Have You Read Sarah Steelman’s Contract With Missouri? It’s Pretty Awesome

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Steelman is the true reformer in the Missouri Senate race, and the exact sort of leader needed in Washington. This is exactly why Sarah Palin has endorsed her.

Looking over her Contract with Missouri, I am even more impressed. This woman gets it.

There are several things that stick out for me, including her promise to push for a flat tax as well as streamlining the IRS. These days it’s fashionable for some to push the so-called “fair tax,” a Rube Goldberg type of over-complicated national sale tax scheme.

I’ve always supported a flat tax, and the fact Sarah Steelman does as well, is a big deal for me.

Sarah also promises major reforms to Congress, including an amendment to the Constitution establishing term limits, something that is long over due. She also wants those term limits to extend to unelected federal judges.

Along with pushing for a constitutional amendment to require Congress produce a balanced budget, as most states already require, Sarah promises legislation that will suspend salaries of members of Congress until they pass a budget.

That’s pretty strong!

She also promises to: “Enact a moratorium on any new federal regulations; require a comprehensive review of all existing regulations and work to repeal unnecessary and burdensome regulations


Vote for legislation banning all earmarks and fight any attempts to repeal or reinstitute earmarks.

This is a common sense approach to governing. If you haven’t read the entire Contract with Missouri, check it out. It’s pretty awesome!

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