Instructional Video: Bob is a Racist

By Gary P Jackson

H/T: Jane Gault



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4 responses to “Instructional Video: Bob is a Racist

  1. It Is All Liberals Have

    That is cute~! Division is a tool for the self centered liberal leftists who bank on minority votes by driving a wedge between the minorities and the conservatives through racist word adaptation and placement ( reverse psycology)~ There is a large block of Americans who’s lifestyles have been affected in the worse ways by this administration; carry hostility toward whatever or whoever, they may see is the cause~ Well, obviously, leftists capitolize on the hostilities by offering people to be blamed or reasons to blame~ Which truly, explains, for the most part, why leftists want to put everyone in the shambles because only hostility can they play upon~ People are inflamed from being pushed down in the dumps and the leftist feed it with gas as the conservatives try to use water~ Most importantly, people need to research and learn about reverse racism~

    • It Is All Liberals Have

      I would like to add that this video is a wonderful and exact example of why it was IMPERATIVE for the left to have a Black president~ It was the only way to pacify the population, through political correctness fears, to inturn force bad policies~
      Obama’s largest downfall is that he grew up around people who had/ have deep hatred for this and that and in his mind he felt that the majority felt this way~ But how would he, truly know, virtually, all he hung around was those type of people~ The truth is that this hate is still the minority and there is not enough of it to help him finish his and the leftist missions~ God had him when he was a child but lost him to some very bad people~ TL

  2. I’m SO happy that Bob finally saw the light – ’cause, after all, what could possibly be worse than being a RACIST in the workplace?!? The mind boggles…

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