Desperate and Despicable: New Dewhurst Ad Blames Ted Cruz for Pennsylvania Teen’s Suicide

Gary P Jackson

Just when you think Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst has sunk as low as humanly possible, he decides to wallow in the sewer. In a new ad, put out by a SuperPAC run by his former chief-of-staff and campaign manager, Dewhurst seeks to place the blame for a Pennsylvania teen’s suicide.

The Dewhurst ad uses a mother’s grief to tie Ted Cruz to her son’s tragic death, even though Cruz had nothing to do with the criminal proceedings surrounding the prison scandal that led to the teen’s suicide, something Dewhurst very well knows.

This is real sleazeball stuff. But it once again serves to remind decent people that the Republican Establishment will attack Conservatives long before they will attack democrats, who they share so much in common with.

It reminds us that Conservatives are fighting this battle on two fronts, we not only have to fight democrats, we have to fight the Republican Party as well. I’ll be honest, if I had my way, after the election, we’d all start looking at forming a new party and ending the GOP, but that’s easier said than done.

Luckily, in Texas, the winner of the Republican run-off will be the next Senator from the Lone Star State. The choice couldn’t be clearer either. Ted Cruz is a Reagan Conservative who has a record of defending Liberty and Freedom. He’s stood the test and passed. David Dewhurst is a corrupt, Establishment hack who has stood with the left, defeating solid legislation that would protect Texas. He’s a tax raising, amnesty loving, crony-capitalist. He’s been a disaster for Texas, and will be horrible for America.

Most of all though, Dewhurst is a despicable human being. He’s been lying about Ted Cruz for months, from the ads claiming Cruz “sent jobs to China” to lying about his record as Texas Solicitor General, Dewhurst has shown he can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. This latest ad though, is beyond all human decency. Dewhurst has proven he will sink to the lowest levels of depravity to grab more power. He’s an embarrassment to the entire state.

Texas politics have always been hard core and nasty, but with this new ad, Dewhurst takes nasty and vile to an entirely new level. It’s unacceptable at every level. Texas simply cannot allow a man of David Dewhurst’s character to represent us in Washington.

Texas and America deserve a lot better.

Vote Ted Cruz.



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5 responses to “Desperate and Despicable: New Dewhurst Ad Blames Ted Cruz for Pennsylvania Teen’s Suicide

  1. FLIP

    Well, I was still un-decided in this one. But not now. YOU DON”T USE SUICIDE AS A CAMPAIGN TOOL. That’s something one might expect from the Obama campaign.
    Well now he gets the same vote Obama will.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I think this latest, in a long line of despicable ads from Dewhurst has backfired spectacularly. Ted Cruz is the real deal. He’ll make a fine conservative Senator.

  2. Agnes Jacobs

    This ad completely turned me to Cruz….. I’d be ashamed to have Dewhurst as my senator…. another let down from the Republican establishment…

  3. Casey

    I noticed how it never mentioned why the kid was in there in the first place….hmmmm….. My vote has been for Cruz since day 1.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Of course not! It was just a pathetic attempt to tie Cruz to something, anything. Now there are reports that Dewhurst has someone posing as Sarah Palin doing robocalls saying she supports him!

      That’s evil.

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