Julianne Moore Receives Emmy for Misleading the Public About Governor Palin

By Stacy Drake

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I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be a part of a group of people who suffered though watching Game Change, who methodically dissected the film using historical facts, published articles to clear the record, only to have all of that work ignored and Hollywood give this piece of propaganda its highest honors anyway. It’s not that I didn’t expect it, I did, but that doesn’t make it any easier to look at. They are entirely shameless.

After winning her award for “best actress in a mini-series,” Julianne Moore said during her speech:

Wow, I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down

Governor Palin not appreciating the movie’s character assassination had nothing to do with Moore’s feelings of validation. She feels “validated” now because her fellow travelers in the industry patted her on the back and cheered for her when her name was called. She didn’t receive the award because she did a good job, she was issued a trophy because she contributed to the left’s war on Palin. See, they will conveniently overlook the crappy production value of the film, the bad accent, the mistaken mannerisms, and every other feature of this movie and Moore’s awful performance because they want to elevate the film. They want Americans to buy their version of events, and hope that those same people who watched their awards show never stumble over the truth.

The truth… Things like, how much money the makers of the film donated to Barack Obama. How the filmmakers tried to con Governor Palin herself into “validating” their piece of fiction. How the person who vetted Governor Palin for the McCain campaign called the movie “revisionist.” How so many of those who were there with Governor Palin in 2008 told the world that the movie was full of lies, and unlike the main sources of the movie (until we exposed them), put their name on their statements. How the movie tried to portray Governor Palin as having a nervous breakdown, when in fact, news reports from the time prove that to be impossible. How the movie falsely accused Governor Palin of not going on stage with anyone who was “pro-choice”; how they lied about “Troopergate”; how they mislead the audience about the Governor’s record, her knowledge, and pretty much everything else.

Moore may seek validation with her role in this attempted cinematic lynching, but you cannot validate lies. All she can do is reinforce them within herself and within her Palin-hating peers. The trouble with all of this is that they lie to the world in the process. How many televisions tuned into the Emmy Awards on Sunday night? How many of those people understood exactly what it was that they were looking at?

This is really about more than just Governor Palin, this is what this country does to reformers. The media distorts, the political class trashes, and then Hollywood steps up to “validate” it all. I really don’t know how we ever correct the many issues that plague our nation if we allow it to continue. Who will fix this broken mess if the only ones willing to stick their necks on the line are systematically slandered and libeled through marginalization and lies? It’s up to us, the American people, to stand up for reformers and for the truth.

Below: THIS ain’t Sarah Palin!

~ Gary


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4 responses to “Julianne Moore Receives Emmy for Misleading the Public About Governor Palin

  1. Carol cumbie

    What will happen to all the lefty movie people once Obama is gone. You don’t worry about what he does because it doesn’t hurt people like you because you live in fantasy land. You show how hateful you all are. If you only knew how many will not even go to see any of your movies because you are willing to allow Obama to destroy America. Maybe you will wake up after it happens but it is too late. Americans dead and Obama is lying about it.

  2. C.A. Bamford

    Appears Emmys are now as relevant as the Nobel Prize. Remember when Holllywood actually produced classic works of film and talented actors whose names we remember long after they are gone.

  3. Well, one good thing about this whole g.d. mess is that it’s now over – “Game Change” will sit on the shelves unwatched & unwanted – and, most important, unnecessary now that Palin is not on the national ticket (i.e., big waste of time & money on the part of the marxist liars in
    Hollyweird). As for Julianne Moore, she’ll dine out on this for a while; but the old Hollywood adage, “You’re only as good as your last show” still holds water – and this has-been-who-never-was will need a REAL career booster to get producers to waste money on HER non-talent in the near future!

    We have to remember how the idiot leftists in Hollyweird – and beyond – dissed & dumped on Reagan for “Bedtime with Bonzo;” well, I guess we all know who had the last laugh in THAT case!! And, if my inner gut instinct is correct, Palin’s time – the Palin Era, if you will – is yet to come. It’s on the horizon, alright; and when it happens, victory will be O, so sweet!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Moore will get a few more miles out of this, but she will always be nothing more than a poor actress who only got work when she was young because she’d take her clothes off at the drop of a hat. One doesn’t stay young forever, and at some point you have to actually learn how to act!

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