Mark Levin Interviews Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Public Support Strong

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Jan Brewer issued an executive order last Wednesday prohibiting illegal aliens, granted back door amnesty from the Obama regime, from receiving driver’s licenses or benefits.

Arizona is at war with the Obama regime, or should I say the regime has declared war on Arizona. Arizona is a state overrun with violent illegal aliens. The border there is like a war zone. The Obama regime is doing everything it can to stop Arizona from protecting it’s citizens from these dangerous criminals.

Great interview with on of America’s toughest Governors:

Video courtesy SarahNet

The Phoenix Business Journal reports the citizens of Arizona are solidly behind Governor Brewer on this latest action:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s office says the vast majority of calls and e-mails it has received over a controversial order banning state driver’s license for young illegal immigrants being given immunity by President Barack Obama are positive.

Public support is running 7 to 1 in favor of the governor’s action, as measured by calls, emails, faxes and letters received by the Governor’s Office of Constituent Services since Wednesday,” said Brewer communications director Matthew Benson.

Benson said there have been 2,037 comments in favor of the Brewer order and 292 against.

The order prohibits young illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses or public benefits.

Brewer made the move the same week a new program started from the Obama Administration that allows illegal immigrants brought into the country at young ages by their families to apply for legal status and receive immunity from deportation.

Hispanic groups and Democrats have faulted the Brewer order. The Arizona governor’s office says public opinion, however, is with her.

Public opinion polls also showed support for Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 immigration law.


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2 responses to “Mark Levin Interviews Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Public Support Strong

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  2. Thanks for posting these interviews with Mark Levin – he is SUCH a mensch! And his noting that Gov. Brewer has a touch of Margaret Thatcher is so very apt as well…

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