Sarah Palin: Sometimes Politicians Need to Admit They are Wrong

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s an interview that got by me on Thursday night. Sarah Palin’s third Fox appearance of the day, this time with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News.

Probably the best interview of the day, the talk turns to the many mistakes Republicans have made over the years. Specifically they are talking about vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who voted for excessive spending programs like TARP, the auto bailouts, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, and much more. Over $1.5 trillion in wasteful spending. [not counting Medicare Part D]

Sarah notes it’s not only OK, but essential that politicians own up to their mistakes. She defends Ryan, saying he’s since seen the light and is now trying to stop further spending and restore fiscal sanity.

Cavuto asks what’s next for Sarah, politically. Her answer might surprise you. All I can say is I share her dislike for politics and politicians.


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4 responses to “Sarah Palin: Sometimes Politicians Need to Admit They are Wrong

  1. Of course, she shouldn’t & wouldn’t comment on ANY political specifics before the current election cycle is in the bag; but don’t worry, she won’t squander her political capital! The beat – and the challenges – go on, and I have every confidence that she’ll be sure to be
    in the best place possible – both for general political goals (of being a Tea Party activitist) and her own personal ambitions (which may or may not involve elective office). If the R&R ticket wins in November, I’m still looking at a long-shot position as Sec. of Energy to help Mittens fulfill his big promises concerning development of domestic energy resources. After all, if he DOES show the wisdom of bringing her on board, he’ll also show just how serious his campaign promises actually were.

    OTOH, thinking of Doris Goodwin’s theory of Lincoln’s cabinet of “opposities” (plitical “enemies”), perhaps that might also serve to keep her on a short leash. But Palin would NEVER consent to a political move like that (and she’d smell if out from the get-go!); so, if he did act on less than honorable intentions, it would certainly set up a very real (and for him, of course, totally unnecessary!) challenge.

    That’s as much cyrstal-ball gazing as those “little voices” are giving me in direction & inspiration at this time…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sarah Palin will fool ya sometimes, but I can’t see her wanting to be any part of this deal. But remember, having her “inside” is no measure of safety.

      She was Frank Murkowski’s hand picked Chairman of the AOGCC. All of the commissioners are appointed rather than elected. We elect our chief oil and gas regulator in Texas.

      Anyhow, she was part of the Murkowski administration when she found corruption and began systematically dismantling it!

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