Sarah Palin: If Our “Fearless Leaders” Insist on Waving White Flag, It’s Time to Bring Our Troops Home

By Gary P Jackson

All I can say is when I hear Sarah Palin speak like this, I get quite sad that she isn’t the Republican nominee for President. This is what powerful leadership looks and sounds like:

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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16 responses to “Sarah Palin: If Our “Fearless Leaders” Insist on Waving White Flag, It’s Time to Bring Our Troops Home

  1. sometimes you have to wake people up as to what their calling really is. we all know for a fact GOD called Sarah to be our next president and we are writing her in regardless. SARAH PALIN 2O13-2020 don’t bemoan what we all know should be HELP MAKE IT A FACT.WRITING HER IN

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, if God had called Sarah Palin to run, she would have run. Sad as it is she didn’t, a write in vote for her will have the same effect as a vote for Obama, which many [including myself] would consider treasonous.

      There are few stronger Palin supporters than those of us who write for this website. That said, it’s time to face reality. It’s either Obama or Romney. Obama is pure evil, Mitt Romney is not.

      Vote for Mitt. If he fails to get it done, there’s always 2016. If Obama wins, 2016 won’t even matter.

      • Houston We have A Problem

        Then again if you were facing a pack of wild dogs you may consider protecting your family first~ Try to look around it; find a better way in after~ At least, this is what I would expect from someone who cares~
        One of the first things [Obama] may do in the beginning of his 2nd term is an executive order declaring no more elections~ If this thing with Iran goes down he may do it before, but I am not for sure, when~ However, even on the other hand and not to be a spoil sport, but instead, realistic, “We” are talking about someone who flip flops that will walk into some odd set up~ So, point being may not be a benefit to the people either way~ And this is a major problem~ It is a timing issue: as emphasis~

        ” You don’t need a title to make a difference” Sarah Palin

        And as far as I am aware, this is where she still stands~ Last, out to all those hopefuls, out there: there is nothing wrong with having ” Faith”~ Matter of fact, in this day in time, it is one of the most personal needs~ When done with proper loving intent ” Faith” can move mountains~ And I would say “We” are looking ahead at a few, as far as I can tell~ Anthony

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yup. I think Sarah is quite happy that she chose to focus on taking back the Senate and strengthening the House. I know she’s successful doing what she’s doing. Presidents come and go. Congress is where we need MASSIVE reform.

    • lwjwl

      Belinda, Gary is right about a write in vote. A protest vote any other time, but now would be a vote for Obama.

  2. lwjwl

    We have 68K troops left in Afghanistan. Not enough to protect themselves trying to get out if things keep heating up. I think that our troops ought to be brought home to protect themselves and us.
    Sarah said what I’ve been thinking. I’m happy that she is standing up for all of us. We need her voice.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. Obama changed the rules of engagement for our troops, as we reported a few days ago, 70% of ALL troops killed in Afghanistan have been killed since Obama became their commander-in-chief!

      It’s disgraceful.

      • And Here We Are

        On a “serious” note, last year when I was on twitter I was linked up with multiple gov personell~ I stated (tweeted), that ” it would be wise to pull everyone back from the embassies and the soldiers from the other countries to secure here [US] first” (I saw it coming ( the rising))~ Me keeping in mind at the same time, Iran may cause a nuclear conflict then as repercussion China, Russia, and the list goes on~ On the flip side, this idea in the wrong hands can be for control so, it is touch and go~ Because let [US] not forget all it takes is anarchy to implement martial law; if the troops are given immunity from “Human Rights” laws then many may follow orders to enslave; this is sad for sure but accurate and possible~ I will wrap with, [US] has them surrounded with enough firepower to take the world out over and over~ So again, it is timing and touch and go~ Anthony
        Wonderful to have this type of leadership during threats hunh~?

  3. Larry Ray

    Sarah Palin has more brains in the tip of her pinky finger, than Obama has in that thick skull of his.

  4. America The Beautiful

    “It seems all of our[US] presidents to a degree, have been controlled by our[US] opposite interests and this is what “We” as a people need to change~” Anthony

  5. jerseyflash

    I know that one of the daughters wants to be a stylist….please tell me that one of her daughters colored her hair…and the tan…spray or NO sun-block in the Scottsdale sun ??????….the number one stylist in this town wants to fix someone’s mistake…she only lives about 125 miles from Sarah…my wife will be there tomarrow….as Sarah says…” CALL ME ”

    And remember…Vote Nov 6th 2012…ONLY WE CAN MAKE THE CHANGE

    • Gary P Jackson

      Lots of people in Alaska use tanning beds, due to the lack of sun and suitable weather. I think willow did do something to her hair. Put highlights in. Women do those sort of things.

  6. Kevin Lynch

    I was doing some research on the US bombing of Libya in 1986 when I came across this blog. I am compelled to comment, after reading a few entries, that this may be one of the strangest forums I’ve encountered in awhile. Bemoaning the fact that Palin isn’t running for president is, frankly, comical. The woman has no diplomatic skill much less a grasp on the facts. One might argue she has no grasp on reality either, or, conversely, the only thing she does have a handle on is shameless self promotion and a knack for turning her brand of silliness into cash. Got hand it to her for that, I suppose.

    Please keep this site going. I promise to share your link with my friends so that they too can enjoy the dire ravings of the under informed Right.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks for the laugh!

      Obviously you are an incredibly ignorant human being who knows absolutely nothing about Sarah Palin, her record, her accomplishments, or her abilities.

      Millions are very disappointed that she didn’t run. She is far more qualified to be president than the current occupant of the White House, as well as the Republican nominee for president.

      Governor Palin has successfully run a city, and successfully run a state. The current occupant of the White House had never run anything as complicated as a lemonade stand and it shows. Obama is the absolute worst president in the history of, well, history itself. A completely destructive individual who has harmed the nation so badly, it may never fully recover.

      I’d invite you to stick around and get educated, but you really can’t fix stupid! Go on lapping up Obama’s BS. Be a good little ObamaZombie™

  7. The Threats We Face

    Iran’s preferred method of attack; their allies explained
    Cynthia Ayers, VP of EMPact America; former NSA Visiting Professor to the Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College spoke to the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Group on Capitol Hill on the subject of the latest policy developments in protecting the nation’s electrical grid from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

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