Stupid Liberal “Journalist” Loses Mind Over Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas’ DWTS “Gun Pose”

By Gary P Jackson

As a normal, red-blooded American male, I look at the above photo of Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas and think (a) Bristol is looking better than ever. Fit and trim. And (b) I really like Mark Ballas and am happy to see those two teamed up for the Dancing With The Stars All-Star competition. Bristol and Mark had great chemistry together when they danced before and will be real contenders this time around as they were in 2010.

Of course, not all of us are normal, somewhat well-adjusted people. There are always liberals to contended with. In this case here we have Jodi Jill the “National Celebrity Headlines Examiner” and a self-proclaimed award winning celebrity columnist.

When I look at Jodi Jill I don’t exactly see the happiness and joy I see in Bristol and Mark’s faces. [Nor do I see anything resembling fit and trim]

What I do see is a mentally deficient human being. Someone filled with malice and hate. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and Jodi Jill’s insane ramblings about Bristol Palin are Exhibit A of this fact:

Bristol Palin’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ gun pose shocks after theater massacre

Bristol Palin hasn’t officially hit the dance floor and she already is posing for attention. The new Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) season released photos on Wednesday for the star and along with the rest of the all-star cast excitement is building. However, the latest photos released with Bristol Palin, all from ABC, could be considered disturbing.

Pamela Anderson looks sultry and stunning. Kirstie Alley looks strong and focused. The rest of the cast looks great, that is except for Bristol Palin. Her photograph is disturbing and gives a moment of disbelief as she emulates her fingers into a gun pose and appears to be blowing on it with her professional dance partner Mark Ballas doing the same. Obviously reflecting the statement of the “smoking gun,” it’s unbelievable it was released to the public.

So what’s so wrong with this picture? This gun pose has been used in movies for decades and rappers use it all the time, but times have changed. Only recently a gunman barged into a theater in Aurora, Colorado and killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Since the July 20th shooting, the public has needed a break from the intensity of imaginary gun images as the real ones are all too harsh. Everywhere, including on tour with Madonna on the other side of the globe, the guns are being toned down as it just hasn’t been appropriate. On Dancing With the Stars, it seems so surreal to allow such a monstrous image as it is a family show.

What will be the punishment if some kids does this outside of their home after seeing this photo? An Oklahoma 1st-grader was suspended after making a gun out of their hand in classroom last year. Plus a gesture like this on a Los Angeles street at anyone will result in an arrest and trying it in front of a cop will result in worse consequences.

Bristol Palin’s gun finger pose is reprehensible. It’s disrespectful to victims in the latest shooting and it doesn’t take a brain scientist to realize that guns (or the images of one) has nothing to do with this reality show. While this young mother is billing herself as a role model, her gesture is all that is needed to expose what she is really thinking.

Amazing huh? I mean you have to be looking for something to be upset about, ever moment of your miserable life, to be as silly as liberals are.

Maybe Bristol and Mark are doing a “gun pose” because Bristol picked up the nickname “Bristol the Pistol” when she last competed. There was a time when one could say things like “Bristol the Pistol” without having to deal with deranged liberals. These lunatics have a knack for ruining everything. Their lives are miserable, so they wanna make sure they ruin life for everyone else too.

We all know the man who shot up the theater in Colorado was mentally deficient too. HE planned the attack. HE pulled the trigger. The sad part was this happened in a “gun free zone.” Had there been a few armed citizens at the theater, chances are they could have ended this lunatic’s killing spree long before the body count got so high.

When I see idiots like Jodi Jill, and read their insane ramblings, I wonder what makes them tick. I wonder how they function. I also wonder if they support Barack Obama who once told his mob of supporters at a political rally: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun

Obama’s statement was more likely to incite violence than Bristol and Mark’s “gun pose,” don’t ya think?

And unlike Wasilla, Alaska, where Bristol is from, and it’s damned near mandatory that everyone own a gun, Obama’s Chicago, where it’s almost impossible to LEGALLY own a gun, is a freakin’ war zone! It’s not uncommon to see a dozen or more killed every single weekend in Chicago, mostly by guns that aren’t even supposed to be there! Just think what Chicago would be like if it were more like Wasilla. If law abiding citizens were allowed to have guns, how long do you think the thugs who terrorize Chicago would last?

It’s not the gun owners who are destroying the world, making it a more dangerous place, it’s the liberal control freaks. The fascists who want to control everyone. These loons who think they know better, when thousands of years worth of history proves they don’t! Liberals are the problem.

See, this is why liberals piss me off. I see Bristol and Mark, and I see a cute couple who will be fun to watch, and I hope will win. I look forward to the contest between all of the dancers. I just wanna enjoy something entertaining.

Instead I’m talking about gun control and liberal fascism.

Liberals screw up fun every single time. They are the enemies of Liberty, Freedom, and the American way of life!


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17 responses to “Stupid Liberal “Journalist” Loses Mind Over Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas’ DWTS “Gun Pose”

  1. She (Jodie) would have a good shot at “Dancing With Elephants”!!!!

  2. Liberal Hate

    This person honestly, has no quams with the substance of the picture~ She obviously, is just a Palin hater and feels threatened as all liberals do (envy) and to me that is just one of the things that makes the Palins so special~ Way I see it, when someone hates for truly, no reasons but personal problems, they will make up the reasons or targets as they go~ But truth is they just hate PERIOD~ And this is where people like US etc stand above as an advantage, because most people who hate/ hate themselves first~ You know? like I cannot truly love you if I do not love myself; vice versa~ I call Liberalism an infliction similar how I view homosexuality~ I mean Liberals have been brainwashed into some of the most evil mentalities there are, putting them along side of severe communists, extremists of all sorts and radical Islamist~ I call them legion~ ACH

    • Gary P Jackson

      True. I still can’t get past the fact someone can look at these two cute kids and equate them to a mass murdering freak.

      • Liberal Hate

        I still can’t get past the fact someone can look at these two cute kids and equate them to a mass murdering freak.
        Yes, I agree you have to be out there in lala land or live in a deep dark ditch to even come up with such ideas~ CooCoo! Who are the freaks? I would say the liberal haters need to get a life but dag gone it they may just be stuck they way they are~ We would have to save all the children from hateful liberal parents to put in action the view of an end to the madness~ I still believe it is a very small portion of the population but because liberals are in leadership role right now we get to see more of liberal inflictions more often on tube etc~ But it just appears they are alot~ I don’t believe they are~ Last, I also believe most of the people lately, doing all these crazy things are influenced by the liberal propaganda~ ACH

    • Liberal Hate

      And you know what these haters and all radical elements want in this day in time more than anything Gary?
      They want to have freedom to be chaotic~ We ( the other side of the spectrum) want freedom to be individuals~ This is one of the many reasons I wrote this:
      ” Hell is not a firey pit down below~ It is what earth would become if hate and chaos outweighed love and peace~” TL

    • Gregory

      liberals are the real racists they use black people and latinos and herd them like cattle in to there liberal brainwashed mentality/ liberals dont care about minorities they are just a politcal weapon to use against concervatives. liberals are socialists at best and most likely lean to communism/ liberals are so full of hate 24/7 that is why there miserable.

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  4. Annie

    What is really disturbing is her turgid prose and indiscriminate murder of every rule of grammar. Just how does one emulate their fingers…and which finger is JodiJill emulating?
    Oh the humanity…sob.

  5. Amen to that, Gary!! And I bet that tub of lard would freak out watching Agnes de Mille’s legendary choreography for Copland’s “Appalachan Spring” or, more likely, the great dance sequences in Oklahoma – where all the male dancers wore guns in holsters & simulated aiming them in one particular sequence! (Or maybe I’m mixing up the two iconic dance sequences – whatever!) The Liberals will be the first to be victimized when the gov’t turns on them in the fascist future if we don’t take this country back!!

    • kittenesh

      Ode to you, Joy! Your svelte, otherworldly loveliness graces these base blog pages. We are not worthy!!!!! May we all find the strength to attain your supreme ethereal beauty and perfect BMI.

      And may we all take the country back from the Kenyan usurper! Do you know he has fathered two black children? The LAMESTREAM MEDIA won’t touch that ticking time bomb!!!!!1!!!

      • As Miss Piggy might say, “Is that MOI of which you speak so admiringly?” I’m flattered – and surprised!! But I’ll take “svelte” and “other-wordly loveliness” ANY day of the week!! Thank you SO much, Kittenesh, for your kind words – much appreciated! As they say, “I try!”

        Meantime, you’ve really sparked my curiosity re that info that Sasha & Malia just might have a couple of half-brothers or sisters out there – how perfectly KENYAN of Obozo!! Personally, I’m still working on the suggestion that Frank Marshall Davis was the REAL birth father of our Fearless Leader – and that Obama, Senior, was just “the beard” in this case, the exotic African student who would have been far more “respectable” for Stanley Ann’s indiscretion with FMD. I even saw a photo of SAD – clad only in her birthday suit – as a teenager, supposedly taken in the Honolulu apartment of FMD.

        Perhaps one day ALL the stuff we keep hearing will come out in a sensational “tell-all” book AFTER Jan. 20, 2013, of course!

  6. Kristy Patullo

    Beautifully said, Gary! I hope dumbass Jodi reads it. On a lighter note: Bristol is gorgeous! She’s ready to bring it, I can see it in her eyes. Bristol the Pistol is back!

  7. carla

    I think mark and Bristol are fun to what on dwts. However the hate directed at liberals is not appreciated. I would like to remind people that intolerance and racism are more often the realm of Republicans. It is Republicans that are known for their smears and dirty tricks. Republicans are the real enemies of liberty and freedom. Think about it….

    • Gary P Jackson

      Nope, liberalism is a diseased ideology that is based in nothing but hate and destruction. It’s not compatible with civilized society. It’s a cancer on society, and like any disease, it must be wiped from the face of the earth.

      Nothing is more hateful, racist, or intolerant than a liberal democrat. The democrat party is the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.Sanger wanted to legitimize abortion as a way to kill off the Negro race. She called Negroes “human weeds.” Sanger hooked up with the KKK in order to help make abortion acceptable.

      To this day the “Margaret Sanger Award” is one of the highest award one liberal democrat can give to another. The entire part ideology is based on racism and hatred for one’s fellow man.

      If you find yourself “offended” by all of this, you might wanna do some soul searching and discover why you follow such a vile, evil, hate filled ideology. The most evil the world has ever known.

    • Carla, you MUST be kidding – OR< out of your mind!! Speaking as a super tolerant Individualist and Freedom, Individual-Liberty loving person – but also as a semi- (but more POST-) Republican- affiliated person – I find your remarks ignorant, offensive and even hateful! You certainly don't know very many GOP voters personally, that's for damn sure!!

      I can't speak for all Republicans – nor can you speak for all libturds – but the vast majority of FREEDOM-LOVING & INDIVIDUALIST GOP (and Libertarian-leaning) folks are FAR more tolerant than the most "open-minded" Lib Prop Regressives by a country mile! You ain't experienced intolerance in all its many manifestations until you've been the target/victim of vicious and mendacious attacks by lame-brain libturds!! They've written the book on lies, distortions and intolerance. Republicans haven't even left the starting gate by comparison…

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