Allen West on the Obama Regime’s Weakness in Dealing with Islam: The Enemy Only Knows Strength and Might

By Gary P Jackson

Allen West telling it like it is. He reminds us all about Ronald Reagan’s Peace Through Strength™ foreign policy.

After hearing the powerful words of both West and Sarah Palin Thursday night, it’s hard not to wish these two weren’t the Republican ticket going up against Obama.

Mitt Romney impressed me with his swift denunciation of the attacks, and Obama, but the Republican Establishment’s refusal to have Mitt’s back is quite troubling.

Video courtesy SarahNet



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3 responses to “Allen West on the Obama Regime’s Weakness in Dealing with Islam: The Enemy Only Knows Strength and Might

  1. lwjwl

    Exactly what I talked with Dad about yesterday when we saw Sarah Palin and Allen West on with Sean Hannity. These two ought to be our team for POTUS & VPOTUS. The GOPe have been shooting themselves in both feet on a regular basis and we are struggling to overcome that to help Romney/Ryan oust Obama. This ought to have been a cake walk and would have been if we had a Palin/West ticket to send to the White House.
    Defending Romney/Ryan is very hard work for many reasons. I have grown to loath the GOPe. We either have to oust the GOPe from the Republican Party, or we need a new party for ‘We The People’ to rise up and let the GOP wither & die from ‘natural causes.’

    Sarah Palin and Allen West are great advocates, spokespeople, representatives, & fighters for We The People.

    I believe that Obama isn’t just appeasing these radicals. He is in collusion with them. That is something that we all have known for a long time. Sarah Palin and Allen West can’t legally come out and say, “Obama is in collusion with these radical Islamists” until there is documentation and cold hard proof available to them. Obama and his thugocracy will shred any evidence of this fact, or keep it hidden, just like what they have done with Fast and Furious.
    4 more years of Obama will be the end of our Republic, as he will curcumvent congress, rule by Executive Order and fiat, actually become our first dictator, and we will all be living like people do in ‘Third World’ countries.
    I believe that Obama is as radical as these savages and that he is part of the ‘caliphate’ that these radicals want so much.

    Our lives, our way of life and our Freedom is what is at stake on November 6, 2012.
    That is, if we can get to this election without Obama orchestrating a crisis that allows him to declare that we won’t have an election.

  2. The American People Deserve Better

    Well, if one is actually, going to care about votes at all (voter fraud), then wanting the 50 million or so American Muslim votes, for them, seems to trump national security; abroad~ And in this sense, both sides as a whole, can be at fault; people have obviously, suffered~
    This is concerning in the hands of weak leadership ( undecisive); even more so, in the hands of destructive leadership can turn into something, worse than the “Third Reich~” Netan is saying ” wait for what” and I am saying ” a change in leadership~ Unless, Iran etc. dictates otherwise~”
    All and all, for “We The People”, once the word is out, it is near impossible to sell a broken product no matter, how well it is packaged~ Anthony

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