David Dewhurst’s “Leadership”: How He Killed the TSA Anti-Groping Bill

By Gary P Jackson

Lt Governor David Dewhurst has used his power to kill several important pieces of legislation, including a ban of sanctuary cities for illegals, and legislation that would have made the invasive groping done by the TSA a crime.

Texas, just like America herself, was born of revolution. Texans fought and died for Liberty and Freedom, and we don’t look kindly at those who try and take our Liberties and Freedoms away.

In the face of a hollow threat from the Obama regime’s TSA, Dewhurst decided to kill the anti-groping legislation rather than stand up and fight to Texas.

In this video outtake from Kings of Texas State Representative David Simpson of Longview talks about the weak “leadership” provided by Lt Governor David Dewhurst and the Establishment Republicans ™ who run this state.

Simpson’s says the letter from the Obama regime, threatening Texas was a “come and take it” moment. I agree!

For our non-Texan readers, Representative Simpson was referring to the Battle of Gonzales, which is thought to be the first battle of the Texas Revolution.

Trouble had been brewing between General Antonio López de Santa Anna, who had declared himself ruler of Mexico, making their constitution null and void, and the Texans. The Mexican government sent a force of 100 men to repossess an old cannon that had been provided to the settlers for defense against Indian raids.

In response to the Mexican Army, Texans, under the command of Colonels John H. Moore and J. W. E. Wallace loaded the cannon with scrap iron and fired upon the Mexican troops. After a short fight, the Mexicans retired from battle with one casualty. They were no casualties among the Texans.

The battle flag used by the Texans at Gonzales received considerable recognition and fame:

The Battle of Gonzales and the “Come and Take It” flag symbolize Texas Independence and every Texan’s birthright of Liberty and Freedom. Lt Governor David Dewhurst showed cowardice in the face of a hollow threat from the Obama regime. He failed Texas. What makes anyone think he’ll grow a pair if sent to Washington?

Ted Cruz has stood for Texas. When the United Nations, the World Court, and the Obama regime tried to interfere with Texas sovereignty, Ted Cruz stood for Texas. Ted Cruz fought for Texas, and won the battle to keep the UN and other inferior entities from meddling in Texas’ business.

We have seen the character of both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst. One will fight for Texas till the bitter end, the other folds up like a cheap lawn chair with a fat man sitting in it! In the face of evil and tyranny, David Dewhurst failed Texas miserably.

Vote for Ted Cruz, he’s the “Come and Take It” kind of leader Texas, and America needs!

H/T: StaceinTexas for the video.

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