Selling Out Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

We Conservatives don’t call the GOP the “stupid party” for nothing! Since the great Ronald Reagan left office, Conservatives, and really America as a whole, have looked for a dynamic, passionate leader who says what they believe, and believes what they say.

Not some mythical “perfect” figure, but someone who walks the walk. Someone of accomplishment and skill. Someone unafraid to take on corrupt members of their own party. Someone who believes in limited government, First Principles, and the Constitution.

You’d think in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, this would describe ever single living and breathing American. And if not EVERY American, at the very least those who serve in public office….

….Oh who am I kidding, politicians who actually believe in the principles America was founded on are few and far between. That’s why, when the American people are blessed with one, they are drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

Sarah Palin is one of those rare individuals who is the real thing. A leader of substantial and incredible accomplishment and ideal temperament.

She is a gift to the Republican Party. Sarah Palin is the one Republican who can fill stadiums and electrify crowds. She has a loyal and enthusiastic following. People who, like myself, have studied her career and truly learned what she is about, politically.

To Conservatives, Sarah Palin is like a drink of cool water to a dying man in the desert: Refreshing and essential.

No other political endorsement matters as much as hers. She endorsed numerous candidates in 2010, and almost all were successful. These include state Governors and Attorneys General, as well as many members of Congress. Her massive presence in 2010 helped fuel the the largest political turnover since Reconstruction, after the Civil War. Some 650 democrats, in statehouses nationwide, were on the outside looking in after the elections.

In 2012 Sarah Palin continues to back solid Conservatives, men and women of principle. Leaders who understand the situations that face America, and want to do something about it. Like Sarah though, many of these leaders face sharp, and often nasty challenges, not from democrats, but fellow Republicans, members of the GOP Elite.

That brings us to an outstanding summation by Steve Flesher that appears in today’s edition of American Thinker.

This is a must read for every American.

It should be required reading for every Establishment Republican™!

Here’s a taste of what Steve has to say:

It hadn’t been two decades since the feminist movement of the ’60s when Walter Mondale announced Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate in 1984. Five years after Britain elected Margaret Thatcher as its first female prime minister, Americans also welcomed the idea of a woman holding a significant position of power.

The late Ferraro was an educated woman. She served her own jurisdiction as district attorney and went on to win a seat in the House of Representatives in 1979. Four years later, Mondale took a chance on her. She made history as the Democrat Party’s first female vice presidential nominee.

In their campaign against Reagan/Bush in ’84, the Mondale/Ferraro ticket wound up losing in a landslide. Nevertheless, it could be argued that Ferraro’s significance in the race carried what energy the ticket had. They won 34 million American votes — 40% of the popular vote.

Though the results were disappointing, Democrat operatives and talking heads managed to move forward without consistently dragging Ferraro’s name through the mud.

This is a little perplexing to Americans who now hear what some members of the GOP are saying about Sarah Palin. Joe Scarborough recently advised the party to avoid “the perils of Palin.” An unnamed Romney adviser claims she “poisoned the well” for women in the GOP. A New Hampshire paid politico and 2008 state Republican Party chairman believes that Palin was the “error of 2008.” This dismayed Tea Party members who believe that the “error of 2008” was Barack Obama.

If all this isn’t enough, Karl Rove earlier this year declared that Palin’s endorsement wasn’t “worth snot.”

Rove’s statement is particularly odd when you consider that similar party talking heads are complaining that Palin hasn’t officially endorsed Romney — even though she’s clearly stated that she’d gladly vote for him in light of the fact that replacing Barack Obama remains her number-one goal for 2012.

Not only does the GOP’s willingness to sell out Sarah Palin in 2012 undermine Palin herself, but such snobbery also transcends to the Tea Party. If they cannot find anything productive to say about their party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee (or the first woman on their party’s national ticket), why do they bother saying anything at all?

Without taking away from Ferraro’s legacy, it’s fair to point out a few facts. Sarah Palin actually had a record of executive accomplishment. Aside from serving as governor, she served as a mayor and as an oil and gas regulator for many years.

Throughout her entire career, Palin displayed a strong desire for reform. She cut taxes, she slashed business license fees, and she still managed to cut overall spending in Alaska’s budget. In doing so, she was able to put billions away in reserve accounts for the state’s future.

She accomplished far more than many full-term governors and multiple-term politicians. She then resigned for very logical reasons and went home to live by the laws she created.

Those who curse that decision without finding out more about it seem content to believe we simply don’t have enough politicians in Washington who hold onto their seats for decades at a time. Ironically, common Americans blame some of those lifers for unpaid debt nearing 16 trillion dollars.

Taking her proven resolve to the national front in 2008 as a candidate, Palin surely faced many obstacles. McCain’s campaign advisers committed a major blunder in having him suspend his campaign right after a massive DOW plunge. This made him look virtually incapable of multi-tasking and reflected badly on the campaign’s perceived ability to make good decisions.

Palin brushed it off, though. She continued packing her election rallies. Tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters continued arriving. With her energy, she brought nearly 60M votes in for McCain on Election Day. This was about 46% of the popular vote.

Since then, she’s been a forceful advocate and a leader of the grassroots movements. Using her power, she campaigned for (and carried to victory) many congressional candidates in 2010 for her party. This year, she’s continuing. So far in 2012, 100% of her endorsements have emerged victorious in their primaries for U.S. Senate.

But despite doing significantly better as a candidate than Ferraro and going on to have a greater impact as she works tirelessly for her party, Palin’s influence and the legacy of her candidacy are met with efforts to marginalize both from the party’s power-players.

It’s difficult for Tea Party Americans to wrap their minds around this when Palin removed herself as a direct political threat to the establishment since she didn’t run for president. To sweeten the deal, she’s even working to make sure Congress is filled with good conservatives ready to get to work for Mitt Romney.

Apparently, none of this is good enough. Aside from the continuing negative remarks, the same naysayers remain chillingly silent with regard to Palin’s involvement at the party’s convention next month. As they look to sitting politicians, very few can deny that Palin has galvanized the support those same folks enjoy.

Read more from Steve, as well as reader comments, here.


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10 responses to “Selling Out Sarah Palin

  1. David

    Sarah should challenge Romney at the convention. Maybe then we could get a real candidate.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not gonna happen. Sarah understands that would be an unneeded, unwanted mess. It would only help Obama. Romney is disappointing, but we’re stuck with him.

    • David, as much as I love Palin, she didn’t run… Mitt is our guy. Lets stick together, or we sink… and Obama wins.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Mitt’s not reall “our guy” but you’re right, he’s all we got, and as I’ve said a million times, now ain’t the time to settle old scores. Beating Obama is just too essential. Sarah knows this too.

      • David

        I agree. I will hold my nose and vote for Mitt (anybody but Obama), but I sure would like a real choice. But we’ll kick the Establishment’s posterior next time.

  2. This was a terrific article – albeit a very sad commentary. Thanks so much for posting – I tweeted it and then posted it to Facebook for what I hope will be wider circulation!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Joy!

      Yes, it is sad. Sarah Palin could lead the GOP to victory after victory and bury the Marxist-progressive movement forever. Sadly, too many Republicans are more interested in power than what’s best for the nation.

  3. Neil Nieminsky II

    The problem wit our entire Government …
    the Politicians have forgotten why they are elected
    it is not to legislate via their views / beliefs
    it is to uphold and defend the Constitution

    this is where we are being led down the path to slaughter
    and not enough people are willing to fight for what the Constitution says and our Rights give us

    Hence we are faced with not who is best for our Country …
    but who can raise the most money …
    and who can promise more to the voters to get their vote

    NOT how a Constitutional Republic can even survive

  4. The establishment is happy for her help them regain their power in the House and the Senate and they are more than willing to lose the White House, if it means getting their personal power back. They are nearly as corrupt as the Democrats and Gov. Palin’s determination to fill DC with good Constitutional conservatives threatens their ability to line their pockets and remain in power for decade after decade, no matter how poorly they serve our country! They will fail at restraining Obama, even if they have the House and Senate, because they are all cowards and more concerned about retaining their own power then they are about the country. We are stuck with Romney as our nominee for 2012, but if he wants to win he had better turn his back on the establishment types and get with the program. He NEEDS Sarah Palin, she certainly does NOT need him!

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