Chick-fil-A Overwhelmed with Customers Nationwide on “Appreciation Day”

By Gary P Jackson


This is the second Wednesday in a row that Americans have decided to show their support for Chick-fill-A by having an “Appreciation Day.”

I’ve been following this deal on Twitter most of the day, and there were reports of restaurants running out of breakfast fixins and starting to sell lunch as early as 9 AM!

There’s no way I could get every tweet for you, as my time-line has been just as overwhelmed with Chick-fil-A reports and photos as Chick-fill-A has with customers!

Here’s a sampling from famous and not so famous folks from around the country.

Jonah Goldberg kinda says it all:

Tea Party leader and all around good guy Lloyd Marcus tweeted:

Of course, these days no event is complete without a bunch of hate from liberals. It’s their only contribution to society!

Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy has all of the gems, such as these:

BTW: Here’s Karl’s Twitter profile:

Dancer Singer Actor Acrobat Choreographer. Current: Hey Sailor MAC. Recent: How To Succeed In Business and La Cage on Broadway. Love my Pit mix NARA!
Los Angeles / NYC

They make it too easy!

Those are just two of the many hate-filled “hope they all die” tweets from “loving”, “tolerant” democrats. Twitchy has a ton more here.




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11 responses to “Chick-fil-A Overwhelmed with Customers Nationwide on “Appreciation Day”

  1. Loved all the tweets (except those from the Twitchy round-up!) – really a great day for all us bitter-clingers, eh? Thanks for posting – will repost & retweet, too!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah I spent half the day just enjoying all the tweets from around the country. Whose stronger, the Tea Party or the occupy crowd!

      I’m sure there were hatemongers protesting at some Chick-fil-A, but none were mentioned on Twitter.

      I LOVE Michelle’s Twitchy site. Jenny and Lori have put together quite a resource! Hard workin’ bunch.

      • If the H8ers do manage to round up a number of same-sex “kissers” next Wednesday (their threat), then I think a bunch of straight folks need to get there, too, to do some smoochin’ of their own!! Chick-fil-A rocks! Wish that the nearest CFA isn’t about a 3-hour roundtrip from where I live, but I still plan to make the trip for my own little show of appreciation in the next few weeks!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oh yeah, if they are doing that, Chick-fil-A will be even MORE packed with patriots!

  2. Linda Shepard

    I thought the “kiss in” was scheduled for this friday.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not sure. I think they changed it a couple times. Who knows. I seriously doubt it will look like today. But the democrat run media will certainly give it more coverage. That;s why I like archiving this stuff so people can rebut the left.

  3. HiramHawk

    Before today, I had never seen hundreds of people having a great time while waiting over an hour in the hot sun to get into a restaurant. I asked the employees when the lines started to wrap around the building and they said it began about 10 AM and continued from there.

    Everyone I saw there, was really fired-up and courteous to one another. Once inside there was alot of cheering and some girls waiting in line began singing the Chick-fil-A song (and did a pretty good job). The drive-thru was running two lanes that backed up the road, out of the mall and eastbound up US 30. Employees were outside taking orders. It was a crazy good time.

  4. Jim Thompson

    Great!!! Truthfully, This is Sarah Palin Power Front and center. She started this and is being vilified big time for it. Now that it’s very successful, either they’er giving the credit to Mike (The huckster) Huckabee, or there is nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds. Sarah Palin Rules!!!

    Question: Where’s Mitt?!?!!

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