The Blunt Truth About The Democrats’ War on Women

By C.A Bamford

Little has changed in the Democrat Party since the days of Jim Crow. Except now the target of their attacks are women. The party that started the Klu Klux Klan, the party that fought tooth and nail to stop the Civil Rights legislation and opposed Republican, Martin Luther King, the party that called Juan Williams a “porch n****” for daring to voice his opinion, is now hatefully going after women.

Not that certain party leaders, and Obama confidants, haven’t been attacking women for decades.

But not just any women. They’re fine with toadying females who obediently mouth the party line ….

…. and serve as barking dogs for their empty rhetoric.

They’ll back fictional biographies from confused old liberals ….

…. tout faceless cradle-to-grave welfare composites….

…. and ignore embarrassing incidents from party icons again and again.

But let them happen upon a conservative woman, and out come the knives. These left-wing dingbats reserve their most hateful behavior for conservative black and Hispanic women who defy their rule of race.

Not surprisingly, gay conservative women are their worst nightmare, and a gay conservative woman who supports the 2nd amendment will lead them to wail “WHY?” and curl into a fetal position before your very eyes.

The party of incivility has become blind and deaf to the filthy verbal assaults on good women, innocent children, and even the most vulnerable in our society. No attack is too crass, no trick too dirty.

Ironically, while the liberal elite snigger and offer weak excuses for the deplorable use of the “C” word by some of their basest members, they ignore their pink-draped cohorts who are shouting “Look at us, look at us!” as they desperately seek to claim that label, even going so far as to dress the part.

You have gone too far, liberal shills. You criticize Ann Romney, a woman who raised 5 sons, battled cancer and MS, served as First Lady of Massachusetts, and volunteered countless hours to charity as one who “never worked a day in her life.

You continue to demean the accomplishments of Governor Palin, who had more executive experience and more accomplishments than all three men on both tickets in 2008. Do you doubt that she would have had the dictators of hostile nations running for cover? Or that your crony capitalist pals would be out of a job?

America is appalled at the ignorance of those of you who criticized Olympic Gold Medal winner, Gabrielle Douglas for her hair and the indulgence of a small treat.

She’s the size of one of your thighs for Pete’s sake, and burns more calories in an hour than all the calories many of you carry on your hips.

So listen up Jay Carney, media hacks, political pimps, and all the rest of the inbred society of Beltway elites. We are sick and tired of your biased comments, patronizing dismissal and smirking insults against smart, successful conservative women.

Keep tossing your small barbs and straining your small wits. Feel free to cling to your inconsequential accomplishments as though they somehow make you special. One can train an elephant to paint, a monkey to dance, and a chicken to play the piano, all accomplishments that outdo any of yours. You’re not so special after all.

Perhaps it’s the rarefied atmosphere of the ivory towers and halls of power in which you gather to scheme and plot that makes so many of you so cranky. No doubt you would benefit from getting outside in the fresh air a little more often. Try picking up garbage on the roadside…and if you do it in an orange jumpsuit, all the better.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is leading the REAL war on women with his failed economic policies. There are seventeen million women in poverty, with 7.5 million living in extreme poverty the highest numbers since the 1960s.

Keep up your smears, lies, and bad behavior Democrats. But remember, we’ll be out here waiting for you in November.


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4 responses to “The Blunt Truth About The Democrats’ War on Women

  1. GREAT video clips, Gary – my God, you seem to know where to find EVERYTHING!! I particularly liked the composite Julia/Julian – an effed-up libturd if ever I saw one! It even inspired me to subscribe to the Misfits “channel” at YouTube! As for Hillary’s “terpsicordian skills,” I think W doesn’t have anything to worry about – he’s still got better moves that she does, poor thing…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Gotta give credit to Charlene for most of this. She wrote the piece, I just added a video or two at her request.

      I think she hit the nail on the head though!

  2. We shall attain ultimate victory in our war on women! Comrade Akin’s feint has lured our feminist adversaries into a counter-offensive likely to stretch their support lines to the breaking point and leave them isolated.

    • All great points which may unfortunately be missed by those liberals not sitting within reach of a dictionary! Then again, reading four letter word replys spewed by the libs is getting a bit old; let us all hope that their education is RIGHT around the corner!

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