Smartest President EVER Misspells Ohio

By Gary P Jackson

Dear Leader strikes again. The guy who thinks we have somewhere north of 57 states, that Europe is a country, that Austrians speak “Austrian” and that Hawaii [where he was born and raised] is in Asia, now proves he can’t spell either.

From The Hill:

President Obama needed a do-over to spell “Ohio” correctly on the campus of Ohio State University this week.

Although Obama and several students at a campaign stop Tuesday morning at Sloopy’s Diner on the campus of OSU tweeted out photos of the president correctly posing as the “I” in Ohio, another student supplied a photo of a spelling mishap to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

The photo, tweeted by Romney’s Ohio communications director, Christopher Maloney, shows Obama and three students all a little confused about how to spell the state’s name, with Obama holding his hands up in what seems to be an “H” and as the third letter.

The Washington Post incorrectly reported the photo was doctored, but Maloney told The Hill it is authentic. He said the photo was passed along to him directly by a student. There were several photos being taken by students at the diner.

More here.

Here’s a tweet from Obama once he got it right.

This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if the democrat run media didn’t constantly tell us how stupid Conservatives are, while at the same time telling us how absolutely brilliant this little street thug from Chicago is.

The media is wrong on both counts, as usual.

Chrissie Hynde knows how to spell Ohio:



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2 responses to “Smartest President EVER Misspells Ohio

  1. D. Ford

    Where’s Dan Quail at? He was brought down by a potato. A state “should” cause more damage.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No kidding! Oh, and in Quayle’s defense, someone handed him a card with potato spelled wrong!

      Let us not forget, Obama thinks we have somewhere around 60 states, he once told a reporter he’d been to 57, and his campaign people wouldn’t let him go to Hawaii or Alaska.

      Speaking of Hawaii. Obama thinks Hawaii is in ASIA. And he was born there!

      He thinks Austrians speak “Austrian” and that Europe is a country.

      Next to Obama, Quayle looks like a member of MENSA!

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