Flashback: Sarah Palin’s 2008 Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech

By Gary P Jackson

The Republican Establishment™ has evidently decided it doesn’t need us smelly old Conservatives stinking up their RINO Fest in Tampa. Mitt Romney’s people have disrespected Sarah Palin by not giving her, the candidate for Vice President in 2008 on the Republican ticket, and the most high profile Republican in the world, an invitation to speak. Because, you know, who needs excitement like this:

Seriously, why would the Republican Party want someone with Sarah Palin’s accomplishments, energy, popularity, and charisma talking to the American people on behalf of Mitt Romney.

The RNC Chairman was out there on Thursday in full damage control mode claiming no one has been invited to speak yet, but that doesn’t seem plausible, as the event is only weeks away. I’m not buying it at all. The RNC had someone working on the 2012 convention minutes after they were done packing up the 2008 version. It’s how it’s done.

This is just another example of the brilliance of the “smart people” in the Republican Party, who allow the democrat media to consistently set their agenda for them.

It’s just a damned shame that Establishment Republicans™ won’t attack the communist-democrats, who are destroying the entire country, with the ruthlessness they attack Conservatives. [See also: the Texas Senate race]


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6 responses to “Flashback: Sarah Palin’s 2008 Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech

  1. Mitt Romney “America Street” by Chris Holly campaign song for Mitt2012 please share on your great site. http://youtu.be/PiPYv4NIOEg

  2. Joshua

    Awesome article Gary! You called those Democrats out too- for the communists that they are! -Joshua

    • Gary P Jackson

      You can’t sugar coat it anymore. The democrat party is full of hard core Marxists, including it’s president and leaders. No use being timid about calling em out.

  3. Still inspiring and one of the best political speeches ever!! 🙂

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