John Bolton: Media’s Attack on Mitt Romney’s Statement on Embassy Slaughter an Embarrassment

By Gary P Jackson

Ambassador John Bolton talks with Mark Levin about the attacks on our embassy, as well as the lap dog media’s attacks on Mitt Romney for taking a powerful stand against the Obama regime’s inability to lead this nation at a time of war.

Powerful interview:

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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2 responses to “John Bolton: Media’s Attack on Mitt Romney’s Statement on Embassy Slaughter an Embarrassment

  1. No Room For Peter Pan On This One

    Impeachment should have already been implemented and there is a reason why it has not~ And this reason is what should be analyzed and the main concern ( avoid being side-tracked by the petties)~ A leader will walk into excessive executive fiats ( made foundation) and multiple threats, so, this leader will have to be highly, trusted~ We are at war alright, and in order to help anyone outside the country ” We” have to quickly, to a degree, fix the inside; there is no room for flip flop or self servance~ I definitely, do not want to hear about some crisis management situation that requires lockdown while it is in the hands of self servant leaders~

    • Backing It Up

      Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-NC) held a press conference on Sept. 21, in Washington DC to discuss House Concurrent Resolution 107. Rep. Jones was joined by Bruce Fein, Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan, author, “American Empire: Before the Fall”, Lt. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (USA.Ret), former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell (2002-05) & Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, author of “Operation Dark Heart”.
      Discussion is also on a variety of topics such as: Congress, Impeachment, Tyranny, and War, as a few examples~

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