Ann Romney and the Corporate Wife

By Gary P Jackson

No further comment necessary.



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2 responses to “Ann Romney and the Corporate Wife

  1. Anthony

    YEP 1:23 ” In their view a form of treason” John Kerry
    I know the Romney’s and maybe the Obama’s may be, lovely people~ It is upsetting to me that I am wise enough to know the front faces (people promised or bought) are not the ones to be concerned with~ Unfortunately, they do not control things but to the contrary, are controlled~ It will be nice to pull the financier elites from the Gov to solve the problem or at least, start [US] back on the right track~ Doing this will also, lessen the blurr caused by it between crony capitolism and general capitolism~

    • Anthony

      Not to bore; a long story but I was the very first viewer of the Kerry video and I made a comment but they must have erased all the comments~ Anyway, I stated that after 800 or so days of passing no budget from the Senate to me, was obstruction of Gov processes~ Furthermore, after now, a 1000 days with no passage of a budget I would like to think, requires a new law other than just obstruction~

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