Sarah Palin to Mark Levin: RNC Trying to Stomp the Grass Roots

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin in a very frank interview with Mark Levin. She says the GOP isn’t nearly united enough, nor are we seeing the use of time honored vision.

She talks about the grassroots activists being the engine of the campaigns and says the RNC is trying to stomp the grassroots.

She takes on the entire Republican political machine here.

Powerful words:

Audio courtesy SarahNet.



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9 responses to “Sarah Palin to Mark Levin: RNC Trying to Stomp the Grass Roots

  1. Go Kirk Adams!

    The Republicans were warned to stay away from Tea Party; that is exactly what there doing~ So, this in mind, who in there is really calling the shots~? And why would Reps heed~?
    (Corrupt & weak)

    • ACH

      If I could and really wanted to throw a wrench in the elite establishment machine~ I would change the name from “The Tea Party” to ” The American Republicans”~ Let us see how they separate from that~

      • The NEW Republican Party can choose from any number of excellent names (New Republican Freedom Party, etc.); but, as much as the Tea Party has been the backbone & inspiration, maybe “Tea Party” needs to be omitted from the name of the newly revised – “and IMPROVED!!” – GOP!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Indeed! I’m still processing all of this in my head, but something has to give.

        I was going to write a rather heated piece on Speaker John Boehner after he called us all knuckledraggers but decided not to for the sake of “unity”. After what he did today, It’s On!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Only in America is wanting to follow the Constitution considered “extreme”

      Only in America is wanting a smaller, more responsible government considered “extreme”

      Only in America are patriots considered “extreme”

      What a deal, eh?

  2. Tina

    I’m with you Gary. Even Governor Palin has already commented that if the Republicans do not follow the will of the people, history may repeat itself, and new party may be borne. The Grand Old Party may go the way of the Whigs.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sure looks it!

      • Put Your Thinking Whig On

        I love this idea~ I feel “We The People” have been forced into this but I like it~ I mean a party and Gov made up of ” We The People”, who cannot trust that~? Even more importantly, to me it would be a great way to break away from Great Britain’s power hold on America, due to them trying to re-establish themselves as the 4th Roman Empire~ This is why I believe the premis of the movie 2016 is the exact opposite of the truth and I feel I do know where a video of Obama and Britain Prime Minister is to prove it~ ACH

      • I’m all in for a Conservative GOP flexing its considerable muscle in the 2014 election cycle, building to whatever may be in the cards for 2016 – BUT, I certainly don’t think that the very fading – if not already eclipsed – British Empire holds much interest for or sway over the USA, despite BHO’s rather palsy-walsy relationship with a PM that’s turned out to be decidedly NOT Conservative in the moldof a Churchill or Thatcher; in fact, he’s barely a John Major!!

        And although I saw 2016 TWICE and was absolutely fascinated with many of D’Souza’s fact-finding trips & interviews, IMHO, the jury’s still out on the actual intensity and importance in BHO’s thinking and his life of that so-called “anti-Colonial rage.” I think there’s a lot more going on than that; but for the sake of polishing up his exotic bona fides in the run-up to the 2008 election, he built up that connection with his old reprobate father – when, in reality, he probably already knew the truth about his old man, but by then needed the exotic narrative to express a sympathic profile that the libturd voting boobs eagerly bought – indeed, enthusiastically lapped up!!

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