NY Magazine Publishes Anti-Palin Hit-Piece Using No Sources and No Data

Sources? We don’t need no stinkin’ sources!

By Stacy Drake

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It’s safe to say that something just wasn’t right the other day when Governor Palin took to Facebook to write:

I’m sorry Fox cancelled all my scheduled interviews tonight because I sure wanted to take the opportunity on the air to highlight Senator John McCain’s positive contributions to America, to honor him, and to reflect on what a biased media unfairly put him through four years ago tonight.

Fox seemed to have worked out whatever issue they said they were having because the Governor was back on to discuss the RNC on Thursday evening. What’s curious however, is while covering the story, Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine claims to have spoken with some Fox executives who, he claims were less than kind or honest about Governor Palin. Sherman wrote:

Last night’s kerfuffle between Sarah Palin and Fox News was a classic display of Sarah Palin being, well, Sarah Palin. But her Facebook outburst complaining about Fox canceling her appearance at the Republic National Convention reveals something deeper about Palin’s often rocky relationship with the network. Palin’s contract is up in January, and according to sources, Fox News executives are now weighing what kind of deal they would sign, if they sign one at all.

If by “Sarah Palin being, well, Sarah Palin” he means, being honest and gracious to a friend, then yes, that was Sarah Palin being Sarah Palin. He goes on:

Essentially, Palin and Fox are in the early stages of an elaborate contract negotiation. Palin earns roughly $1 million per year from Fox, making her the highest paid contributor at the network. Fox executives have been disappointed with her ratings.

Wait a minute… He states that “Fox executives have been disappointed with her ratings” but he doesn’t give any names of executives, nor does he give any data to back up the claim. This is nothing more than unsourced rubbish.

The reality is that Governor Palin is a big ratings draw. The special she did with Eric Bolling was a huge success for the Fox network, and she was recently rated #1 in Mediaite power rankings for television analysts. She also gave NBC a an enormous rating boost when she co-hosted the Today Show back in April.

Sherman then noted:

Palin has been disappointed by Fox’s decision to not give her top billing on bookings.

How does he know if she’s disappointed with anything? He didn’t interview her for the story, so what does he base this line on? Did Fox executives tell him that? He doesn’t state specifically, but next he writes (emphasis):

According to sources, the relationship at times has gotten so bad that much communication has been conducted via Palin’s husband Todd. One thing is clear: It’s risky for her to push the envelope too far. Fox has been a central pillar of Palin’s national reach since quitting the governorship, and without the network’s platform, it’s unclear how she could maintain even her current, much-diminished level of visibility.

Oh, please, Governor Palin doesn’t need Fox to maintain anything. The important work that she does in promoting reform-minded, commonsense Conservative candidates keeps her busy, and trust me, candidates want her to be visible around their campaigns.

Also, any network would love to have Governor Palin on as a guest, and certainly have her as a regular analyst. Just consider the fact that Piers Morgan was begging Governor Palin to come on his show the moment he learned Fox had cancelled her interviews:

Wednesday evening, he took to Twitter to invite Palin on his show: “If Fox don’t want you tonight @SarahPalinUSA – come on my show. Be happy to talk about @SenJohnMcCain with you,” he wrote.

Politicker asked him about his attempts to get her on the show: “I’m serious, if she’s fallen out with Fox, I’d love to get her on. It’s the one reason we haven’t had her since I’ve been on air, because of her contract with Fox,” Morgan said, referring to her ongoing exclusivity contract with Fox News.

Clearly, if she’s had an issue with them and can now do us, I’d love to interview her.”

If Mr. Sherman did indeed talk to Fox executives for his article, it doesn’t speak well for the network. Governor Palin has been good for Fox News, increased their viewership, and added her much needed perspective to the dialog on that channel. But we don’t know if Sherman really spoke to anyone because he doesn’t give any names. He expects people to just take his word for it, in a time and age where distrust in the media is at an all time high. Regardless if he did or not, what he’s selling to his readers is just another false narrative designed to degrade and downplay Governor Palin’s influence. The facts are not on Sherman’s side no matter who is responsible for the phony reality he tries to pass off as “journalism.


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3 responses to “NY Magazine Publishes Anti-Palin Hit-Piece Using No Sources and No Data

  1. Of course, NY Mazagine DOES have its narrow margin of lefturd readers – many of whom live in that proverbial bubble – so they’ll believe anything! On soft news and on the cultural front, they’re a good and interesting news source and enjoyable read; but when it come to politics, one definitely has had to swallow that powerful pill of prejudice and bias toward anything on the Right – and that will ALWAYS include the inimitable Palin.

    The way things are going now, Palin could have her OWN news network and interview every interesting Conservative that comes down the pike – and any Lib foolish enough to come on her show will at least be shown respect AND a very spirited, but fair, challenge!!

    In a twist to that old canard, “Palin’s da Man!!”

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. The NY Mag’s [Rag?]may be one of the most fact free articles I have seen in some time.

      As I told Stacy in a conversation about the article: Exactly HOW does one actually measure Sarah Palin’s Fox News ratings in the first place? Yes, I know you can measure the specials she does, all of those, like the one with Eric Bolling that Stacy mentions have been ratings winners. But most of Sarah’s appearances are on other hosts’ shows, and for a few minutes at a time. There is absolutely no way to measure her effect on the ratings of those shows, one way or the other.

      Now I know when her supporters learn she will be on Fox, Twitter goes nuts, and it doesn’t take long for people nationwide to know she is on. That’s why she took time to tell her millions of supporters about being cancelled. But still, no accurate way to measure her impact.

      That means someone is lying big time.

      • lwjwl

        Bet FOX News had something to think about when it found itself being chastised by the Conservative Twitter community.

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