The Great Brit Hume “Salad” Controversy of 2012

By Gary P Jackson

It was close to midnight last night when I posted the video of Sarah Palin talking with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier. To be honest, I was listening as I formatted the blog post, and didn’t hear anything but the conversation.

It seems during Sarah’s interview, a mic was hot, and a work got picked up in the studio. At the time, the word was thought to be “zealot“. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir.

A little later into the night, as I was posting more articles, I was on Twitter and saw Jedediah Bila responding to Scoop with: What.The.Hell.

That was the first I had heard of the controversy.

After some back and forth with a large group, including accusations he had insulted Sarah the night before, many started thinking it was Brit Hume. I was hoping it wasn’t, because he’s one of the few establishment guys that I’ve always respected.

I also didn’t think what he had said the night before was an insult, just the result of not getting out of the Beltway nearly enough. Brit thought Sarah was pretty much “out of politics“. Yeah, I know, that’s pretty sad, and totally wrong. But, we’ll forgive the man for that.

I suggested that we could ask him, via Twitter, but as it was late, I finally gave up and went to bed.

Anyhow, long story short, the controversy made it to the pages of Conservatives4Palin, Gateway Pundit, and Drudge. [and who knows where else]

Last night, when I listened [it was late and as usual I was exhausted] it most definitely sounded like “zealot” though I couldn’t tell if it was Brit Hume, and he has a very distinctive voice.

To his credit, Brit did respond to Stacy, saying the word was “salad“.

I’ve got to fess up. I’m one of those that can be rather suggestible at times, especially on a deal like this. After listening again though, being wide awake and alert, I’m pretty sure the man said “salad“. I listened over and over and it came up “salad” to me. Our friends at SarahNet, who posted the video in the first place, agree. Salad it is.

Amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for everyone.

Listen for yourselves. The word comes at 1:34 in the conversation:

I’ll give Brit Hume the benefit of the doubt here. I’m pretty sure the word ISsalad” and we can put all of this to rest. [Though we’d love to hear your opinion!]

As we dispense with the “The Great Brit Hume “Salad” Controversy of 2012” lets reflect on the musical stylings of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer. I give you Karn Evil 9, First Impression, Part 2 from the album Brain Salad Surgery [of course]


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6 responses to “The Great Brit Hume “Salad” Controversy of 2012

  1. Kim

    Clearly Sarah Palin heard the comment and Megyn Kelly as well as Bret Baier. It’s recorded, so let’s get the story. And it’s likely that there was more than just one word. Whatever it was, it was enough to interrupt the interview. They cut from Megyn to Bret after the mysterious word pops up; when interview resumes, Bret chooses to ask Palin about the teleprompter malfunction in her 2008 speech. I’d like to know more about that teleprompter problem. Was she saying something, maybe challenging, about taking on the establishment? I’m watching her 2008 acceptance speech now, and it does look like there’s a teleprompter problem immediately following her comment about taking on the “permanent political class.”
    There are some clear problems with RNC Convention coverage and it’s not going unnoticed. The truth needs to come out about this hot mic and what Hume was saying. My guess is this is business as usual at Fox News.

    2008 RNC acceptance speech:

    • Gary P Jackson

      The teleprompter deal was well covered at the time. What happened, was while Sarah was giving her speech, not long into it, the damned teleprompter went goofy. Totally unusable. If you look at some videos of the speech, you can see the thing running but nowhere in sync with what she is saying.

      In fact, this drove the liberal media INSANE, as it was being reported. It’s always been said Sarah Palin has a photographic memory. Never forgets anything.

      WITHOUT the teleprompter, Sarah gave the entire speech, verbatim, as written, FROM MEMORY. There was one ad-lib in the whole deal, the remark about the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull.

      A few years back Laura Ingraham was sitting in for Ted Baxter and as usual, she had two flaming liberal idiots on to discuss Sarah Palin. This one foaming at the mouth idiot ran out of insults, and yelled out at Ingraham: “…. and Sarah Palin’s teleprompter didn’t malfunction. It’s a LIE!!!!!!!!!”

      That was hilarious, because anyone who’s seen the video knows that it did, in fact, stop functioning.

      But THAT illustrates so well why Sarah scares the living hell out of liberals and the Republican Elite™. She’s smarter than all of them, and better equipped to handle anything. We’ve ALL seen Barack Obama when his trusty TOTUS [Teleprompter of the United States] quits. He’s a functional moron, at best.

      Brett Baier was trying to compliment the Governor, but for those that didn’t see it, and don’t know the back-story, there might not be clarity.

  2. Jan

    I would rather listen to Sarah Palin about politics any day. I do not enjoy or watch Brett Hume.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I always enjoyed Brit’s commentary. He’s really old school though. And OF COURSE we;d all rather listen to Sarah.

      I miss him on Fox News Sunday, mainly because it was a hoot when Juan Williams was saying something incredibly stupid, and they’d cut to the expression on Brit’s face. Priceless.

  3. Steve

    Professionals don’t make off-camera comments while an interview is in progress.

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