Liz Cheney Disagrees with Dad, Stands with Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

From John Nolte at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government:

In his interview with ABC News over the weekend, former Vice President Dick Cheney was not only wrong to take a public shot at Governor Sarah Palin in the sense that lending any kind of affirmation to a media narrative about one of our own is immoral — he’s wrong factually.

With real-time polling, time and again, it’s been conclusively documented that the “mistake” — as Cheney describes Palin — was the only chance John McCain ever had of becoming president. Polling also makes clear that McCain blew the election all on his own after abruptly suspending his campaign to, uhm, save the economy. In other words, in front of the entire free world, McCain jumped on a white horse and charged off with no idea where to go.

Last night, Cheney’s daughter, Liz, set the record straight:

The elder Cheney is also wrong in the sense that Palin’s years in government, especially two years as the chief executive of a state, make her qualified to be president. It’s just a fact that she was and is more qualified than any sitting senator with zero executive experience, and this would include Obama, Biden, and McCain himself.

Moreover, during the 2008 campaign, it was Palin who almost always had the guts and the correct instincts. Unlike McCain, she was the one who ¬†bristled at the idea of constantly caving to media narratives and the one who wanted to vet Barack Obama’s shady and corrupt past.

It was always McCain and the rest of the GOP who thought he could win by appeasing the corrupt media — it was always McCain who strapped on his “honor” and blindly leapt on to every grenade thrown at him, instead of throwing it back.

We all know who lost that election and we all know what the consequences have been.

By the way, no one should be in the least surprised it would be Liz Cheney who would come out publicly to “disagree” with her own father. Because in the GOP today, it’s the women who have the most grit and courage — and this most certainly includes Governor Palin.

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6 responses to “Liz Cheney Disagrees with Dad, Stands with Sarah Palin

  1. This article led me to another one online from American Thinker: Peggy Noonan and Sarah Palin: (PN) Sarah Palin Jealous – “It just isn’t fair!!”

  2. jerseyflash

    I’m really surprised that the Zombies didn’t go crazy when Sarah responded to the question presented to her in India…” I wasn’t on the top…of the ticket ”
    Think about this ticket…” Take no crap…dish no crap “…Palin POTUS and Liz Cheney VPOTUS…would everybody’s head explode ????

    • Gary P Jackson

      That would be a cool ticket for sure. Liz Cheney is sharp. Has a lot of foreign policy experience.

      How about this ticket in 2016: Palin-West, with Liz Cheney as Secretary of Defense, and John Bolton as Secretary of State. THAT would make some liberal heads explode!

      • It would do more than make Lib Progs’ heads explode! They’d do everything in their power – including refining and re-defining their lying m.o. to a fare-thee-well!! They’d make up stories about BOTH Palin and West out of whole cloth – and every shred of truth would be surpressed to the extent that they still had control of all media outlets (and, for sure, they’d do everything in their power – legal and illegal – to shut down Conservative Truth sources!!). I think we’d see a repeat of the Stalinist forces obliterating/murdering the Trotskyites all over again – only this time on our own continent!

        In a word, the end of America as we knew & loved her…

      • Gary P Jackson

        It would be a nasty war. I’m ready for it!

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