Sarah Palin: Sure There Might be a New 3rd Party Rise if the GOP Doesn’t Stay True to it’s Platform

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin was on Fox News earlier today talking to Uma Pemmaraju about the up coming Republican Nation Convention. She also fielded a few viewer questions ranging from how one should vote if they don’t like either candidate, to whether she’d ever run for Governor of Alaska again. She also noted, when asked, that if the GOP doesn’t get it’s act together, and start following the platform set out by it’s members, the party may very well go the way of the Whigs.

When a lady asks what to do if you can’t get behind either candidate, further asking if she should just refrain from voting, Sarah tells her: “give Romney a shot,” reminding her that we must remove Obama from office, and repeal ObamaCare.

We asked about running for Alaska Governor again, Sarah answered:

I would much rather be able to work on unlocking Alaska’s vast resources. The largest state in the union, so rich in oil and gas and zinc and iron and copper and gold and the world’s richest wild seafood fisheries on our planet. I would rather work on unlocking our resources to help secure our nation for solvency for our sovereignty as a union than be holed up in Juneau again.

The one answer that is sure to strike fear in the hearts of the GOP Elite is the one about a new, third party emerging.

You know in studying history, look what happened in the mid-1800s when the Whig Party went away and the Republican Party surfaced because people, the electorate, got sick and tired of both parties fighting for power and [not] doing the will of the people, that’s why the Republican Party rose up.

So, you know, if history is any indication, it’s certainly a possibility at some point if Republicans don’t remember what the planks in their platform represent. And the planks in the platform are all about equality. They are about equal opportunity, to prosper and thrive in the most exceptional nation in the world, and how do we do that through a free market .

This isn’t a new feeling. Many of us have figured this is the GOP’s last shot to get it right. There are a lot of real solid Conservatives in the Republican Party, but ofttimes their efforts are stymied by what passes for leadership within the party.

After the interview, Sarah posted on her Facebook page reminding supporters she’s headed to Arizona to help Kirk Adams, Paul Gozar, and others:

As I mentioned on Fox this afternoon, I’m traveling to Arizona to join Kirk Adams and other commonsense conservative candidates at a rally on Monday at Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.

Check out Kirk’s website for more info about the event.

Video courtesy SarahNet



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27 responses to “Sarah Palin: Sure There Might be a New 3rd Party Rise if the GOP Doesn’t Stay True to it’s Platform

  1. Jim Thompson

    … Which Leads us to this timely question since there’s talk of what Sarah Palin said this afternoon: Do Conventions really matter still? I’m just wondering since a lot of GOP figures along with Sarah Palin are sitting this convention out.

  2. YEP

    Until we (US) get real leaders its all ” just” theatrics~ ACH

  3. Gary, to what on EARTH are you referring?!? Whatever can Romney’s lawyers do beyond THIS election cycle that would impact the future? Of course, if he wins in November – and unless he does something totally egregious – he’d be the “uincumbent” AND the presumptive nominee in 2016. However, id he LOSES (which, I’m beginning to think, is increasingly unlikely), that opens the field to any and everyone else! Please do give us a HINT of that to which you’re referring!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Evidently, Romney’s lawyers changed the rules that will give the GOP Elite, not state party chairs control over delegates. I’ve read some reports from a couple of left wing sites, Polutico and BuzzFeed. I need to set down and read the whole deal raw. If it is what I think it is, the GOP just declared war on the grassroots.

      • I think we’ve already seen many signs of what you said in that last line of your response: Namely,”…the GOP just declared war on the grassroots” – indeed!! But they’ve still managed to mask over a lot of their subterfuge and crap done/said “behind closed doors,” etc.

        Meantime, I can hardly wait to see Palin in action greeting as many delegates & attendees as possible OFF-SITE – that is, when the torrential rains have subsided! And it’ll be VERY telling, indeed, if Palin is on the campaign trail ONLY for true blue Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives! Standing next to Romney is truly a double-edged sword at this point in time; but as you’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, ABO – we MUST work for O’s defeat and R&R’s victory; THEN, we’ll see how the newly-anointed Team/Regime behaves and just how true they are to their words in the campaign!!

        More than anything, I hope & pray for either (1) a takeover of the GOP by the Tea Party Patriots OR (2) if push comes to shove, then a serious movement to start the NEW Republican Freedom Party and force the old rotters to join their spiritual ancestors, i.e., members of the Whig Party who failed to see the handwriting on the wall in the late 1850s!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Sarah will be at a BBQ in Arizona tomorrow! She’s working hard to send patriots to congress this fall. She ain’t going nowhere near Tampa! I’m glad.

      • I read that she was going to be in AZ for campaign stops on Monday, but what about all that “space she rented” in a nearby mall in Tampa? Is that no longer going to happen? Of course, if it’s a bad storm – lots of wind & rain – people won’t be much in the mood for walking the few blocks (or less?) beyond the Convention hall! Besides, hanging around OUTSIDE the Convention hall isn’t all that appealing, IMHO…

      • Gary P Jackson

        From what I understand she put down a refundable deposit on a small space near the convention center. If I understood it right, this was going to be more of a place to just hang-out and chill, rather than some sort of formal deal open to thepublic. Since she isn’t going, she doesn’t need the space.

        I’m not even sure if SarahPAC will have a presence in Tampa.

        A lot of us thought at first the rental was for something more than it turned out to be.

  4. Tea Party Veteran

    I’m a Sarah Palin supporter. I was a participant of the Tea Party rally at the Madison, Wisconsin capitol when 10,000 of us were surrounded by 100,000 vile, obscenity-screaming, froth-mouthed union supporters. Sarah Palin showed up and supported the Tea Party and the US Constitution. Where was Romney? Nowhere to be found. Where was Paul Ryan? Same-o. And he lived less than an hour away to the south. If Sarah Palin forces a brokered convention, I will be so happy! Since I vote on principle, I WILL NOT vote for Romney. He is a pathological liar and wolf in sheep’s clothing stalking the herd of GOP voters who are so apathetic when it comes to voting their conscience. If you want to stop the RINOS from INCREASING America’s debt, if you want to stop the RINOS from DECREASING civil liberties, and if you want to stop the RINOS from STARTING another World War with Iran, I implore you to vote for true conservatives at the local, state, and federal levels…and stop the Obama and Romney big government liberal progressiveness agenda by voting on the principle of Liberty that is written in our US Constitution. Don’t Tread On America!

    • Gary P Jackson

      God bless you! That Madison rally was incredible. Every patriot who was there deserves recognition.

      Sarah won’t screw with Romney. She, like the rest of us, wants Obama gone. Let him put his best shot against Obama. For now beating Obama is more important than settling old scores. AFTER the election, win, lose, or draw, a lot of us will be re-evaluate what to do next.

      For now though, it’s Romney or Obama. That ain’t a hard choice!

      • Electing Mitt Romney is like electing Barak Obama…..
        …..And making Barak the leader and decision maker of the Republican party…….
        …..And giving Barak two more terms to serve……
        …..And convincing Republican congressmen to work with him.
        Obama ’12

      • Gary P Jackson

        That’s literally this stupidest thing I heard in many a moon.

        Romney may not be the best man for the job, but he loves America. Obama doesn’t. Obama has already proven he’ll bypass Congress, like a dictator, and try to rule by Executive Order. No one in Congress has the balls to impeach and convict him of the crimes he’s already committed.

        The bottom line is Obama is pure evil, Romney is not. A vote for Obama amounts to treason.

  5. THEY ARE AFRAID. Governor Sarah Palin is the proven de facto GOP King Maker and the crowds prove it when you compare 2008 VP Palin (AK) versus 2012 VP Ryan (WI) they are not close.

    Triple …in Wisconsin (30k vs 10k) Six Times …in Florida (60k vs 10k)

    The Romney Campaign, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and Deadwood Establishment Cronies, recognize a huge threat to their power base by someone who doesn’t play by their “go along to get along” rules.

    The Tea Party is the Constitutional enforcer of Congress

    No one has done so much for Tea Party and Conservatives candidates over the last four years, than Governor Palin. She has over 70% success in getting “authentic” conservatives elected and has earned de facto GOP king maker.

    Name ONE candidate that Mitt Romney has helped? He voted for Paul Tsongas (D-MA) for crying out loud.

    Governor Palin is the ideal figure to head a new National Tea Party “that competes head on” with the deadwood cronies in both the Leftist Democrat and Moderate Republican Parties.

  6. jerseyflash

    Thinking and talking like TB is dangerous…do you like eating CRAP-SANDWICH’S…growth at 1.5%…15 million more on food stamps…ANOTHER 40% of lose family value…your house being eye for foreclosure…the REPO man right around the corner…because he heard that your copany is moving overseas…let’s draw a line down a sheet of paper…
    one side with Urkels name and we will title it “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY”…the other MITTENS and if you saw what he said to the crowd Sat. morning “THESE ARE THE FIVE THINGS THAT I WILL DO WHEN YOU ELECT ME POTUS”…If your head is screwed on right TODD…
    there is ONLY one choice….ROMNEY AND RYAN ( RESCUE AND RECOVERY )….your choice is not my choice…but I believe Romney and Ryan by a LANDSLIDE…Wake-up…drop that Kool-Aid cup..Nov 6th 2012

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    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks, I’ll look into it. Might I also suggest a better browser while we’re at it? I use Firefox. More features, more stability, and it isn’t Google! Wouldn’t dream of using something else!

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    • Gary P Jackson

      No, you’re the first! What browser are you using? I’m assuming you are reading from a PC desktop or laptop, not a phone. It’s been my experience that trying to read blogs from smart phones can be dodgy, at best.

      Personally, we use Firefox as a browser. It’s stable and has few issues. Also great features.

      If any other readers are having issues, hopefully your comment will encourage them to speak up.

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