Government For Sale! Peter Schweizer: Meet the Bundlers

By Gary P Jackson

Peter Schweizer has put together an extensive list of Barack Obama’s top campaign bundlers. Peter and the Government Accountability Institute also disclose what, if anything, these top bundlers got for their efforts:

The term “bundlers” is as mysterious as it is ubiquitous. Bundlers are fundraisers who gather high-dollar donations and “bundle” them together for their favored candidates.

Recently, we at the Government Accountability Institute decided to look at some bundlers to see whether they, their relatives, or their businesses have received government contracts, loans, or other perks.

This list consists of the 50 bundlers who (along with their immediate families) have given the most to all federal campaigns, parties, and PACs in the past 22 years—and who bundled for President Obama in either 2008 or 2012.

Next week, we’ll look at some of Romney’s bundlers, although identifying them is more complicated because—unlike the Obama campaign—Romney has refused to release the names of his top fundraisers.

Note: The total contributions listed, as well as bundlers’ employers, are based on research by the Center for Responsive Politics. Bundlers’ names and contributions during the 2008 and 2012 cycles are based on information available on the Obama campaign’s website on April 20, 2012.

Here are several noteworthy bundlers. Government is, most definitely FOR SALE:

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO DreamWorks Animation

08 bundled $500K + ’12 bundled $500K +

Katzenberg was a guest at a February 2012 luncheon for the likely future Chinese president, Xi Jinping, attended by Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton. DreamWorks’s $2 billion proposal to create a China-based studio required Xi’s signoff. (The administration told The Washington Post that the lunch did not facilitate this agreement.)

Paul Egerman [right] Co-Chairman and Co-CEO
eScription Inc.

2012 bundled $50K-$100K

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka, the stimulus) included a $19.2 billion dollar pool to incentivize physicians to upgrade to electronic medical records–up to $44,000 per physician. eScription’s parent company, Nuance Communications, helped launch the “EHR Stimulus Alliance,” which encouraged physicians to upgrade. If the physicians upgraded, one of their product choices was eScription. Egerman is listed 6 times as a visitor in the White House visitors database. He did not respond to a request for comment.

Doug & Lisa Goldman Chairman (Doug) Certain Software Inc. (Doug)

08 bundled $200K – $500K ’12 bundled $500k +

Certain Software has received $325,330 in contracts from the Energy Department since Obama took office–although similar contracts exist from before he took office. Lisa is listed 4 times since April 2010 as a visitor in the White House visitors database. Doug is listed once. They attended the October 13, 2011 state dinner. Doug did not respond to a request for comment.

For the complete list, click here.



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4 responses to “Government For Sale! Peter Schweizer: Meet the Bundlers

  1. lwjwl

    This us why Obama claimed a 1 billion dollar
    war chest. All these $500K and 1 Million dollar donations quickly add up. Of course, his crony friends take a cut out of our tax dollars before donating a big portion back to Obama.
    Obama has the same scam going on with all the failing energy companies.
    It’s the Chicago way.

    Laundering tax dollars through Obama’s friends to fund Obama’s war on Freedom and to feed Obama’s greed.
    Obama craves power and money and he will do whatever it takes to meet his unquenchable hunger for both.

  2. A War Between Principles

    Corrupt money is where elites obtain their supposed powers~ They serve it and not the other way around~ This election will be a spiritual war for saving the souls of all people and when ” We”[US] are standing in the middle of this war, with bullets flying over our heads there is no time for “Red Tape” (forget money; petties)~ And so it goes, like water that flows to a rock even though, the water cannot penetrate the rock, with “0” doubt, it gets around it~ When the time comes, ” We” can flow like water where everyone plays his or her own role~ Interestingly enough, the reason why the year 2012 is so, important, according to my research, is because the strategy for revengeful attack on [US], was started right after “America” broke from Britain~ A 100 year or so PLAN that is at its peak or end game, now~ And through monaterism, there is an attempt to pull [US] all the way into the leviathan~ For the laymen a merger of two or more large powers into an Empire~ Thus, is exactly, the underlining of why people may feel they have no true choice in leadership~ Moreover, in metaphor, “We” are being offered puppets for dictatorship and not people; I would love to be wrong~ Last minute, proxy wars; anarchy can seal the “Deal”~ Situation is HOT! Anthony

    • Election 2012

      To add, whoever is running against Obama may be careful, not to say much about him or be aggessive in playing attacking politics, due to, Obama getting a second term: they may be afraid of retaliation of some sort~ It weakens them into being subtle; somewhat passive~ Or at least, it appears that way~ Anthony

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