Greta on Akin Fiasco: Looks Like Sarah Palin Gets to Say “I TOLD YOU SO”

By Gary P Jackson

Greta notes on her blog, what many of us are thinking.

Sarah Palin backed Sarah Steelman, a true reformer, who, like most true reformers, was at odds with the Establishment™.

The people of Missouri chose Todd Akin who the democrat party spent over $1.5 MILLION portraying as the “true conservative” in the race. Akin was also the candidate democrat Claire McCaskill wanted to go up against.

By now you’ve read all about Akin’s theory of the “magic uterus” and how it keeps a woman who is raped from becoming pregnant. I don’t know what to add, except this may be the stupidest human being in the country. He’s just handed a crucial Senate seat, one that was absolutely winnable. Back to McCaskill, the incumbent.

This may have been the most vulnerable of all democrat held Senate seats up for grabs this year. Now it’s likely the safest.

Everyone, including Mitt Romney and Reince Preibus, have called on this clown to drop out of the race and allow the GOP to put a winner on the ticket. As of this writing he’s given everyone the finger and says he’ll stay in.

Unfortunately Missouri’s “sore loser” laws, designed to keep disgruntled primary losers from challenging the party nominees [think turncoat Lisa Murkowski in Alaska] will keep Sarah Steelman or John Brunner from mounting a third party challenge. Normally I am against a primary challenger who lost pulling a stunt like that, but in this case, it would be justifiable, and applauded.

Since Akin will not drop out, the GOP cannot legally replace him on the ticket. But they COULD back a suitable Conservative candidate. Problem is, the best candidate, Sarah Steelman, is already out of the running.

This is a disaster.

My recommendation for the future?

Listen to Sarah Palin!

Sarah has a knack for picking winners. She vets these candidates and knows a real, solid Conservative when she sees one. As Greta points out, Sarah had a 100% success rate in choosing candidates until Missouri voters defied her choice. Now they, and the nation will pay for this mistake.

Read more of what Greta has to say here.



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13 responses to “Greta on Akin Fiasco: Looks Like Sarah Palin Gets to Say “I TOLD YOU SO”

  1. Ray

    One day , maybe, everyone will realize Sarah Palin knows what she is talking about… why it takes everyone so long to learn is beyond me…

  2. I’ve been thinking about this for the past two days – and I’ve chosen to take a slightly different viewpoint (which, admittedly, might still be a failed decision on my part!). Namely, the Dems have been directing traffic in this race almost from the get-go – no amount of money was
    spared to try to determine the outcome in favor of their sorry-ass loser, McCaskill. Well, maybe they’re “ahead” in a mind-game sort of way – but maybe it’ll eventually backfire (which we won’t know, of course, ’til November.

    We can play “what if” all day long – you know, the “shoulda/coulda/woulda” scenarios in numerous configurations. My thought is that first, we have to recognize that this is POLITICS – and that means that it’s down & dirty anyway! Then, of course, the Dems will do ANYTHING short of (what? Can’t even think of anything – they’re that rotten to the core!) to hold on to each & every seat in Congress & the Senate. That’s a given.

    But the people of Missouri didn’t want the GOPe Establishment “good ol’ boy” who’s been too long at the trough! – they wanted a Conservative. The problem, however, was that Steelman didn’t begin to fight early enough – i.e., she should’ve called on Palin within the first couple of months of her campaign (even back in 2011!). As it was, she reached out too late (as it turned out), but still Palin brought her VERY close to the others – and yet she still finished in 3rd place.

    My guess (hope against hope?!?) is that the MO Republicans will STILL want a Conservative; and, just as much, they STILL don’t want McCaskill!! So, just to be stubborn, principled or whatever one wants to call it, they’ll overlook Akins’ Grade F in human biology comments and say, “Aside from that, he’s still better than Claire!” – and who the hell ISN’T actually?!? Of course, he’s no Sarah Steelman; but in politics – as in sports and in LIFE, fergawdssake – some very disappointing things happen! So, deal with it – and work hard for the best possible outcome (under the circumstances).

    Besides, looking at ALL the clowns on BOTH sides of the aisle, Todd Akin isn’t the worst possible outcome – just, at the moment, very embarrassing. But I say to the GOP, man up! Don’t be bullied by the rotten Dems into throwing your very flawed candidate under the bus just yet. It won’t do a damn bit of good!! Further, I’d be surprised if everyone continued to pull out their collective hair over this incident; ’cause no matter how the enemedia and the Demonkraps may want to keep it radio-active, I think there’s still a limit to EVERYONE’s patience on playing Johnny-One-Note ad infinitum!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually, the democrats spent $1.5 million helping elect Akin. He was their DREAM candidate. He’s not particularly Conservative, or intelligent.

      He was dead last in all of the polling, until the democrats started running ads against him, and no one else, claiming he was “too Conservative” and an “extremist”. On the last part they were right! This was a bit of reverse psychology that worked.

      The race had a lot of contenders, but Steelman was the right choice. The other guy, Brunner, had never held elected office, and has no record. The Senate is not the sort of seat a candidate like him should have run for.

      I’m afraid Akin turned the most vulnerable democrat Senate seat, into the safest. Akin should have stepped aside. He would be seen as a hero. Now he’s despised.

      Sarah Plain was on Greta tonight and thoroughly disgusted with the entire mess.

      • Not so fast, Gary! Rush agreed with me this morning! Well, that may be an over-statement, but there are a LOT of folks who’re staying with Akin and feel that he’s being railroaded! And even if the GOP (or some other faction) set up a third part scenario with Steelman (Palin’s

        unwise hypothesis), that would DEFINITELY split the ticket and that would be FAR more likely to hand the election to McCaskell!

        I think we ALL have to take a step back, take a deep breath and see how this plays out. Akin’s ad was a good one – and I think he may be able to shore up more support as time progresses (of course, things COULD just as easily go south on him just as easily!). But to say that he’s “despised” is only an emotional reaction now. Remember, not all men have your wisdom OR your knowledge of female plumbing!

        Is it IMPOSSIBLE to make lemonade out of this particular lemon? I remain optimistic. If we lose the seat, that’s how the game of politics is played today. I still remember the atom bomb going off in that ad that pretty much blew MY hero, Goldwater, out of the race! But, in politics as in life, Goldwater had the last laugh: He lived for many years and as a VERY (even MORE) respected political figure. Johnson (LBJ) had to withdraw his bid for a second term, then was felled by a heart attack not too many years later.

        I guess it helps to (1) be older and (2) always take the “long view!”

      • Gary P Jackson

        I have to disagree. The democrats are tying Akin to every Republican. Now they are attacking Ryan as well. Frankly his remarks were so idiotic it makes me think we need to make candidates pass an elaborate intelligence test before allowing them to compete. Remember, we got a democrat Congressman who was worried about sending more troops to Guam, because he thought it would tip over!

        Remember, Claire and her bunch not only donated to the akin campaign, but spend north of a million dollars running ads framing him as the only Conservative in the Missouri race. They wanted to run against him because they knew they could beat him. They were right.

        I normally say in a deal like this support anyone but the democrat. I mean that’s what we are doing in the case of the presidential race. However, Akin is simply not going to win, and he is causing far too much damage to stay.

        Sarah Palin had it right last night. There’s a time to hold em, and a time to fold em.

      • Damn good points, Gary – in my head, I must concede some, if not most, of them. But I’m stubborn like that idiot Akin; and if I’m a Conservative GOP voter in Missouri, I’d vote for him just like Charlie Rangel’s constituents voted for him without batting an eyelash – and, as a matter of fact, just like the O-bots will continue to vote for the worst POTUS in USA history!! Sometimes, party loyalty runs deep – or, at the very least, disdain for the other side or candidate trumps lukewarm acceptance of one’s own (and only) candidate. I guess we’ll know in November which thinking prevailed! But to concede, pull hair or wring hands NOW (i.e., that the Dems have won) is NOT how WARS (and we’re in one, make no mistake!) are won!!

        OK, here’s a what-if scenario: What if Akin pulls it off and actually WINS in November? Will he still be treated like a pariah? Or will everyone start acting like adults and work together, setting aside a wide variety of silly, ignorant and ingrained beliefs held by almost everyone – even those geniuses in Congress and the Senate!

        Just buck up and battle on!! I’ll willingly offer to be put in the public stockades if we lose that Senate seat and/or we lose that vital majority vote in the US Senate…

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oh well yeah. If it’s between Akin and Claire McCaskill or ANYONE and Claire, I’d vote for someone names “Not Claire”!

        Problem is, the low information, uninformed voters, aren’t as sophisticated. This is a huge mess. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to get this guy out.

        One thing to GOP needs to do is demand closed primaries. All too often, in open primaries, democrats cross over to vote for the weakest link.

        This is a headache we didn’t need.

      • I certainly have to agree with you about the “open primaries” that are in force in MANY states – they usually turn out to be counter-productive if they’re used by one party or another to influence the outcome to make it “easier” come the general election.

        I spent the first 50 years of my life as a resident of Wash. State (Seattle), and I really appreciated the opportunity to vote for someone other than GOP (Libertarian, American Party, etc.) if the GOP candidate was just a squishy RINO and really didn’t hold my Conservative views.

        Now I live in CA, where, of course, if one registers as a “Decline to State” (vis-a-vis party affiliation), all you get to vote on in the primary election are the referenda and other ballot issues – none of the party candidates! So, of course, there’s an ongoing effort by MANY from across the political spectrum to change CA’s primary system to an “open,” rather than a “closed” election. Needless to say, both the Dems & the GOP continue to fight these efforts, ’cause they know how counter-productive that often can be (i.e., people voting NOT for the person they’ll vote for in the general election, but only to get someone from the other party they perceive to be the weaker opposition.

      • Gary P Jackson

        In Texas, we don’t register political affiliation. When you go vote in the primaries you either ask for a Republican or democrat ballot. Obviously, in the general, everyone gets the same ballot.

        There are pro and con arguments on this stuff. All I know is there is plenty of room for mischief, and that certainly happened in Missouri.

        I’m more concerned about the legitimacy of these “sore loser” laws.

  3. Our nation is in deep trouble until we all listen to Sarah and those like her. It’s time to get rid of career politicians and elect those who want to serve the country!

  4. Enough,get back on target. The Economy stupid.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not hardly. This clown Akin may cost us the Senate. If we lose the Senate, we can’t stop ObamaCare. THAT will DESTROY the economy.

      Think before you comment.

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