“Republican” Steve Schmidt Joins Slobbering Bill Clinton Lovefest on MSNBC

I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t.

~ Steve Schmidt on Bill Cliton’s speech in Charlotte

By Gary P Jackson

The only thing missing in this deal is Bill Clinton with a cigar and Steve Schmidt in a blue dress:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Emphasis mine]

RACHEL MADDOW: I want to bring in my colleagues here on the set, in terms of the response to this speech. Steve Schmidt, as a political professional who was on the other side of this for the Republicans in 2008, how was this speech?

STEVE SCHMIDT: Well, it was extraordinary. It’s a virtuoso political performance. There’s no other politician in America in the last generation person that could hold the attention of a crowd, have them yelling and screaming, speaking for three-quarters of an hour. I mean, I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t. It would be great if we did. Just an amazing performance – struck by the political – almost genius of how he embraced the Bush family and George W. Bush for the purposes of marginalizing House Republicans and pushing them to the extreme. It was a devastating critique, but it was delivered with an absence of malice or anger – a smile on his face, logic – aimed squarely at the middle of the electorate, where he’s so popular. Very powerful endorsement for President Obama; another good night for them.

Affable, effective – as a Democrat, it doesn’t get any better. I’m sitting here – I’m giddy. I mean, this is exactly what Barack Obama needed – mending fences, bringing people together, and understanding the facts. And I like the way that President Clinton talked about the alternative universe that the Republicans have painted President Obama in, that they’re not in reality. They’re not in the real world. He even used the word hate, and I’m glad he addressed this tonight….Gosh, I just think President Clinton just did Barack Obama the biggest favor he could have ever done, and I think this is going to give him the bounce.

What’s remarkable is that Steve Schmidt is taken seriously in Republican circles. Notice how he sounds as in love with Clinton as Ed Schultz, who is certifiably insane?

If you missed the 49 minute 57 second speech that drones on and on:

Even the Washington Post, when posting the transcript of the speech, writes:

Former President Bill Clinton often went off his script and went over scheduled time in addressing the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night.

Charles Krauthammer has a different take on the speech, calling it a “swing and a miss” and a missed opportunity to actually endorse President Obama, rather than make it about himself:

I think it was a giant swing and a miss,” Krauthammer said. “Mighty Casey — and Bill Clinton is a natural — he struck out on this. I don’t think it would move the needle whatsoever. Look, it had all the classic Clinton elements — it was engaging, it was humorous. In some cases, it was generous: I think there were more mentions of the Bushes than I heard in three days in Tampa. But on the other hand it was also vintage Clinton in that it was sprawling, undisciplined and truly self-indulgent.

This is one of the strangest nomination speeches, I think, ever given,” he continued. “It was a kind of an amalgam between a State of the Union address, a policy wonk seminar and what sounded to me like a campaign speech for a third Clinton term. Obama was sort of incidental. He’d be shoved in every once in a while in the speech as a way to say, ‘well, he thinks as I do.’

Krauthammer noted the long-windedness of Clinton’s 50-minute speech and suggested Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan could have covered the same subject matter in a fraction of the time.

One last point: It is true that he made a lot of detailed rebuttals — that he is sort of the rebutter-in-chief on most of the stuff heard in Tampa,” Krauthammer said. “But Paul Ryan could handle all of that in 10 minutes in his debate. So I think it was a wasted opportunity of what could have been a great, stirring, rousing endorsement of Obama.”

We all know Steve Schmidt is a liar and a sell-out, but I’m amazed by the ease that he can set there and not only praise Bill Clinton, but dismiss the entire Republican Party, a party that he has used to earn a living from for years.

I’m not saying Clinton’s speech was horrible, but there are folks who could have done better. If Steve hadn’t spent all of his time lying about Sarah Palin, he might have noticed that no one can give a better speech, or hold a crowd as spellbound, as she can.

Stacy Drake has more Steve Schmidt’s Palin bashing nonsense here.

There was a reason why only around half as many people watched Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech as did Sarah’s in 2008.

How about a little test? We have Clinton’s speech, let’s bounce it off these as a comparison:

From HER convention speech. A few minutes shorter with a lot more substance:

Here she is in Madison, Wisconsin … in freezing weather … she and the Tea Party members surrounded by violent union thugs:

Powerful speech with plenty of memorable and often quoted lines. [You can bet no one will remember what Bill Clinton said in Charlotte, or much care a week from now]

And let’s not forget the incredible energy surrounding Sarah Palin’s speech over Labor day weekend 2011 in Indianola, Iowa:

Very memorable stuff.

Seen enough? Oh … what the hell … how about her speech from CPAC 2012, a standing room only deal that forced organizers to set up TV monitors in other rooms to accommodate everyone who wanted to hear what Sarah Palin had to say:

We must give Bill Clinton his due, he is, after all, the best the democrats can do. Thankfully, we have much better, we have Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile Steve Schmidt’s fortunes have sunk so low he’s forced to work for a racist TV network that has to lie to their viewers as they carry Barack Obama’s water.

The next time someone quotes Steve Schmidt when discussing Sarah Palin, or well, anything, remember that he’s nothing more than a hired gun, a political prostitute, as you laugh in their faces!

The O’Jays had guys like Steve Schmidt pegged long ago:



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6 responses to ““Republican” Steve Schmidt Joins Slobbering Bill Clinton Lovefest on MSNBC

  1. Who's Steve Schmidt

    ” I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t.”~ Steve Schmidt on Bill Cliton’s speech Charlotte
    It would be more feasible to wish to God his (Steve’s) opinion held more weight than that of a feather~ From the outside he makes himself look bad and Palin ( Modern Reagan) look even better; I do not truly, believe that is what he (Steve) wants but it is what he presents to the viewer~
    I find it hilarious, about this Clinton speech, myself~ Because all Clinton did was shine a huge bright Light on what Obama isn’t and never will be (Clinton was a major part of the housing crash, as well): so, not the best example~ Clinton said no president could fix what Obama walked into but Reagan did~ And I would like to add a president who truly cared for his or her people could fix all of it with enough effort and help from those alike~ ” We The People” are the ones ” Getting R Done” right now~ Like a restaraunt with a horrible manager the restaraunt is running itself~ I mean people, still going to eat no matter how bad the leadership is~ Feel me? However, it would be wonderful to have a real one~ Anthony

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  3. Carol cumbie

    Sarah Palin is one of the most honest people we have ever had in or government. Yet our country would pich someone like Romney who had fiip flopped on just about ever issue.Or someone Obama who tells down right lies are these people on drugs The Dnc was like watching the JIm Jones story. Those people woke up when it was too late. Obama is worse than Romney. Neither one should be nominated. Are we going to have a rude awakening.When dishonesty trumps the truth.How do we get out of the mess.or do we. What upsets me the most is knowing that Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace came from the Bush camp. Kevin Madden also came from the Bush camp. Bill Clinton because of father Bush Bill Clinton was an adopted son. So the Bushes or Clinton. Bush considered him a son.They have been in power or connected to the white house since Reagan. Barbara Bush said she hoped Sarah would go back to Wasilla and stay. That was when I no longer had time for the Bushes.They even had Cheney come out and say something Sarah Palin it really make you wonder did they set Sarah up to try and destroy her. When someone like Barbara Bush could make a statement like that it was disgusting.do they have any soul. I don’t believe that any vice president has been dragged through the dirt like Sarah. What is worse it was lies they were telling. What kind of people will listen to the lies told on someone but won’t look at the truth.They are suppose to be the same Party as Sarah Palin but they treat Clinton better than Sarah why.The people McCain used were traitors to Sarah and their Party. Did McCain know they were going destroy McCain’s run. McCain didn’t want to win. When I watch McCain debate Obama McCain gave Obama the win. Kevin Madden is with Romney is Romney going to throw this Race also.. It makes me think they are throwing it because Romney thinks he can win it without the tea party and conservatives and Ron Paul people. At the RNC convention they had a big power grab. I think the parties have joined forces. to have the RNC and the DNC to join and become the RDNC there is no difference. The people have no say.I think just as many may stay home this time as in 2008

  4. Coleen

    Really? Comparing Sarah “I can’t name a newspaper” Palin with Bill Clinton? Sarah Palin is a failed governor and VP candidate who is all about promoting herself. Bill Clinton has truly made the world… A place Sarah Palin is frighteningly uneducated about…a better place. Even if Bill can’t keep his marriage vows, he is worth a dozen Sarah Palins. Get over your hatred….you are what’s wrong with America.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Wow, are you incredibly dumb.

      Governor Palin was a powerful Governor, and accomplished more in three legislative sessions [all that was scheduled for her four year term] than most politicians, including two-term presidents, do in a lifetime.

      It’s the Wall Street Journal, that rightfully pointed out that Governor Palin was the second most powerful Governor in the nation, and had far more responsibilities, and oversaw a much large budget, and workforce, than Bill Clinton.

      Remember, Bill Clinton was a complete failure [and a serial rapist] The only thing that Saved Clinton’s presidency was losing Congress to the Republicans for the first time in nearly 50 years. That and having Dick Morris telling him to just STFU and do whatever the Republicans told him to do.

      It’s funny, you poor stupid democrats still cling to that Couric interview, even though everyone knows there are 9 hours of film no one ever saw. We also know that Couric cut and pasted that thing to create what she wanted you to see, not what happened. As for Palin not naming a paper, she was too busy trying to stop herself from stomping a mud hole in that ignorant bitch’s ass, to worry about naming a newspaper.

      BTW, wanna see stupid, here’s dumbass Couric listening to stupid Joe Biden, telling the lie to end all lies, and that loser bitch sits there like a school girl in heat, lapping up Biden’s stupidity:

      This was AFTER she ran her hit piece on Palin.

      Oh, and if we want to talk stupid, they don’t get any stupider than this moron:

      57 States:

      Europe is a country:

      Austrians speak “Austrian”:

      Hawaii is in ASIA:

      Obama thinks doctors cut off feet for profit:

      Barack Obama is criminally stupid.

      Katie Couric is a failed talk show host who ran CBS’ ratings into the ground, and is now forced to BEG Sarah Palin to come on to her new loser show, to try and get someone to watch!

      Sarah Palin has been highly successful in life. She created a modern city out of a dirt road village. She cleaned up corruption in Alaska and was the most successful governor in the country by ever single measure.

      On the other hand, there is no such thing as a successful democrat. Barack Obama is a total failure. The worst president in human history. A vile, evil human being who allowed our people to get killed in the Middle East, then went to Las Vegas to fundraise. Pure evil.

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