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Rogue Romney Blogger Attacks Sarah Palin Using False Information, Refuses to Answer All Calls to Retract

Jared Allebest, Romney blogger, jackass

By Gary P Jackson

First off, there’s more than one villain in this story. As you know, a very small group of Palin supporters took what was a cute idea back around the Iowa caucuses, the notion of an “earthquake” movement, and turned it into a sick, delusional obsession.

Though Sarah Palin has never endorsed any sort of movement to nominate her at the convention, and has been on TV for weeks saying she is 100% behind the Romney/Ryan ticket, these “earthquake” people persist. Lately they have been sending out delegate packets attacking Romney, and asking delegates to vote to nominate Governor Palin instead.

This was picked up by the Ron Paul folks, many of whom, as everyone knows, are looking to stage a sort of coup d’état of there own, on the convention floor. In an article entitled: Is Palin Making Her Move? Will She Be THE One to Topple the House of Cards?, over at The Daily Paul the “earthquake” nonsense was discussed. Strangely enough, the article, as well as most of the comments, were respectful to the Governor, and even supportive of her.

Problem is, a Romney blogger, Jared Allebest who goes by “Conservative Samizdat” on many blogs, as well as Twitter, used this article, and the “earthquake” lunacy as a launching point to viciously attack Sarah Palin in a series of articles titled: The Two Faces Of Sarah Palin At The 2012 National Republican Convention.

We caught his act at Right Speak, his own blog, and Mitt Romney Express. Allebest also claims to be a “staff blogger” at Mitt Romney Central though I couldn’t find his hate-filled, fact free rants posted there.

While all of these posts are pretty much the same, the one at Mitt Romney Express under a different title: Investigating Sarah Palin’s Mysterious Delegate Packages At The GOP Convention Allebst goes into a series of lies beyond what was seen at the other sites.

Sara Palin is in town and playing games, she is trying to steal the nomination, she sent out packets to all of the delegates asking them to vote for her if there is a brokered convention and she is trying to cause a brokered convention. I spoke to delegates at my booth who said they received the packet. None of our delegates will vote for her, putting my dislike for her aside, if she helps with a brokered convention I am fine with it because I think we could win a brokered convention.

Never mind this loser can’t even get Sarah’s first name correctly. She’s nowhere near Florida this week. As we reported on Saturday, the Governor will be in Arizona, having BBQ with Kirk Adams at Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.

Further more, in many interviews Sarah has said she is 100% behind the Romney/Ryan ticket. She wants to beat Obama. In the same report from Saturday, we have video of Governor Palin on Fox answering viewer questions.

One of the questions asked was what should a person do if they can’t stand Obama or Romney. The viewer asked if it was OK to just stay at home. Sarah answered the viewer by saying emphatically “give Romney a shot!” Does that sound like someone who is planning to steal the nomination from Mitt?

Allebest rambles on and on, then posts this from Sandra Bailey, one of the “ earthquake” troublemakers:

Allebest uses this misguided group to then attack Governor Palin:

What I find interesting is that there are two kinds of politicians. First, there those those who put party above themselves such as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum who both have released their delegates to Mitt Romney. Then there are politicians who put themselves above the party such as Sarah Palin and Ron Paul who have no delegates yet have said nothing or done nothing to stop their supporters who wish to circumvent the nomination process by attempting to engineer a brokered convention to nominate someone other than candid

I have absolutely no idea who “candid” is but there are several problems here. For one, like it or not, Ron Paul does indeed have delegates. Not many, and some Ron Paul people have caused major problems by being chosen as delegates, pretending to back Romney, with full intentions of causing problems at the convention. That said, Ron Paul did earn a handful of delegates. Credit where credit is due.

As far as putting themselves above party. Seriously? In 2010 Sarah Palin almost single-handedly handed the Republican Party control of the House. She endorsed over a hundred candidates and around 90% of them won.

In fact, so many prominent Republicans owe their offices to Governor Palin, Jules Spencer tweeted this idea for convention drinking game:

I’m drunk just thinking about it!

Of course, Allebest has his priorities all out of whack. It’s COUNTRY before party. That’s a big reason why the Republican Establishment™ doesn’t care for Sarah Palin very much. She’s spent the last two decades putting what’s best for her city, state, and country ahead of what’s best for the Republican Party!

Now on the other websites, under the “two face” title, Allebest had this to say:

Sarah Palin just exposed herself as two faced politician since she’s advocating people to vote for Mitt Romney on television but apparently working to make a brokered convention happen. That’s why its not surprising that why Sarah Palin not being invited to the GOP convention or why she hasn’t been allowed to have an opportunity to speak at the convention. You can’t expect to be invited to an event if you intend to undermine that event and have not been supportive of the GOP nominee.

Allebest, in a move we’ve seen from many Romney supporters over the years, links to a far left hate site, in this case Capital Blue, for his affirmation.

Sarah Palin is trying to put a positive spin on the fact that she was not invited to speak at The Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month.

She’s trying to act like the snub was her idea.

It wasn’t and sources close to Palin tell Capitol Hill Blue that the GOP diva “went ballistic” when it became clear that the GOP’s big party didn’t want her in the show.

No sources were named, of course.

Funny how only lefties and some Romney people use the same tired old talking points. We’ve all seen Sarah Palin up to her neck in fish slime, does that sound like something a diva would do?

Well, here’s the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Preibus saying that Governor Palin was “definitely invited” to speak and offered a prime time speaking role.

Lets see, who are we to believe, a known left wing hate site, and a Romney supporter with an agenda, or the RNC Chair, who has at least some knowledge of what actually went on? Video courtesy SarahNet.

When these venomous articles were first pointed out to us on Sunday, Allebest was contacted via email: as well as on Twitter by myself and Stacy Drake, Editor-in-Chief of Conservatives4Palin. The websites Right Speak and Mitt Romney Express were also contacted.

Allebest as well as the publishers of the various websites were informed that these articles were fact free, and that the “earthquake” group was in no way associated with Governor Palin in any way, shape or form.

It was asked that the articles be retracted and apologies issued.

Emails, tweets, and other pleas, are, as yet, unanswered. Looking at Allebest’s own website, it seems he has plenty of time to write articles attacking Governor Palin, but no time for actual integrity.

Had Allebest done due diligence, he would have noted the disclaimer on the “earthquake” literature:

This information was sent to Allebest via Twitter.

I don’t know Allebest. Wouldn’t know him if I stood right next to him. I do know he’s supposedly an attorney in Utah, according to his bio. I also know there’s someone that uses the “ConservativeSamizdat” handle of at Hot Air. He is a notorious Palin hater who often attacks her supporters and is known to use left wing propaganda that has been debunked years ago to do it. Is this the same guy? Who knows.

What I do know is we have been very fair to Mitt Romney over the years. While our website publishes both fact and opinion, we base our opinions on facts. This website has made a point of not treating Mitt Romney as “The Great Satan” like other have been known to do. Allebest spent much of Sunday tweeting his articles around the internet. I’m calling on Romney’s supporters, and staffers alike, to put this man in his place, and to abstain from publishing these lies.

Steve Flesher at Conservatives4Palin is offering the same advice:

C4P’s official position represents that of the Governor’s. That position is illustrated in our efforts to unite against Obama to make sure he is replaced. Governor Palin recently said: “do me a favor” and “give Romney a shot.” Further, she talked to Sean Hannity a few weeks ago and stated that after a “competitive primary,” we had our winner — Mitt Romney. She was and remains 100% on board in helping to replace Barack Obama.

We, too, are on board with the Governor to not only making sure Obama is fired but that we fill the House and Senate with good conservatives. It’s been working like a charm. Governor Palin and her supporters helped make a huge impact in 2010’s mid-term elections. In 2012, her endorsements are making a huge difference as well such as Ted Cruz in Texas and Deb Fischer in Nebraska.

Despite Governor Palin’s quotes listed above on Romney or the facts that she’s continued to galvanize the Republican Party for Romney’s benefit, some out there claiming to be Romney supporters are passing around stories today ascribing false conspiracies to Governor Palin. The piece has surfaced here and here and other places.

Read more of what Steve has to say here.

At the beginning I noted there were two villains in all of this. Jared Allebest, and the bunch in this “earthquake” group. These people have been causing problems for Governor Palin, as well as her serious supporters for months.

Full disclosure: When these people started the movement, with the intention of making a statement during the Iowa Caucuses, this website, as well as me personally, was supportive. Unfortunately, things got out of hand, and these people refused to listen to anyone, including Governor Palin herself.

Many of us asked, then told, then demanded these people stop with the “earthquake” nonsense. They didn’t seem to care how much trouble they were causing. In fact, if you didn’t buy into their fantasies, you would find yourself on the receiving end of one of their attacks. I’ve never seen anything like it. They became as delusional as some of the way out there Ron Paul supporters.

Long story short, It’s been our policy to delete any comments by the group, and any attacks on Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion, or anything else not related to disagreements on political positions.

Stacy, in her role as Editor-in-Chief of C4P, went a step further, banning the “earthquakers” and instituting a zero tolerance policy for conspiracy theories:

To believe that Governor Palin has some sort of secret plan to steal the nomination from Mitt Romney, based on things she said in the past (much before October 5th) is out-of-touch with current day reality.

There is no mathematical way that Governor Palin could get the nomination this year. She has no delegates. Mitt Romney has enough delegates to take it. He currently has 1,473, while only needing 1,144 to win. People looking to Ron Paul delegates for assistance to knock Mitt out of the race, need to consider that Ron Paul’s has conceded and has asked his supporters to be “respectful” in Tampa.


Some however, are ignoring this reality, spinning Governor Palin’s words, and currently building a case against Governor Palin’s character on our forum. That is not going to be tolerated on C4P any longer. To insinuate that Governor Palin will lose her credibility if she doesn’t do what people (who cherry-pick her words) want her to do, is indeed building a case for the future. And the future clearly tells us that what these people want to happen, isn’t going to happen, so this only has one way to go.


No longer will you be permitted to post “Earthquake” conspiracy theories on C4P…Zero tolerance for this, by the way. Enough is enough.

This entire episode, a wasted Sunday spent handling these attacks by a Palin hating Romney supporter, that will live on the internet forever, could have been avoided had these “earthquake” crazies listened to Stacy months ago. However, I’ve come to learn reality isn’t something these people traffic in.

I’ve been following Governor Palin’s career closely since early 2007. I can honestly say I have never seen a politician that has such a large group of dedicated, loyal supporters. People who would follow her through the fires of hell with a bucket full of gasoline in each hand!

That’s not a bad thing either!

Over the years we’ve seen groups like Organize4Palin, now American Grizzlies United, spring up. These groups have taken to endorsing candidates, and even traveling hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles, in order to support them. It’s those hard working supporters of Sarah’s who made the incredible victories of 2010 a reality, and it’s her hard working supporters who are making the difference in 2012.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Most strong supporters of a particular candidate live for that candidate only. In fact, in the case of some of the more zealous supporters of the other guys [you know who I mean] they will attack anyone and everyone who isn’t their chosen candidate.

Palin supporters are quite different. They take cues from Sarah, and her endorsement of a candidate is like the Good Housekeeping© Seal of Approval. Once Sarah endorses, things happen, and happen fast. But it goes further than that. Palin supporters also support candidates on their own, often recommending SarahPAC take a look at them. Whether Sarah endorses them or not, they help get these candidates elected.

That’s what makes this entire “earthquake” experience so troubling. Some people hang of Sarah Palin’s every word, and instead of taking comments she makes about a variety of subjects, at face value, find some hidden meaning in her words. They twist them into what the WANT them to mean, instead of what Sarah really said, or meant.

Let me end this by saying I’m disgusted with the whole lot. I’m angry that this self proclaimed Romney blogger decided to viciously attack Sarah Palin, and has refused to answer numerous calls to retract his lies, and I am thoroughly pissed off the ammunition for this attack came from these “earthquake” troublemakers.

I let it be known to these people that I was far less than pleased with there group. Besides the same tired old crap I’ve heard from them for months, after making my displeasure known, I also got a fair amount of “well, they are going to attack Sarah anyway” type of comments. In THOSE comments we learn all we need to know about the “earthquakers” and their agenda.

They are NOT looking out for Sarah Palin, and do not have her best interests in mind.


I thought it should be noted that Nate Gunderson from Mitt Romney Central responded to the article at C4P:

1 – MRC has no more closer ties to Romney’s campaign than C4P has to Palin.

2 – Though listed as a contributor, Jared has not written anything for us since January.

3 – I would not have allowed the posts about Palin at MRC because I knew immediately that they weren’t true.

4 – I would not have allowed the posts about Palin at MRC because we just don’t blog about her.

Just wanted to be clear on those points.

Many of us Palinistas have done battle with Nate on Twitter over the last few years. It’s good to see him being pro-active in regards to Allebest. Classy on his part.

The bottom line is we are all in this together in our efforts to defeat Barack Obama. Anything else is counterproductive and of no help at all.

Does that mean we can’t disagree with Mitt Romney or the Republican Party, of course not. But it doers mean people have to realize there are only two realistic courses of action. Elect Mitt Romney, and put a halt to America’s demise or re-elect Barack Obama, and insure her demise.

If you even have to think about which way to go, you have serious issues.



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Mike Huckabee False Prophet and Patron Saint of Corrupt Politicians and Fools

By Gary P Jackson

It’s no secret that we ain’t fans of Mike Huckabee here at A Time For Choosing. I most definitely detest con men of every shape and form. I really don’t like liberal democrats who pretend to be Republicans, for whatever reason.

I don’t think I need to go through Mike Huckabee’s entire career, nor do I need to read you chapter and verse about his time as Governor of Arkansas. If you are reading this blog, chances are you already know about Huckabee’s record as a tax and spend, Big Government liberal. You also know Huckabee is a Nanny Stater on par with New York City’s Nanny Bloomberg.

I will treat you to Governor Huckabee telling the Arkansas legislature: Whatever Tax You Pass, “You Will Have Nothing But My Profound Thanks

A little different than his phony “I’m a Conservative” act, huh!

Huckabee supports the nonsensical “Fair Tax” as well. But that a whole entire rant all it’s on, so we’ll save that for later!

I am however, about to tell you why I am sick of Mike Huckabee and his kind sticking their noses in politics. Sit back, grab something cold to drink, and maybe a snack. This may take a while!

I didn’t much like it when Nanny Huckabee attacked Sarah Palin and sided with Michelle Obama after Sarah made a rather lighthearted comment that aired on her hit travel-adventure series Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In an article entitled: Nanny State Alert! Mike Huckabee: “On ‘Child Nutrition’ I Must Side With Michelle Obama Over Sarah Palin” I noted:

Here’s the deal. This is one more situation where Big Daddy government, [or should I say Big Nanny] is going to tell you how you MUST live your life.

Rather than allowing parents to educate their own kids, and control what they eat, some little elite in Washington is going to control yet one more part of your life, and there will be nothing you can do about it [unless you are wealthy and send the kids to a private school or home school them]

This is where Sarah Palin comes in. While Michelle Obama has been out there preaching her nonsense, Sarah has been having fun with her. There was talk of banning school bake sales, so Sarah shows up at a school where she was giving a speech, cookies in hand! She’s been tweeting about this stuff for some time, just wearing MO out.

This really got going though after this past Sunday’s airing of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. While getting ready to do a bit of camping, after some white water rafting, Sarah is looking for the goodies to make s’mores, and dedicates them to MO because the First Lady “says we aren’t supposed to have desert

It was hilarious!

Bear in mind now, SP’sAK was filmed in the summer, months ago, when the debate was in full swing.

Of course, there was some buzz around the “cookie incident” at the time, but it seems Sunday’s episode turned into an international story. All one has to do is search Bing to find stories from around the world, mostly progressives losing their minds. How DARE Sarah Palin be against totalitarian rule!

That’s what makes Huckabee’s little “me too” so sad. This isn’t exactly fresh ground.

Brian Maloney, the Radio Equalizer had this to say about the whole thing:

Though he had no comment on the calorie-count of a fried-squirrel platter, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is readily taking sides in a nasty political food war.

Earlier today, Huckabee told New York radio host Curtis Sliwa that he’s on board with Michelle Obama’s national dietary scolding effort and against Sarah Palin’s light-hearted criticism of the first lady’s campaign.

[ …. ]

Did Huck just fall off of a turnip truck? He really appears to believe the Obamas are content to campaign for social change in eating habits rather than a gradual move toward laws that prohibit foods they find objectionable.

Ever been to California, Mike? Just try to propose a steak house in a lefty-controlled city and watch the resulting firestorm.

Could someone this naive really be considered a major presidential contender?

I also didn’t like it when sleazy Huckabee lied and attacked Bristol Palin, trying to drum up ratings for his lousy radio show, either. A show he put up against Rush Limbaugh, on purpose. I did love it though, when Bristol called him out on his lie, and put him in his place.

But all that is nothing compared to his misadventures in politics. Most recently he’s taken a stand with certified moron Todd Akin, who may single-handedly cost Republicans control of the Senate, which will lead to the end of America as we know it. Huckabee has been blowing smoke up Akin’s backside, and telling him to stay in the race. A race Akin’s own supporters want him out of!

This ain’t the first time Huckabee has endorsed a fool, or a corrupt, worthless politician. Let’s look at some of Huckabee’s “greatest hits” since 2010:

First, let’s head up to Alaska. We all remember the Joe Miller-Lisa Murkowski fiasco. Governor Palin endorsed Miller, a long time friend. It was a real war, with the GOP Establishment™, specifically NRSC chairman Senator John Cornyn, (R-Tx) coming to Lisa’s aid.

Somewhere along the way, Huckabee stuck his nose in this race, and sent some of his people to “help” Miller. These brain surgeons’ first piece of advice to Miller? Distance himself from his friend Governor Palin. And not just distance himself, but hey, make a big [and public] deal of it. This worked about as well as expected. Support for Miller collapsed. Enough bad blood was created that it became a huge story.

By the time some of the fences were mended, “Daddy’s Girl” [Lisa] had mounted a massive write in campaign, backed by union thugs and even democrats, and Joe lost big time. All thanks to Huckabee and company’s sage political advice. Now America has to deal with corrupt liberal Republican Lisa Murkowski as she supports the democrats more than the American people. Thanks Mike.

Also in 2010, and Huckabee has somehow escaped most of the wrath from Conservatives for this, there was the election for South Carolina Governor. Of Course, Governor Palin backed Nikki Haley. Her endorsement immediately boosted Haley from last place, in a crowded field, to front runner status. So who did Huckabee support?

Remember during that election, accusations were flying that Nikki, now Governor Haley, had an extramarital affair. She was being called a “slut” and a “whore“.

As Jenn Taylor [JennQPublic] noted at the time, in an article entitled From “Nikki Who?” to Nikki the “Raghead” Whore in Less Than a Month all of these accusations were coming from, you guessed it, Mike Huckabee endorsed Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s crew!

Jenn starts out:

A month ago, few people outside of South Carolina knew of State Rep. Nikki Haley. But that didn’t stop her opponents from wetting themselves when Haley picked up some impressive endorsements and her gubernatorial campaign gained momentum.

Don’t worry, said their trusty consultants as they mopped up the puddles, a scarlet letter oughta finish her off. And if a little old fashioned slut-baiting doesn’t do the trick, we’ll just make sure everyone knows Nimrata Randhawa Haley is secret “raghead.” Trust us, the good ol’ boys in South Cackalacky know just how to handle a foreign lady who’s in our way.

And thus began their Hail Mary pass to sideline the uppity woman with the ethnic name.

Why bother? Because Haley’s record of fighting for transparent government is a direct threat to politics as usual at the Statehouse. South Carolina’s good ol’ boys are terrified that Haley will force on-the-record legislative voting, so they scraped the sewers for the scummiest strategy imaginable.

Not only were they calling Haley a slut and a whore, they were attacking her religion and ethnic background, calling her a “raghead. ” It’s a rather long article, but it lays out all of the hate and lies coming out of the Bauer campaign. Click here and read it. It’s worth the time.

Now in case you are thinking I drug up some isolated instance and that Huckabee doesn’t normally back sleazebags like Bauer and his misogynist crew, lets move on to 2012 and the Texas Senate race.

I think most of America knows this story. Most certainly our readers do. Once again, we have Sarah Palin endorsed and certified Reagan Conservative Ted Cruz, going up against one of Mike Huckabee’s endorsees, Lt Governor David Dewhurst.

To say David Dewhurst is not only one of the most corrupt men in politics, as well as one of the most despicable human beings imaginable, may be too kind. During the campaign we ran numerous articles laying out all of the corrupt activities the Lt Governor has been engaged in, as well as all of the bills that Texans demanded, that he worked over time to kill, in his position as president of the Texas Senate, a job that makes Dewhurst more powerful than the governor.

We also noted all of the numerous lies Dewhurst told about Cruz, including a last ditch act of desperation, blaming Cruz for the suicide of a Pennsylvania youth. Lies that Dewhurst was telling right up until the day he lost in a landslide to Cruz.

One of the more hilarious attacks from Dewhurst [and his running buddy Rick Perry] though, was the ads attacking everyone supporting Ted Cruz. Dewhurst and Perry conveniently “forgot” they begged Governor Palin to come to Texas and bail out Perry’s behind in 2010, during the Governor’s race. Nope, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Mark Levin, and other Conservative supporters of Ted Cruz magically became “Washington Insiders” in Dewhurst’s many ads decrying “outsiders who don’t know Texas.”

This is hilarious because at the same time, Dewhurst was touting Huckabee’s support. Mike Huckabee who divides his time between New York City and his mansion in Florida. I’m not even sure if Huckabee could pick out Texas on a map. On the other hand, it’s well know that Governor Palin has spent a lot of time in Texas, and has a special fondness for the town of Lockhart, not that far from Austin.

But, as they say: Wait, there’s more!

Backing Despicable Dewhurst isn’t Huckabee’s only brush with corruption.

In one of the stupidest things I have ever seen, those who drew up new districts in Florida, after the 2010 census, pitted Congresswoman Sandy Adams against Congressman John Mica. Both Republicans, both incumbents. That’s where the similarities stop, BTW.

You already know what I am about to tell you. Sandy Adams was a Tea Party favorite. One of Sarah Palin’s favorites. Though new to Congress, she had already made a reputation as a true reformer who got it. Unfortunately, she lost.

Who won? Ten term Establishment hack, John Mica. As Breitbart News reported before the election, Mica may be one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Most certainly the most corrupt of the Florida delegation. Mica has sent tens of millions of tax payer dollars to family and cronies.

So once again, Huckabee, the false prophet, backs a corrupt Establishment hack, over a Tea Party patriot, and a true reformer.

That brings us to Missouri and a yet another familiar story. As you know, Governor Palin backed Sarah Steelman. She STILL backs Steelman. Sarah Steelman has impressive credentials as a true reformer. She was exactly who we needed in Washington. She has a long record of distinguished service. She had the support of some major Tea Party groups.

Todd Akin, on the other hand, was going nowhere fast until the democrats decided that he was the weakest link, and spent over $1.5 million in ads painting him as some sort of Conservative boogie man. They figured if they attacked him as “conservative” some voters would take to him. They were right!

Now I’ve looked at Akin’s 12 year record as a Congressman. It’s not bad. His record isn’t in question here, just his intelligence. That and his ego. An ego being fed by Mike Huckabee.

Here’s where I really have big problems with Huckabee and his phony “awe shucks” tent revival preacher act. I detest guys like Huckabee who hide behind scripture to coerce social conservatives to follow them down dead end paths. I have nothing against social conservatives, I consider myself one, though with a huge splash of common sense libertarianism thrown in for good taste. I’ve seen a real tendency among those who only focus on social issues to fall for these false prophets. I hate to say it, but con men like Huckabee start sounding like a preacher and some folks lose all common sense. Huckabee ain’t the only one who does this, but he has a real knack for it.

Huckabee has really screwed us all with this Akin deal though. Reports early on had Akin looking to do the right thing and drop out, after his insane remarks became public, but good old Huckabee stuck his nose in and ginned up his groupies, and now you couldn’t pry Akin away from this race.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit may have said it best, from the start:

Governor Mike Huckabee not only gave Todd Akin cover with his supportive email yesterday, he also was able to screw Republican candidates across the nation.
Thanks Mike.

Huckabee helped Akin frame the calls for him to drop out as an attack by the Republican Establishment™. I didn’t know that Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, National Review’s Jim Geraghty, Dennis Prager, Charles Krauthammer, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, the Tea Party Express, as well as the editorial boards of National Review and the Wall Street Journal and well, every Conservative commentator and blogger worth their salt, had magically become part of the Establishment™. When and how did THAT happen? It’s hard to keep up these days!

Huckabee said in a conference call to Southern Baptists: “This could be a Mount Carmel moment,” likely referring to the holy battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in the book of Kings:

You know, you bring your gods. We’ll bring ours. We’ll see whose God answers the prayers and brings fire from heaven. That’s kind of where I’m praying: that there will be fire from heaven, and we’ll see it clearly, and everyone else will to.

Speaking of fire, Mount Carmel, is also the name of a little place east of Waco, Texas where David Koresh and the Branch Davidians met their demise in a fiery death. Huckabee’s fool’s errand is more likely to resemble the results of the latter more than the former.

Listening to his rhetoric though, it’s rather insulting to hear him talk about a dumb-ass politician, using biblical references. I know for a fact that God looks out for babies and fools, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to send down “fire from the heavens” because some moron says something stupid, and gets asked [rightly] to step aside!

After the conference call, Huckabee started taking some heat and downplayed his participation. He’s also been claiming he’s been in contact with the National Republican Senate committee, [NRSC] something the folks over at the NRSC have denied. [emphasis mine]

A spokesman for the NRSC, Brian Walsh, took issue with Huckabee’s comments Friday.

We have a great deal of respect for Governor Huckabee and regret that we do not see eye to eye with him on this race,” Walsh said in an email to CNN. “It’s important to set the record straight though that the types of tactics he describes simply did not happen and further, no one at the NRSC has even spoken with the Governor this week.

By Friday night, according to CNN’s Peter Hamby, Huckabee had resorted to calling the folks over at the NRSC “union goons.”

I’ve not always been the biggest fan of the NRSC, but union goons? Really?

Gateway Pundit reports Akin re-tweeted Hamby’s tweet, so obviously he agrees with Huckabee.

This is why false prophets like Mike Huckabee are so dangerous. They have the ability to reach a large number of people. They lead these people astray. Whether it’s convincing them to vote for a corrupt, and often despicable human being, or clinging to a disaster of a candidate far too long, Huckabee, and those like him have a knack for making poor decisions, and dragging far too many people down with them.

There used to be a time we could tolerate these sorts, mixing their snake oil salesman style of “religion” with politics, but that time has past. Thanks to liberals, like Huckabee, America is staring into the abyss. It wouldn’t take too many false moves before the entire nation collapses. Yet here we have Huckabee supporting an unelectable candidate, encouraging him to stay well past his welcome.

While people like Huckabee think they are standing up for the right to life, they are, in reality, hurting the pro-life movement. Worse, if we don’t take back the Senate, and this nonsense makes it a lot harder, we will never repeal ObamaCare. There goes the economy, and anything resembling Liberty and Freedom.

People are going to do what they do, but I implore folks to wake up and start paying attention to these false prophets. Realize who they really are, and how they are part of the problem, not the solution. Mike Huckabee has a decades long record of being part of the problem. It’s time for him to retire to his TV and radio show, and leave politics to those who actually know what they are doing.

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Poll: Akin’s Own Supporters Want Him to Quit Senate Race 50-34 Only Democrats Want Him to Stay!

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.

~ Proverbs 17:28 NIV.

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

~ Mark Twain

By Gary P Jackson

Ever since Todd Akin opened his mouth and started spinning tales of the Magical Uterus© his support has cratered among everyone but democrats. [who reportedly spent north of $1.5 million making sure he was their opposition]

First it was a Rasmussen poll showing Akin had dropped from being 10 points ahead of socialist Claire McCaskill, to 10 points behind. This prompted Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit to write:

Thank You Todd Akin.

Thank You Akin campaign media consultant, Rex Elsass.

Thank you Todd Akin for bringing down the Republican Party with you.

Jim also notes:

Cook Political Report has declared Todd Akin “unelectable ” and moved the 2012 U.S. senate race in Missouri to a projected Democrat win. Before Todd Akin’s rape comment it was predicted to be a Republican victory.

Read all of the sad story here.

Doug Brady over at Conservatives4Palin reports that Akin had the cojones to spin this 20 point drop in the polls as [Are you waiting for this?] a good thing!

Upon hearing this Stacy Drake said:

Who knew Baghdad Bob moved to Missouri?

Well now things have gotten worse. A poll from the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch shows that even Akin’s supporters want him gone, by a margin of 50-34. The only support he has is among democrats, who most certainly aren’t going to vote for him.

From the Washington Examiner:

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment aren’t the only ones who want Rep. Todd Akin out of the Missouri Senate race due to his controversial “legitimate rape” comments. A Missouri poll shows that even his best supporters, by a whopping 17 points, want him to drop out. Only Democrats want him to stay in the race.

According to a new St. Louis Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll, self-described Akin supporters want him to quit, 50 to 34 percent. His image in the new poll is abysmal, with just 17 percent viewing him favorably and 56 unfavorably.

And the bottom line on his chances of beating Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who he led comfortably before the scandal by five points is just as bad. He is currently nine points behind McCaskill, 50 percent to 41 percent.

The poll echoes a similar Rasmussen Report released Friday that showed a similar shift in the race that many analysts said was Akin’s to win.

The poll reinforces efforts to convince Akin to drop out of the race. He has until September 25 to get his name off the ballot. Akin on Friday dismayed the GOP establishment by announce he was staying in the race. He suggested that he was going to run against the establishment, but even allies like conservative talk show hosts Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, as well as Romney and Ryan, have called on him to step down.

Anti-Akin forces Saturday were pointing to the fact that even Akin’s own supporters want him out of the race and were hopeful that Akin would act on that finding.
An Akin associate, however, said that his campaign expects the furor to die down and that with the help of some new ads he will stage a comeback. And a key Washington conservative activist told Secrets that some conservatives are rallying around Akin and are upset that he’s being left out to dry by the GOP presidential ticket.

Other details from the poll:

— Women are running from him. While they were previously split between Akin and McCaskill, women now oppose him by almost 20 percent, 55 percent against to 37 percent for.

— Republicans want him to withdraw, 47 percent to 37 percent.

— Independents want him to withdraw, 57 percent to 25 percent.

— Undecided voters, by a 67 percent to 16 percent margin, want him to withdraw.

— Only Democrats support his candidacy. Some 47 percent want him to stay in the race, while 37 percent said he should withdraw.

You know who is REALLY angry about the Rasmussen polling and other developments? The democrats! No doubt afraid someone will run a write-in campaign to stop both Akin and McCaskill. As WeaselZippers notes:

Dems Outraged Over New Rasmussen Poll Showing Akin Down 10 Points To McCaskill, Say Pollster Is A “Tool Of The Republican Establishment”…

Outraged their candidate is showing a double-digit lead? Has to be a first.

Todd Akin is a fool, and his arrogance and ego may very well cost us the Senate. If we don’t regain control of the Senate, so we can roll back many of the evil programs the Obama regime has in place, America, as we know it, is finished.

I’ll join Hoft in saying: Thank you Todd Akin. Thank you for helping destroy a nation.

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Mr Scam Man

By Gary P Jackson

A wonderful little video from Dan Roberts:

For more check out Dan’s music at:

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Courtney Force, Living The Dream

Courtney Force joined her father, 15-time Funny Car champ John Force, in the winner’s circle often as a child. Photo Courtesy of Courtney Force

Professional Rookie of the Year contender Courtney Force always dreamed of driving a Funny Car. Always dreamed of racing her dad, the winningest professional drag racer in history, in Funny Car. After learning the ropes in Super Comp and A/Fuel dragster, Courtney’s dream has come true. Not only is she driving a 10,000 horsepower 320 mph nitro belching Funny Car, she’s racing her dad [and beating him] as she did on her way to her first professional title a few weeks ago in Seattle.

A few days ago, with Indy on her mind, she penned this for ESPN:

Family, superstition parts of Funny Car success

Coming off an amazing weekend in Seattle, where I got my first win in Funny Car, I look back over a week later and still can’t believe what we accomplished. Winning in only our 15th race of the season in my rookie year, and having to take out a few champion drivers in the process, still seems unreal.

I remember being in the winner’s circle with my dad as a kid and taking pictures with his trophy, which was way too heavy for me to pick up then. My sisters and I would be involved in all his crazy superstitions, like crossing our fingers and toes, chewing a new piece of strawberry Bubblicious gum before every run, giving Dad a good luck hug before he suited up and making sure we were all sitting in the exact same seat for every run, because we thought it would be bad luck for Dad if we changed our routine.

Any time my dad would win in the semis we would race to the other end in the tow vehicle to pick him up with the team while singing the same tune, “We’re in the final … we’re in the final,” and waving to all the fans out the window going down the return road. It’s crazy how much has changed since then, but then again so little. My dad has so many of those same employees on his team, at our shop or as close friends who come out and visit the races. We will always keep some of those silly superstitions going. Now, having my own race team, it’s cool we’re starting to get into a routine of things and having our own inside jokes and superstitions that will always be a mystery to others!

I didn’t get much time to celebrate after my Seattle win because we flew back to California the next day to catch up on work, do laundry and repack the suitcases before heading to Norwalk, Ohio, for some match racing with my dad and a few other Funny Car teams. The “Night Under Fire” event was a fun night of racing, with music, fireworks, jet cars, funny cars and more. The race went late into the night before rain took over and sent us packing.

The night we flew back home to California, I got to hang out with some of my close friends and go to the Orange County Fair. We went on all the rides, played games, took pictures in the photo booths and tried all the great fair food. I love the life that I live and being able to race my hot rod on weekends, but coming home to an amazing family and friends who are supportive of me and my career is awesome. They all are always there for me, even when I don’t get to see them for months at a time.

After a few great days at home, we headed to Brainerd, Minn., for another race. I’m currently sixth overall in points and fighting to stay in the top 10 by the end of the Indianapolis race next weekend so I can get locked into the Countdown and try battling for the championship with the other nine drivers. Indy’s “The Big Go” is the next race on the circuit, and it’s the biggest race of the season and the last chance for drivers to lock into the top 10, which I’m hoping I can do!

In addition, I’m also trying to get the last spot in the Traxxas Shootout, which is a race within the big Indy race, where only eight cars get to battle for the $100,000 prize. I’m hoping to get into the final spot, but it’s a fan vote on NHRA’s Facebook page, then it’s thrown into a lottery and a winner is chosen from that.

While in Brainerd, I got the chance to see what the famous “Zoo” was really about when my dad took me through it after the race. It is where fans come to watch the drag races, camp with tents and RVs, party and compete against each other to see who has built the craziest thing on wheels.

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks, but we’re going to test our race car this week and get our minds straight for the biggest race of the season, the U.S Nationals in Indy!

Vote for Courtney in the Traxxas Nitro Shootout here. You have until noon on the 28th to get your vote in!

Recently I posted Courtney’s “I Wanna Race” campaign video. As a follow-up, Courtney posted an outtakes video. Funny Stuff, especially of her and John [her dad] on the lake. The “producer’s voice” you hear is Courtney’s big sister, Three time Indy champion Ashley Force-Hood, President of John Force Entertainment.

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Portrait of a Warrior

Ken Pridgeon, Albert Villegas/Baytown Sun photo

By Gary P Jackson

Might as well grab a box of tissues now. Our friend and reader, Joy sent us this video over the weekend. It comes from an edition of the syndicated Texas Country Reporter featuring Ken Pridgeon, a retired teacher who has devoted his life to honoring Texans who have fallen in battle. He runs his Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery out of a small storefront in downtown Baytown, Texas. [near the Port of Houston]

Ken “the dauber” Pridgeon’s Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery is located at 308 W. Texas Avenue, Baytown, TX 77520. This is an incredible man with a wonderful gift. A real blessing.

For more information on the Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery and how you can get involved, check out the website here.

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Clay Millican’s Traxxas Nitro Shootout “Campaign Video”

By Gary P Jackson

The Traxxas Nitro Shootout is this coming weekend at the Mac Tools NHRA U. S. Nationals presented by Auto-Plus at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis. [Yeah, that’s a mouthful!] The U.S. Nationals is the oldest most prestigious drag racing event in the world.

Like Courtney Force in Funny Car, Top Fuel standout Clay Millican is looking to get into the $100,000 to win shootout via fan vote, and like Courtney, has put together a fun little “campaign video” to convince you to vote:

Known for his big smile, Clay, a former IHRA Top Fuel champion, has become a fan favorite in the NHRA. Currently he’s locked into a battle with Brandon Bernstein for the 8th and final slot in the Shootout.

NHRA has more about the shootout, and all of the various campaigns by the racers, here.

Vote for Clay [and Courtney] here. You have until noon on the 28th to get your votes in.

Here are the standings in both Top Fuel and Funny Car, as of the weekend.

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President Obama’s Convenient Lie Gives Free Advertising to His Donors

by Whitney Pitcher

Earlier today President Obama tweeted the following about women’s “health”:

It’s intriguing that the President decided to tweet a quote from a women’s health magazine to make a policy point. The quote Obama used was from a scare tactic campaign from Women’s Health magazine that indicates that women’s reproductive “rights” may go the way of the dodo bird. A little closer look shows that President Obama may be giving Women’s Health magazine the Solyndra treatment. The CEO of Rodale Inc, Maria Rodale, which publishes the magazine, has given the President $5,000 to his campaign and and another other $5,000 to the DNC. Rodale Inc mostly focuses on health and wellness related magazines and books, but interestingly also published Al Gore’s “global warming” fictional book, An Inconvenient Truth–indicating their aim may be more political than solely “health and wellness”. It sure was nice of the President to give some advertising to one of his donors and ideological peers, huh?

Of course, Women’s Health Magazine , in addition to campaign funding, also gave First Lady Michelle Obama the platform to promote the President’s health care reform bill this past May. Mrs. Obama writing in part about contraception (emphasis added): 

 It used to be that even many women with health insurance would skip these check-ups because of the cost. In fact, before the health reform law that my husband signed back in 2010, some insurance companies would routinely charge women 50 percent more than men for the same coverage because they needed more frequent access to preventive services like mammograms and cervical screenings. Fortunately, the new health care bill makes that discrimination against women illegal starting in 2014, and today, insurance companies are required to cover life-saving cancer screenings and other preventive services like contraception and immunizations without a co-pay.

While the First Lady wrote this piece for Women’s Health and provided them with her workout play list,  interestingly, she turned down an interview and cover with the Heart & Soul, a  health magazine for African American women.

Beyond the cronyism of free advertising, the tweet is blatantly false. President Obama implies that the Republican Party is trying to limit or ban birth control. Those claims are only true in liberal newspeak where “ban” is synonymous with “not forcing employers to pay for”. However, this is the kind of fight the Obama administration brought upon themselves when they sacrificed the first amendment to expand government, and it’s a problem easily solved if the free market is brought into health care, a concept I describe in a post at in February:

Beyond the economic benefits, a free market based health care system provides the best vehicle for religious liberty. When health insurance is detached from employment, it means that employers—be they religious institutions or religious business owners– have no requirement to violate their conscience by providing insurance that covers contraception and abortion causing drugs.

The same is true for individual health care consumers and insurance companies themselves. Individual health care consumers would have the option to purchase plans from insurers that either do or do not cover contraceptives. While individuals opposed to contraception would not desire contraception for themselves anyway, choosing a plan that does not cover contraception means the money they used to purchase health insurance does not have the potential to “cross subsidize” contraception or abortion causing drugs.

“Cross subsidization” occurs when insurance premiums are pooled by the insurer and then dispersed to pay medical bills for those they insure, meaning that the money one pays in insurance premiums beyond what care they need may ultimately cover another individual’s care . Market based healthcare also provides health insurers with the freedom to abide by their conscience in what they will cover. Insurers who oppose contraceptives would not be obligated to provide coverage, and those who approve contraceptives would be free to do so. There is a market for both, and it would provide employers, individuals, and insurers the freedom to exercise their religious liberty.

President Obama is again trying to scare women into believing that the only way to protect their so called reproductive freedoms is to grow government and quash religious freedom–and in the process, he’s providing free advertising for his donors. In reality, the free market providers the greatest platform for both individual and religious freedom.


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Sarah Palin: Sure There Might be a New 3rd Party Rise if the GOP Doesn’t Stay True to it’s Platform

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin was on Fox News earlier today talking to Uma Pemmaraju about the up coming Republican Nation Convention. She also fielded a few viewer questions ranging from how one should vote if they don’t like either candidate, to whether she’d ever run for Governor of Alaska again. She also noted, when asked, that if the GOP doesn’t get it’s act together, and start following the platform set out by it’s members, the party may very well go the way of the Whigs.

When a lady asks what to do if you can’t get behind either candidate, further asking if she should just refrain from voting, Sarah tells her: “give Romney a shot,” reminding her that we must remove Obama from office, and repeal ObamaCare.

We asked about running for Alaska Governor again, Sarah answered:

I would much rather be able to work on unlocking Alaska’s vast resources. The largest state in the union, so rich in oil and gas and zinc and iron and copper and gold and the world’s richest wild seafood fisheries on our planet. I would rather work on unlocking our resources to help secure our nation for solvency for our sovereignty as a union than be holed up in Juneau again.

The one answer that is sure to strike fear in the hearts of the GOP Elite is the one about a new, third party emerging.

You know in studying history, look what happened in the mid-1800s when the Whig Party went away and the Republican Party surfaced because people, the electorate, got sick and tired of both parties fighting for power and [not] doing the will of the people, that’s why the Republican Party rose up.

So, you know, if history is any indication, it’s certainly a possibility at some point if Republicans don’t remember what the planks in their platform represent. And the planks in the platform are all about equality. They are about equal opportunity, to prosper and thrive in the most exceptional nation in the world, and how do we do that through a free market .

This isn’t a new feeling. Many of us have figured this is the GOP’s last shot to get it right. There are a lot of real solid Conservatives in the Republican Party, but ofttimes their efforts are stymied by what passes for leadership within the party.

After the interview, Sarah posted on her Facebook page reminding supporters she’s headed to Arizona to help Kirk Adams, Paul Gozar, and others:

As I mentioned on Fox this afternoon, I’m traveling to Arizona to join Kirk Adams and other commonsense conservative candidates at a rally on Monday at Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.

Check out Kirk’s website for more info about the event.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Stupid Liberal “Journalist” Loses Mind Over Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas’ DWTS “Gun Pose”

By Gary P Jackson

As a normal, red-blooded American male, I look at the above photo of Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas and think (a) Bristol is looking better than ever. Fit and trim. And (b) I really like Mark Ballas and am happy to see those two teamed up for the Dancing With The Stars All-Star competition. Bristol and Mark had great chemistry together when they danced before and will be real contenders this time around as they were in 2010.

Of course, not all of us are normal, somewhat well-adjusted people. There are always liberals to contended with. In this case here we have Jodi Jill the “National Celebrity Headlines Examiner” and a self-proclaimed award winning celebrity columnist.

When I look at Jodi Jill I don’t exactly see the happiness and joy I see in Bristol and Mark’s faces. [Nor do I see anything resembling fit and trim]

What I do see is a mentally deficient human being. Someone filled with malice and hate. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and Jodi Jill’s insane ramblings about Bristol Palin are Exhibit A of this fact:

Bristol Palin’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ gun pose shocks after theater massacre

Bristol Palin hasn’t officially hit the dance floor and she already is posing for attention. The new Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) season released photos on Wednesday for the star and along with the rest of the all-star cast excitement is building. However, the latest photos released with Bristol Palin, all from ABC, could be considered disturbing.

Pamela Anderson looks sultry and stunning. Kirstie Alley looks strong and focused. The rest of the cast looks great, that is except for Bristol Palin. Her photograph is disturbing and gives a moment of disbelief as she emulates her fingers into a gun pose and appears to be blowing on it with her professional dance partner Mark Ballas doing the same. Obviously reflecting the statement of the “smoking gun,” it’s unbelievable it was released to the public.

So what’s so wrong with this picture? This gun pose has been used in movies for decades and rappers use it all the time, but times have changed. Only recently a gunman barged into a theater in Aurora, Colorado and killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Since the July 20th shooting, the public has needed a break from the intensity of imaginary gun images as the real ones are all too harsh. Everywhere, including on tour with Madonna on the other side of the globe, the guns are being toned down as it just hasn’t been appropriate. On Dancing With the Stars, it seems so surreal to allow such a monstrous image as it is a family show.

What will be the punishment if some kids does this outside of their home after seeing this photo? An Oklahoma 1st-grader was suspended after making a gun out of their hand in classroom last year. Plus a gesture like this on a Los Angeles street at anyone will result in an arrest and trying it in front of a cop will result in worse consequences.

Bristol Palin’s gun finger pose is reprehensible. It’s disrespectful to victims in the latest shooting and it doesn’t take a brain scientist to realize that guns (or the images of one) has nothing to do with this reality show. While this young mother is billing herself as a role model, her gesture is all that is needed to expose what she is really thinking.

Amazing huh? I mean you have to be looking for something to be upset about, ever moment of your miserable life, to be as silly as liberals are.

Maybe Bristol and Mark are doing a “gun pose” because Bristol picked up the nickname “Bristol the Pistol” when she last competed. There was a time when one could say things like “Bristol the Pistol” without having to deal with deranged liberals. These lunatics have a knack for ruining everything. Their lives are miserable, so they wanna make sure they ruin life for everyone else too.

We all know the man who shot up the theater in Colorado was mentally deficient too. HE planned the attack. HE pulled the trigger. The sad part was this happened in a “gun free zone.” Had there been a few armed citizens at the theater, chances are they could have ended this lunatic’s killing spree long before the body count got so high.

When I see idiots like Jodi Jill, and read their insane ramblings, I wonder what makes them tick. I wonder how they function. I also wonder if they support Barack Obama who once told his mob of supporters at a political rally: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun

Obama’s statement was more likely to incite violence than Bristol and Mark’s “gun pose,” don’t ya think?

And unlike Wasilla, Alaska, where Bristol is from, and it’s damned near mandatory that everyone own a gun, Obama’s Chicago, where it’s almost impossible to LEGALLY own a gun, is a freakin’ war zone! It’s not uncommon to see a dozen or more killed every single weekend in Chicago, mostly by guns that aren’t even supposed to be there! Just think what Chicago would be like if it were more like Wasilla. If law abiding citizens were allowed to have guns, how long do you think the thugs who terrorize Chicago would last?

It’s not the gun owners who are destroying the world, making it a more dangerous place, it’s the liberal control freaks. The fascists who want to control everyone. These loons who think they know better, when thousands of years worth of history proves they don’t! Liberals are the problem.

See, this is why liberals piss me off. I see Bristol and Mark, and I see a cute couple who will be fun to watch, and I hope will win. I look forward to the contest between all of the dancers. I just wanna enjoy something entertaining.

Instead I’m talking about gun control and liberal fascism.

Liberals screw up fun every single time. They are the enemies of Liberty, Freedom, and the American way of life!


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