Scott Conroy: Palin’s Absence From Convention May Expose Rift

By Stacy Drake

Scott Conroy wrote a widely-circulated article today about Governor Palin not speaking at the Republican National Convention. Regardless of the back-n-forth that he wrote about, keep one thing in mind as you read it; Governor Palin’s focus.

It’s clear that she has been extremely gracious in support of the 2012 Republican ticket, all things considered. She knows that we need to defeat Barack Obama at the ballot box for the sake of the country. She also knows that House and Senate races are key to reforming the legislative branch. So, let there be no doubt that if any “rift” exists, it isn’t coming from Governor Palin’s direction. She is focused on other matters, and she has never had a problem working outside the machine to get things accomplished.

That said, Conroy wrote:

A day after Romney unveiled House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential pick, Palin suggested in a statement posted by her Fox News colleague Greta Van Susteren that she would not speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa.

This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them,” Palin said in the statement, which was widely interpreted to signal that hers would not be among those voices.

Palin’s apparent decision to steer clear of this year’s convention came almost four years after she took the 2008 presidential race by storm with her speech accepting the GOP vice-presidential nomination in St. Paul, Min. — a performance that electrified the party faithful and received almost universal praise from previously skeptical pundits.

Within days, the McCain/Palin ticket had surged to the lead in the RCP Average before a series of public stumbles and the near-collapse of the nation’s financial system led ultimately to the Republicans’ defeat.


Palin’s role in the Republican Party heading into the campaign’s final stretch remains a consequential matter for the Romney team to address.

The former Alaska governor has demonstrated a continued ability to wield significant influence, particularly in Senate and House primary races, but her penchant for doing things her own way has left the lingering possibility that she could either boost the standard-bearer or become a thorn in his side.


[T]wo Republican sources with knowledge of discussions between the Palin and Romney camps told RCP that Palin would not attend the convention after not receiving an invitation to speak in prime time.

They’ve got Ryan now, so they think they’ve got the Tea Party covered,” one of the sources said.

Two Palin aides did not respond to requests for confirmation that she would not speak in Tampa.


A Romney campaign spokesperson declined to comment on whether Palin had been offered a prime-time speaking window in Tampa, rather than a less coveted daytime slot.

Gov. Palin is an important voice and leader in the Republican Party,” Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades said in an emailed statement to RCP. “While she will be missed in Tampa, Gov. Romney looks forward to working with her to defeat President Obama, turn our economy around and strengthen America’s middle class.


Commenters on the pro-Palin website reacted angrily to the news that she would not speak at the convention, and a prominent GOP strategist with close ties to the Tea Party told RCP that he blamed the Romney campaign for not fully appreciating what Palin brings to the table.

The Romney campaign from day one has missed her draw to the Tea Party,” the strategist said. “Even with Paul Ryan, they still miss that she’s been there from the beginning.

You can read the whole article here.

This is just another instance in which we feel let down by the Republican establishment. Fine, it’s what we’ve come to expect from many of them. Just remember, don’t lose sight of what Governor Palin is focused on. It’s really what we should all be focused on. Staying angry about this isn’t going to help this country one bit. We have better things to do with our energy.



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3 responses to “Scott Conroy: Palin’s Absence From Convention May Expose Rift

  1. I will be watching paint dry. If our beloved Sarah Palin cannot speak at the RNC then that makes for a boring convention. Watching paint dry will make my day. LOL

  2. Jim Thompson

    The Spot light is still on Sarah Palin no matter what happens. I wonder why it isn’t over until it is said it’s over? (rhetorical question, I guess)

  3. Sarah still causes the Romney camp to quake in their boots. I will never forget nor forgive the way “they” savaged her to keep her out of the race. The slings and arrows that she has endured from the left AND from the GOP elite have forever soured me on politics. I will vote for ABO but I will look to Sarah for her guidance and vision in shaping a stronger and more Conservative base.
    If she were to ever decide to step back out and run for higher office…I’m going to be right there beside her.

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