NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: Sarah Palin had Most Positive Impact of Any Vice Presidential Pick in Recent History


By Gary P Jackson

Mid-August NBC released results of their NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey. This was your typical right direction/wrong direction, approval/disapproval type of poll measuring President Obama’s performance to date, as well as taking voters’ pulse on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Buried in the poll is an interesting look at how vice presidential picks effect voters’ likelihood to vote for the ticket, as well as a comparison of all all vice presidential picks between 2000 and 2008. No surprise, Sarah Palin came out on top, by a strong margin. This falls in line with a look back at the pre and post polling, following McCain’s pick of Governor Palin as his running mate, by both Greta Van Susteren and Stacy Drake.

I’m surprised this didn’t get more coverage when it was released. [emphasis mine]

According to NBC-Wall Street Journal polling among registered voters, no other vice presidential candidate from 2000 to the present has gained more votes for the ticket than Sarah Palin who had a positive vote getting effect on an astounding 34% of registered voters. (see question 20)

In 2008 Sarah Palin made 34% of people polled more likely to vote for McCain, 25% less likely and for 40% she made no difference.

In comparison, Paul Ryan makes 22% of people polled more likely to vote for Romney, 23% less likely and for 54% Ryan makes no difference.

In 2008 Joe Biden made 24% of people polled more likely to vote for Obama, 16% less likely and for 58% he made no difference.

In 2004 John Edwards made 28% of people polled more likely to vote for Kerry, 7% less likely and for 65% he made no difference.

In 2000 Joe Lieberman made 20% of people polled more likely to vote for Gore, 7% less likely and for 71% he made no difference.

In 2000 Dick Cheney made 16% of people polled more likely to vote for Bush, 14% less likely and for 69% he made no difference.

Palin evoked the strongest positive response at 34%. This was 6% more than second place John Edwards who had 28%.

It should be noted that Governor Palin’s numbers are 12 point’s higher than Congressman Ryan’s, despite the fact Sarah and her family were relentlessly attacked by the democrats and the media [and some on “our side“] from day one. So far the democrats and the media have taken it rather easy on Ryan and his family, by comparison.

Also this was long before the National Inquirer broke the story on John Edwards and the world found out what a rat bastard he is. Pretty sure his numbers wouldn’t have looked nearly as strong.

For complete poll results click here. The relevant question is 20, found on page 17.


Got a tweet from the always sharp Dr Melissa Clouthier and wanted to address it as I did with her, and add a bit more.

This is true, but when comparing Sarah’s numbers with Paul Ryan’s, you’ll notice her “more likely to vote for” numbers are a solid 12 points higher than Ryan’s. The “less likely” are nearly identical 25-23 percent.

This is significant.

Yes, the “less likely” numbers are a lot higher for both Sarah and Ryan, than the others, but let’s face it, the others were totally conventional, uninspired [and uninspiring] choices.

People who inspire also tend to draw more critics.

John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin was not only inspired [and inspiring] it was brilliant. His choice back in 2008 continues to pay dividends to this day. Thus validating that brilliant choice.

While Paul Ryan isn’t a particularly inspiring figure, he was a surprising choice for Mitt Romney, considering the “quality of some of the potential candidates reportedly on the “short list.” That alone makes Ryan a good choice for Romney, [and the country] and merits the comparison.

While Ryan hasn’t yet proven to be the positive game changer for Romney that Sarah was for McCain, he’s a better choice, in relation to the others [excluding Sarah] tracked in the poll.



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6 responses to “NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: Sarah Palin had Most Positive Impact of Any Vice Presidential Pick in Recent History

  1. Joseph Hunt

    Sarah is one of the few True Constitutional Conservatives……..she should have been the GPO Nominee for the Presidency.

  2. Jim Thompson

    Cooool! This bit of good news comes to me after I just got through reading a piece in which The Libs are pissed because of Sarah Palin’s net worth. This particular Loon, One Malia Littman, says she’s now a rich republican. Hmmm!?!! Another thing I came across that really makes me feel good, I watched an old youtube video of the Onion News about the infamous Morbid curiosity on The Sarah Palin Presidency. This article along with the above I just mention proves Palin Power In full force. I stand with Sarah!!!!

  3. Jim Thompson

    Thanks a lot for that article you wrote on that sore loser.

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