth have been voted down unanimously in both the House and Senate. Not a single democrat has voted for Obama’s ridiculous plans.

      The Republican controlled House has produced 4 solid budgets, but Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader in the democrat run Senate, won’t even allow those budgets to come up for a vote. THAT is what democrats think compromise is.

      Honestly, BOTH parties are filled with corrupt, disgusting, despicable, political hacks. The democrat party is beyond saving though. All of the reasonable people have been run out of the party, and the insane Marxists who are in charge think their ideas, which have been proven failures for over 100 years, are just great!

      It’s hard to start a brand new party, and least a viable one. That’s the only reason the GOP still stands today. Currently Conservatives, reformers with plenty of real world experience, are working to take over the Republican Party. As most Americans describe themselves as Conservative, our folks will be successful, but just as the Marxists fought tooth and nail to take control of the democrat party, Big Government liberal Republicans, who control the party, aren’t going down without a fight.

      We have the truth and experience on our side, and will be victorious.

      BTW, Chris Christie is one of those liberal Republicans that give the GOP a bad name. Besides being an obnoxious lout, he’s in bed with Hamas terrorists. Disgusting.

      • Great response to yet another Lib Prog troll, Gary – I admire your specificity AND your restraint!! Maddox simply doesn’t understand the Conservative point of view – as witness his mendacious description of patriotic Americans as “racist,” etc. When in HELL is that old and disgusting canard going to FINALLY be retired?!? He is SUCH a tool!

        And no matter how often we point out to the thick heads that cover Lib Prog skulls that we have core principles ourselves and aren’t about to sacrifice or compromise them for the sake of “compromise” – ON LIB PROG TERMS!! – the other side simply doesn’t comprehend the seriousness of the morass in which we ALL find ourselves – and our beloved country – these days. They simply do not or cannot grasp that just because we don’t agree with them, we’re NOT dispicable fools!

        Well, as Tammy Bruce said (on Laura Ingraham’s show this afternoon), there’s just a whole lot of “projection” going on from the Left! And she never fails to remind us what SHE learned – through sad and discouraging experience – when she, herself, was a voice on the Left! (God, I love that woman!!)

        I’ve been trying – but, so far, in vain – to come up with some great pithy answers to all the imaginery arguments I have with my old Lib Prog friends whenever they spout some of their predictable – but no less disgusting! – nonsense and diatribes. But I still don’t have the guts to open a conversation with family & friends who haven’t yet seen the light… So, I guess, we’ll use the Michael Maddoxes of the world as proxies for registering our EXTREME displeasure (and disgust)!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        I usually see crap like that and just hit the delete button. But sometimes I like to show readers just how ignorant and hateful they are.

  7. christie looks like s stinky fat man. hope he showers a few times a day. fat people are very agressive. poor obama, because he is a black man in the white house, he is being harrassed for being decent, intelligent. he did not vote for a war in iraq. where’s the cheaper oil bush promised? more wars with romney/ryan. war profiteering, republicans have investments in wars some democrats too. we poor/midclass commoners, pay for these wars with taxes. rich old men love wars,thats how they get off i betcha.

  8. Paul

    Gary, you are as stupid as they come. You also probably believe that a woman can’t get pregnant from being raped.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, that would be Huckabee’s boy Todd Akin. If you weren’t such an assclown, you would have read not one, but close to a dozen articles on our website ripping Akin to shreds for his idiotic comments.

      Who’s stupid again?

      Go back to you’re mom’s basement and eat some Cheetos loser.

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