Breaking: Tea Party Express Announces “Take A Stand” Radiothon for Ted Cruz

By Gary P Jackson

As Texans and Conservatives, we know how important this Senate race is. The rest of the country needs to understand how it will impact them as well.

We have Ted Cruz, a Reagan Conservative who, as Solicitor General of Texas, has fought not only the United Nations and the World Court, but also the Obama regime, while defending both Texas and United States sovereignty which were under attack.

Ted Cruz exemplifies the Texas spirit and is a champion of Liberty and Freedom. He’s served Texas well and will be an asset for the nation.

We are fighting to stop current Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst, a dishonest and unethical man who has spent millions of ads telling flat out lies about Ted Cruz, and misrepresenting his own liberal record.

Dewhurst has fought for amnesty for illegals, pushed for a payroll tax, killed legislation that would have banned sanctuary cites in Texas, as well as legislation that would have stopped the TSA from groping airline passengers.

Meanwhile, Dewhurst is in the pocket of lobbyists, and big money special interests. He even attended a crony laden Washington fundraiser last fall at the townhome of George Soros stooge John Podesta.

Ted Cruz is supported by those of us who love Liberty and Freedom, and want to see a return to a Constitutional Republic. People who want a smaller, more responsible government.

David Dewhurst is supported by cronies and big businesses that benefit from Big Government and live off the tax payer dollars it showers on them.

While Ted Cruz has all of the incentives in the world to bring government under control, Dewhurst has every incentive in the world to keep growing government so he can keep paying off his cronies.

We have enough corrupt bastards in Washington now. It would be a crime to send them reinforcements, which is exactly what we’d be doing, if we send David Dewhurst to Washington.

Dewhurst is the poster child for the corrupt Republican Establishment™. He’s spent a small fortune attacking Conservatives, but has run on “bi-partisanship” in previous campaigns. Like all of the country club Republicans, Dewhurst finds it much easier to attack Conservatives than his liberal brethren in the democrat party. It’s unacceptable.

I just got a note from the Tea Party Express announcing a event in support of Ted Cruz. Please allow me to share and ask that our readers from around the country take part. This isn’t just about Texas. This will have national implications.

Tea Party Express Announces ‘Take a Stand’ Radiothon for Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz

We are just over a week away from the next major Tea Party challenge. As Ted Cruz himself has stated, “This race is ground zero in the battle between the moderate establishment and the Tea Party tidal wave that is sweeping this country!“.

We couldn’t agree more and that is why we are proudly announcing a two-hour long ‘Take a Stand’ for Ted Cruz radiothon next Wednesday, July 25th in Dallas, Texas on KLIF 570 AM to help us reach our goal of electing the next Tea Party Senator.

‘Take a Stand’ for Ted Cruz Radiothon Hosts Amy Kremer and Kay Rivoli

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer and Tea Party Express singer and entertainer Kay Rivoli will host the event, and will be joined by some of the nation’s most influential Tea Party leaders and politicians who also proudly stand with Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.

We understand that some of you will not be able to tune in next Wednesday and we want to start a program with a head of steam, so we are asking for your early support and donations now.

To do your part to ensure that conservative Ted Cruz is elected, please donate below HERE

The Radiothon can be viewed live online next Wednesday at from 8-10 PM Central Time.

It is crucial that tea party activists and leaders from across the nation join us in supporting Ted Cruz in Texas. We cannot win this election without you!

The establishment Republicans and D.C. funded SuperPACS are dumping millions and millions of dollars into this race in order to elect another ‘go along to get along’ Senator that will walk in lockstep with the Republican leadership. We the People cannot stay silent anymore and allow the Republicans to dictate who our representatives are.

Join Amy, Kay, and millions of Tea Party activists across the nation next Wednesday for Tea Party Express’ Radiothon for Ted Cruz at


Also, we still need to raise $12,700 by the end of the day Sunday for production of our ‘Tea Party Supports Ted Cruz’ TV ad and any money you donate now will go towards achieving that goal.

Take a stand in Texas with Tea Party Express and help Ted Cruz hold his lead! Donate what you can today. Click here to donate $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or even more!

As always, if you prefer, you may also make a contribution via mail, by sending a check to:

Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720

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