Video: Sarah Palin Speaks in The Woodlands for Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin electrifies the crowd for Ted Cruz [photo Dr Melissa Clouthier via Twitter]

Sarah Palin leaves the stage in The Woodlands [photo: Peggy Venable via Twitter]

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin just wrapped up an incredibly rousing speech in The Woodlands, near Houston, Texas. She was in town to support Ted Cruz and does a wonderful job.

The place was packed and the energetic Texans loved her and Ted Cruz. Texas IS Palin Country!

She tears into Obama, and the good old boys who created the mess we find ourselves in, while reminding us all what matters.

She notes that the boots she’s wearing are a gift from Governor Perry, saying he’s on the wrong side of this Senate race, but everyone would be a team again come November.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop. Enjoy:

Here are a couple of photos tweeted from the event.

Dr Melissa Clouthier snapped this photo of Ted Cruz’s dad Rafael:

Melissa also got a shot of Sarah’s boots:

The Tea Party Express got this of the massive crowd:

Here’s a shot of the stage from Alexandra Russo:


BTW, the speech she referenced by Dan Bongino is below:

Dr William A Jacobson has more on Dan, who is running for the Senate in Maryland here.

The general consensus on Twitter is an endorsement from Mama grizzly may be eminent.


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6 responses to “Video: Sarah Palin Speaks in The Woodlands for Ted Cruz

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  4. Nice Video with divine lovely Sarah.

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