Sarah Palin on the Outrageous Attack Ads Aimed at Mitt Romney and Allen West

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity talk about the Obama campaign’s nasty attack ads against Mitt Romney, as well as the outrageous attack on Lt Col, Congressman Allen West.

Sarah continues to advocate for Allen West to be our next Vice President.

Video courtesy SarahNet



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5 responses to “Sarah Palin on the Outrageous Attack Ads Aimed at Mitt Romney and Allen West

  1. I’ve only recently heard the name of Gen. Petraeus, but I think he’d be a formidable VP! OTOH, what kind of public speaker is he and could he weather a tough political campaign? Or would he remind us of Ross Perot’s running mate, Gen. Stockdale? (OMG. That was excruciating!)
    At this point in time, I’m not sure WHO – if anyone! – could fire up the base…

    • Gary P Jackson

      The problem with Petraeus is he’s somewhat of an unknown. The only thing we do know is he’s socially liberal, which means he’s a liberal.

      We can’t afford any more of these Rorschach test, ink blot candidates. I think Petraeus is a fine military man, but politically, he’s another Colin Powell.

      I’m much rather see Allen West. West could fire up the base. If Romney’s team doesn’t stop saying stupid stuff though, it won’t matter.

      • George Soros: Romney & Obama R The Same

        Yes, now thoughts are walking parallel~ Sarah is very smart and keen~ She cares deeply for her country and refuses to accept 4 more years of Obama~ But at the same time has to tread a line of support for Romney because she is not the type to go out on a limb or publicly endorse someone who would hurt the American people in some kind of way and cannot truly, be trusted not to do so~ Allen West is like her in this regard, as well~ Lt Col. Peters stated yesterday on Foxnews (slightly, paraphrased) The mainstream media hates the military and the only reason the mainstream media {show] the military is because the American people force them too~ I needed to throw that out there, because it shines a light on one part of the many reasons why there are those who attack Allen West~ It should be obvious, a little more now, though, who is in the circle (group)~ As example, Dick Cheney would love General Patraeus to be VP~ DC would also, love Rice, J Bush, Romney, etc to be it~ And we know pretty much, George Bush Sr, George Soros and Hilary Clinton likes Romney~ Anyone who will allow themselves to be controlled by the group and extend or complete THEIR agenda whatever it may be, is who will be accepted in the group~ The American People need better and should be thanking God for people like Sarah, Herman, Allen, and the list though small does go on~ Because it is only these ” Few Good Men” who can secure the country; from outside not in~

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  3. We Demand The Truth And The Choice

    Look at there, the honest people are the threat to the ” Establishment”~ I can see, it truly, is smart not to fully, endorse Romney and lightly tread, complimenting him in any way~ And though we do not want another 4 years of Obama regardless, when your an honest person, who truly, cares about the American people you are not going to totally, fight for someone else who may hurt them either~ And it shouldn’t be the (elites) putting up the choices (very odd)~ It should be the American people who put forth people~ True patriots of this time, are the ones who will go against the grain to gain; not settle for what is given nor hold things presented at face value~ This is an odd time in history and some serious, adaptation is required in order to secure~

    Note: Political lies and deception should never be intertwined with national or local security enforcement because when this happens some very bad things can happen to the American people in a whole~ TL Brian Terry & CO

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