Bristol Palin Announces She’ll Compete on “Dancing With The Stars All Stars”

By Gary P Jackson

This is actually pretty cool. I genuinely enjoyed watching DWTS when Bristol was competing. I thought she and partner Mark Ballas has great chemistry, and performed well.

In fact, this is a two-fer. Wholesome family entertainment, and it will drive the hatemongering democrats insane! There’s not a whole lot better way to start winding down a Friday afternoon. 🙂

Bristol has become quite a prolific blogger, and announced the deal on her blog today:

You know when something fun happens in life how you want to tell your friends first?  Well, that’s how I feel about this.  I wanted to tell the readers of my blog some amazing news. I appreciate you sticking with me through all of life’s adventures, and there’s another adventure headed my way.

I’ve been invited to be in Dancing with the Stars All Stars!!!

Many of you saw Episode 12 of Life’s a Tripp when Gino and I had our big blowout.  Well, it was very painful for everyone involved. After that fight, Tripp and Willow both dozed off, so it gave me – finally – some quiet time to think. I prayed about my life.

I asked for some sort of direction as to what to do, which direction to go…

After all, it’s complicated.  Should I focus on work? A relationship? Even after that terrible fight, I wasn’t sure about where Gino and I stood.

In other words, I prayed and asked for guidance.

After Lifetime wrapped up filming for the day, they took the microphones off Willow and me. It wasn’t ten minutes later that my cell phone rang.

It was the casting director of Dancing with the Stars.

I was ecstatic. It was like God placed this opportunity right at my feet. I called my mom right after our conversation and told her the offer I had gotten. I was totally brought to tears just thinking about the last few years of my life, and how abundantly blessed I am to have such amazing opportunities.

I’m thankful for my book, for this blog, for my Lifetime show, and now this. And, I’m thankful for you guys.

What I’m learning: God’s plan is much greater than our own.

Does that mean I’ll win DWTS?  Not necessarily. I’ll give it my all, and see what happens.

But this is what I do know. I’m trying to live every day a little more confidently, because I know that God is in control of our lives, our futures, and even our foxtrots.

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4 responses to “Bristol Palin Announces She’ll Compete on “Dancing With The Stars All Stars”

  1. The words of Andrew Breitbart come to mind when I read this news story: Namely, “Conservatives need to understand and CONQUER the popular culture – or they’ll never win at the ballot box!” (Or words to that effect)

    Well, when 2016 rolls around – 8 years after 2008 – kids who were just “young-uns” during the ’08 election cycle (when Sarah Palin was first introduced to the world), will be either teens or young adults; and, guess what? They’ll totally relate to the entire family!! They’ll follow Bristol (and, in time, the beautiful Willow), as well as their handsome & accomplished parents – and that all-important “name familiarity” that’s so elusive to most politicians, will not even be a factor for the Sarah Palin!! Further, if they keep their noses clean and scandal as far from the door (or as minimally acceptable) as possible, the Palin name will be GOLD – and all the petty carping done by the libturd and mindless O-bots in THIS era will be either irrelevant or even forgotten by 2016.

    I’m just reading the tea leaves – that’s all!!

  2. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Thanks for the update on Bristol–I wish her and Tripp the very
    best. On an impulse, I printed out a photo of her and drew a pair of glas-
    ses on her–she cud be her Mom’s sister!..Another thing I realized that
    Bristol’s siblings are Tripp’s Aunt and Uncle…Aaron Allen…

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