Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney and the GOP Need to get “Severely Aggressive”

Governor Sarah Palin observes flight operations aboard USS John C Stennis during Operation Northern Edge in 2009

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin joined the 8-pm’er on Fox News Tuesday night and echoed what Laura Ingraham said a few days ago: If the GOP can’t beat Obama, with his dismal record, then it’s time to shut the party down!

Sarah then goes on to say that Romney needs to get “severely agressive” as he goes after the Obama regime. A jab, no doubt, at Romney’s ridiculous statement made at this year’s CPAC event, where he claimed he was a “severely conservative” Governor of Massachusetts. [snort]

Short and sweet, Sarah Palin tells it like it is:

Video courtesy SarahNet.

The GOP needs to learn how to fight like a girl!



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6 responses to “Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney and the GOP Need to get “Severely Aggressive”

  1. Publius/Huldah

    Amen, Sarah!

  2. Protecting Innocence

    ” Obama can’t win but Romney can lose~” Bob Beckle
    I am not what you call a Beckle fan; in the little time I have known him, for me, that is the smartest thing he has ever said~ These things “We” know now, it is time to “fully” shift focus to solution~ Everything else, is now secondary~ Anthony 55 days

    A Prayer from Pope Benedict XVI Nov 27, 2010
    Lord Jesus,
    You who faithfully visit and fulfill with your Presence the Church and the history of men; You who in the miraculous Sacrament of your Body and Blood render us participants in divine Life and allow us a foretaste of the joy of eternal Life; We adore and bless you. Prostrated before You, source and lover of Life, truly present and alive among us, we beg you. Reawaken in us respect for every unborn life, make us capable of seeing in the fruit of the maternal womb the miraculous work of the Creator, open our hearts to generously welcoming every child that comes into life. Bless all families, sanctify the union of spouses, render fruitful their love. Accompany the choices of legislative assemblies with The Light of your Spirit, so that peoples and nations may recognize and respect the sacred nature of life, of every human life. Guide the work of scientists and doctors, so that all progress contributes to the integral well-being of the person, and no one endures suppression or injustice. Give creative charity to administrators and economists, so they may realize and promote sufficient conditions so that young families can serenely embrace the birth of new children. Console the married couples who suffer because they are unable to have children and in Your goodness provide for them. Teach us all to care for orphaned or abandoned children, so they may experience the warmth of your Charity, the consolation of your divine Heart. Together with Mary, Your Mother, the great believer, in whose womb you took on our human nature, we wait to receive from You, our Only True Good and Savior,the strength to love and serve life, in anticipation of living forever in You, in communion with the Blessed Trinity. TL

  3. jerseyflash

    When Sarah kissed and made up with Fox the other day…they put her on with someone….she was questioned like Billy did last night… I saw the same reaction from Sarah…it was like an old Sinatra song “Regets…I have a few”…I could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice…Sarah now wants BLOOD

    If Mittens wants this as bad as they say he does…KISS AND MAKE UP …with Sarah Palin…Mittens and Ryan want a crowd…get Sarah Palin to get the crowd…play this like a special operation done at the hospital….PREP THE PATIENT….BRING IN THE SURGEON…Vote Nov 6ththe country is saved…the other day someone had what Sarah Palin had done as far as a crowd draw….in compearance to Ryan and Romney…

    The compearance was eye popping in favor of Sarah Palin…

    “But Sarah’s TOXIC”….REALLY….or is Sarah Palin a THREAT…does everyone fell THREATENED when she is around….last month she goes to Hollywood…ENGINE COUNTRY…EVERYONE IS SURPRISED THAT SHE SHOWS UP…WHY DOES SHE SHOW UP…HER HUSBAND…TODD RAMBO…who is the biggest draw at the party ????…your right Sarah

    There is a new BUNKER BUSTER waiting for RESCUE AND RECOVERY to use…her name is SARAH PALIN

    EVERYBODY…Wake-up…Vote Nov 6th 2012…”A date which will live in infamy”

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh don’t think for a second Sarah did any kissing and making up with Fox. It was definitely the other way around.

      Romney and Ryan are weak sucks. But, they are all that stands between us and the complete destruction of America by Obama and the democrat party.

      Scary stuff.

      • 2012 Elections

        All these news commentators or readers are constantly, asking Palin what the republican party should do and I feel deep down inside she really, wants to blurt out “change all the people involved or at least, most” (fire and hire)~ Or maybe, that’s just how I’m kind of feeling~ I have faith something will give~ Anthony

      • Gary P Jackson

        Couldn’t agree more!

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