Sarah and Todd Palin Grab Some Chick-fil-A

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin said she wanted to stop at Chick-fil-A during her speech at the rally for Ted Cruz in The Woodlands.

True to her word, she and Todd stopped for some of that great Chicken!

Now I’m hungry!

Great to visit with the Sassy Feet dance squad at the Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands, TX. ~ Sarah via Facebook


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8 responses to “Sarah and Todd Palin Grab Some Chick-fil-A

  1. David

    Let’s all support Chick-Fil-A in this time of Demoncrat “tolerance”. I know I will.

  2. Sally Tudor

    Reblogged this on Tea Party Train.

  3. Ray

    way to go Todd and Sarah… that is some good chicken…

  4. lwjwl

    There isn’t a Chick-fil-A anywhere near the state I live in, or I’d get some for Dad and myself TODAY!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Man, you guys need a few! I’ll have one in your honor!

      • lwjwl

        Thx, I hoped that you’d enjoy some Chick-fil-A for me and everyone else who doesn’t have access.
        That’s going to be a whole bunch of us.
        We should send you some $$! Where is your donate button?

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