Urgent: Tea Party Express’ Big Push for Sarah Steelman

By Gary P Jackson

Tomorrow is the big day. The people of Missouri have a chance to send a true reformer to Washington, someone who walks the walk. Sarah Steelman.

Both Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher have written about the reforms Sarah Steelman has brought about in Missouri. It’s those reforms that got Sarah Steelman the endorsement of another famous reformer, Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin feels so strongly about Sarah Steelman she was in Missouri to deliver her message of support and serve up some BBQ.

KMBC reports:

Sarah Steelman is in a tough battle though, and must prevail. The Tea Party Express is also supporting Sarah Steelman and needs our help.

The Tea Party Express, like Sarah Palin has made a real difference in close races nationwide. Here’s what they have going on for Sarah Steelman:

We are preparing for our last push and ad buy for conservative U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman. Our deadline is 5 PM tomorrow to raise enough money to keep our ad on the air state-wide in Missouri through election day Tuesday. This is critically important as the last polls had her down 6 points.
We believe that we are closing the gap, but need to finish strong!

According to the most recent polling conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling, Tea Party Express endorsed conservative Sarah Steelman is 6 points down but we have momentum, Sarah Palin, and you on our side. Together we can do this and score another win for the Tea Party and conservative movement!

Read more here.

Here is the ad the Tea party Express is running in Missouri:

There are many ways to help Sarah Steelman win tomorrow. Click here to contribute to the Tea Party Express’ efforts.

You can also check out Sarah’s website for other opportunities to help. Even if your are out of state you can help make phone calls to voters encouraging them to vote for Sarah Steelman.

Sarah Palin endorsed Sarah Steelman because she has a solid record as a Conservative and a solid record as a true reformer.

Sarah Steelman will be good for Missouri and good for America.

Let’s all do our part to push Sarah Steelman to the top!


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2 responses to “Urgent: Tea Party Express’ Big Push for Sarah Steelman

  1. Setting The Stage For Conservatism

    Ezekiel 21:12 In you men accept bribes to shed blood; you take usury and excessive interest and make unjust gain from your neighbors by extortion. And you have forgotten me, declares the Sovereign LORD.
    I like to dedicate that quote to the Elites~
    Feels wonderful, when you know the one who is making the decisions on behalf of many, many people can be trusted~ And that is what I find here in this post and “few” places elsewhere~

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