Vote for Carson Kressley!

By Stacy Drake

Say what?

You may be wondering why I would be posting in favor of voting to get Carson Kressley on Dancing With The Stars. That’s a good question. So, here’s the deal. Right now, viewers get to decide in an online poll who the remaining contestant will be for this season. Carson is one of the finalist to choose from.

In a recent interview, Carson said the following:

I mean, that is one of the reasons why I would love to be on the show is to try and get to know her [Bristol] and try to maybe convince her that there’s nothing wrong with being gay and that everybody deserves equal rights and sometimes the behavior from Mom and Dad [Sarah and Todd Palin] is really kind of hateful.

Now, why should we do a favor for this guy after he made a statement like that? To prove him, and everyone else who has bought into this ridiculous narrative, wrong. What better way to open up Carson’s mind to reality, than to have him meet face-to-face with the Palins?

If he is actually as tolerant and open-minded as he claims to be, then he might end up actually liking the Palins, who are very tolerant and open minded. They have exactly the same non-hateful position on gay marriage as Obama and Biden did just a few short months ago. And in fact, as governor of Alaska, Governor Palin refused to veto partner benefits for same sex couples.

After meeting the Palins, Carson probably won’t be giving many interviews using words like “hateful” to describe them. He will most likely be using words like “gracious” and “kind,” as many former haters have also said on such occasions.

So, go here and vote for Carson! Let’s change some minds.

Please note: You can vote five times every day. Let’s make this happen people!

~ Gary P Jackson



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6 responses to “Vote for Carson Kressley!

  1. OMG. Stacy, why waste your breath, time & energy promoting this nobody?!? Carson WHO?!? I don’t want to condemn him forever for being so publicly ignorant and nasty about my heroine, Sarah Palin, but it’s for damn sure that I wouldn’t vote for him to win a FREE chicken chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A!! These idiot mental midgets – whose minds ARE closed, don’t kid yourself! – don’t deserve the time of day! Of course, I don’t wish him ill at all – he’s already painted himself into his cozy little box of gay prejudices, cutting himself off from much of the world and a big chunk of reality…

    Smart public figures/performers keep their personal (and maybe controversial) view & prejudices to themselves!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually, I think Stacy is on to something here. Yeah, Carson is a bigot. But he wants to “school” Bristol and her family. I think we all know that Bristol and her family will school Carson.

      We can’t restore America without reaching out to those that don’t agree with us.

      • I still think it’s a waste of time, but who knows? Maybe others like you will agree it’s a good idea. But trying to make nice with angry (notice I say, “angry!” – certainly not ALL!) gays is a lost cause, IMHO… And why court THIS particular bigot? Who’s he, anyway? (I’m SO far out of the current cultural loop that I rarely know ANY of these names!!) My father always warned me, “Joy, never try to reason with a drunk or a crazy man!” Well, Carson’s obviously no drunk, but I think he may have a little bit of “crazy” in him…

      • Gary P Jackson

        I see your point, but since he’s one of four who is in the running for the fan vote to be on DWTS, that’s why Stacy thought this makes sense.

        There are plenty of gay Conservatives who stand with Sarah Palin. As Stacy tweeted the other day 33% of the writers at Conservatives4Palin are gay men. The national director for Organize4Palin/American Grizzlies United is a gay man from California.

        Sarah and Bristol are in a unique position to change a lot of minds. Hammering bigots like Kressley is essential.

      • Great points, Gary – I hadn’t forgotten about the high percentage of gays who adore Palin, but I also hadn’t realized that this particular candidate is one of only four, so maybe it’s not so much of a pig in a poke as I’d thought! And at this point in his career (what career?

        Again, I plead guilty to ignorance on THAT count!), the publicity could only help him (“basking in reflected glory,” as it were…).

        I’m also reminded of the memorable evening in SoCal last summer (which seems a million years ago now!), when we were at the opening of The Undefeated in Orange Co., and one of the photos taken at the after-party (which was posted on the website) featured our attending “celebrity,” Tammy Bruce, and three others, including the two guys that started that website (“Orange & Essex?” or something like that) that sold all manner of Palin gear and paraphenalia (in anticipation of the run for POTUS that never was!) – and what struck me with both great amusement and pleasure was the fact that all 4 in that photo were gay! “Oh, if only my biased, anti-Palin friends could see THIS one!” I thought at the time…

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yup! All that bunch from California is gay. Good folks too! Essex and Orange, and of course Thomas.

        The hatemongers refuse to believe the truth though. Too busy wallowing in hate and stupidity.

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