Volunteerism Works [and a Gift Basket for Sarah Palin]

By Thomas S Schmitz

Volunteerism is key to putting America back on track. It will take an engaged citizenry willing to take a stand against the #GOPe (and the increasingly kooky Liberals), so that we can vote the right people into the US House and the US Senate. The right people, with steel spines, who will stop crony capitalism by enacting the sudden and relentless reform needed to get America back on track.

The victory of grassroots volunteerism was on full display in Texas. Ted Cruz’s victory had a lot of factors: An electorate fed up with the GOP Establishment‘s go along to get along capitulation, a good candidate, Sarah Palin, and of course an engaged citizenry of grassroots activists ready to get their boots on the ground.

Dedicated Texas Grizzlies (led by AGU-TX State Coordinator Cynthia Dixon, and Michelle McCormick) proved that grassroots volunteers knocking on doors, waving signs, making calls, and getting their fingers on the keyboard (to Text, Tweet, Facebook, and Email) is the way to win elections for good candidates.

Ted Cruz ran a grassroots campaign the way all American campaigns should be run: contact by contact, neighbor by neighbor, taxpayer by taxpayer, homestead by homestead, and small business by small business. Not lobbyist by lobbyist, powerbroker by powerbroker, crony by crony, and deal by deal.

Left to Right: Kerrie, Chip and Suezette Griffin

Getting involved in grassroots activism and volunteerism can be fun too!

Cynthia Dixon (AGU-TX State Coordinator) shared a wonderful story with us about grassroots activism via a member of her AGU-TX Ground Team: Suezette Griffin. [Suezette is also the founder of the Pearland Tea Party in Texas]

Suezette writes:

Awesome rally for Ted Cruz on Friday night at the Woodlands Park. What more could you ask than Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Ted Cruz, as well as Texas TEA Party leaders.

Pearland Republicans, and Ted Cruz supporters Chip and Kerrie have a great story about our Sarah. They went to Alaska last year, made a visit to Wasilla with a Texas fruit basket for Sarah Palin. They went to her house thinking to leave it at the gate for her but it was raining so they walked it to the door and rang the doorbell.

When Piper answered they gave her the basket and told her to tell her mom it was from fans from Texas and turned around to walk away. About halfway across the yard they heard the door open behind them and saw Sarah Palin running toward them. She thanked them for the basket and invited them in.

They had a 45 minute visit with the whole family and Kerrie held Trig the whole time. They were completely blown away by the “normalcy” of the entire episode. That prompted me to say “ I think that’s why we support her so much….she’s just like us”.

However, that’s not the end of Chip and Kerrie’s adventure with Sarah Palin. At the rally on Friday night, they both were at the front of the crowd while Sarah was on stage. I saw her recognize them, point at them and say “you brought me the basket”. Amazing with the crowds she meets all the time that she would recognize, among a crowd of over 1, 000, two people she met over a year ago.

I’ll be at the watch party for Ted Cruz tonight and sure in the knowledge that when he wins the race of US Senator from Texas, a large debt of gratitude goes to Sarah Palin. When conservatives have a much stronger voice in the legislatures around the country, we can all thank Sarah for her untiring work in vetting and supporting conservative candidates around the U.S.

Grassroots volunteerism is the way to go (and fun)!

Now is the time for all concerned citizens to get involved. Together we can put America back on track. If you haven’t signed up with American Grizzlies United yet please go HERE.

As we head towards November we need all hands on deck to make sure that our new President has a Congress full of common sense public servants ready for the sudden and relentless reform our Republic desperately needs.

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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