Muslim Savages in Nigeria Crucify Cat in Protest of Free Speech UPDATE: Not Nigeria?

By Gary P Jackson


It seems that Geller’s article has been taken down. [though I put a cached link in it’s place] It seems this photo, published in Nigeria News under the headline:Muslim Youths In Nigeria Crucify A Cat On The Cross To Protest Anti-Islam Film is problematic.

As some have pointed out on other websites that have picked this article up, the photo has been published before, as far back as October of 2011, at the least.

Though this was reportedly done by Muslims, in protest of Christianity in general, this atrocity took place in Ghana, not Nigeria.

Not sure what the motivated the Nigeria News to publish this photo as part of the protests, unless their intent was to stir up even more violence.

While the photo is old, and doesn’t relate to current events, it still shows the depravity of these Muslim animals, and the lengths they will go to to protest anything and everything that doesn’t fit their sick religious beliefs.


Here’s something from Pamela Geller that will make your blood boil. It seems Muslim savages in Nigeria have put a cat on a cross, crucifying her in protest of that stupid You Tube movie. I guess the cat somehow offended “the prophet’s” tender sensibilities.

Barbarians. These savages are no better than animals. They are incapable of being part of civilized society. Theirs is a religion of hate and violence. Pure evil.

From Pamela:

An anti-freedom, anti-life, culture produces little else other than new and different ways to kill, murder torture, destroy. That is their contribution to humanity — anti-humanity.

Read more here.



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18 responses to “Muslim Savages in Nigeria Crucify Cat in Protest of Free Speech UPDATE: Not Nigeria?

  1. Nancy Blanchard

    Gary, This is so outrageous and henous, I agree. I love animals and would never willfully harm any creature of God’s. At the same time, one needs to realize that this should not be a cart-blanche judgement on ALL Nigerians or ALL muslims. Those who did this are the ones to be judged for it, not an entire group be held accountable for the horrors of a few! There will always be good and evil, but we are all called to LOVE and forgive one another as Christ forgave us. It is because of Him, not yours or my understanding, that we need to ge about the Father’s business, which is forgiving and not hating. I adjour you to seek out the Father’s heart towards each one of these created by God, and not rely on your own heart. Walking In Him, Nancy

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sorry, I have no more forgiveness in my heart. Not for these animals. They are all savages. Barbarians who do NOT want to be a part of civilized society. We must stop pretending that they do.

      God can forgive them, or not. I just have no more patience for this crap.

  2. Hell On Earth

    ” God will have to do nothing for their torture will be where they are~ Yes, where they are, for more likely than not; because, of environment, their deaths will come sooner and can even be more harsh than most~” TL

  3. Linda

    I’m waiting to hear the “good” muslims speak out against the evils that this group is committing.

  4. Publius/Huldah

    Oh, I don’t expect God forgives this. He specifically commands us to be kind to animals. These people are savages and we need to deal with this problem.

  5. Jim

    Kill them all and let God sort them out.

  6. lwjwl

    Gary, the link to Pam’s article is bad. I guess that I don’t need to read Pam’s article, as this photo really does say it all.

  7. Who said they where Muslims Theres nothing to suggest that at all

    • Gary P Jackson

      Read the links provided to the 2011 story.

    • Publius/Huldah

      No Christian would ever crucify a cat or anybody else.
      I can’t imagine a Jew doing it either.
      I don’t know too much about Buddists, etc., but I have never heard of any of them engaging in cruelty for cruelty’s sake.
      Muslims are the only people I know of who are sufficiently cruel to crucify a kitty cat. The Japanese were very cruel during WWII, but they seem to have been cured of that.
      And BTW: The NAZIS were not “christian”: They were explicitly pagan.

      • Gary P Jackson


        Look at what these animals did in Benghazi. The sodomized then killed our ambassador [not necessarily in that order] then dragged his dead body through the streets. Human beings don’t act that way.

        The Nazis and Imperial Japan were both Godless societies. In Germany Hitler replaced God, and in Japan, it was Hirohito. If you saw the ruckus at the democrat convention, you understand they have basically replaced God with Obama.

        The one constant is the worship of a man as the supreme being, instead of God.

        I know all Muslims aren’t terrorists, but enough of em are that we have a serious problem. We simply cannot continue to bow down to these people, or be intimidated. If they want to kill people, then we need to start killing them. Radical Muslims have proven they have no intention of being part of civilized society. Now that would be fine if they would stay in their little hell-holes, but they don’t. They want to export hatred and violence worldwide. That is unacceptable.

  8. AbbA

    How do we know they are muslims ? This is Africa and to be frank I have seen people with amputated penins (from Congo). Doesn’t mean it has anything to do with islam/Christianty (Congo being a Christian nation).

  9. Kurios

    Islam is a stupid religion. Let’s erase it from the whole world.

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