Mystery Solved: Why Sarah and Todd Palin Were in Las Vegas Last Week


An update at the bottom of the article.

By Gary P Jackson

If you saw the Hannity interview last week, Sean mentioned that Sarah Palin was in Las Vegas. Lots of folks were wondering what she was up to. Well as she and Todd are both race fans, they were in town to enjoy the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Race results here.

Scott Tyler Clary tweeted this from the event:

@StrongholdMotor is Stronghold Motorsports, a team that races in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

Sarah also took time to go by the Competitive Metals team’s pits for photos as well. They posted a few on Facebook.

This is the hood of one of their competition buggies:

Sarah talks with Greg Parker:

Sarah and Dave Mason Sr.:

Sarah and Shawn Stewart:

Sarah and Greg Parker:

Geoffrey Cooley and Dave Mason Jr. with Sarah:

Geoffrey Cooley took the Competitive Metals Romney/Ryan buggy to a podium finish at the event:

Check the patriotic team out on Facebook here.

You can follow the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series on MavTV, check your local listings for dates and times.

Many thanks to Joy for the tip.


In case you are wondering about that cap Sarah is wearing:

Something from Bristol Motor Speedway’s catalog:

Bruton Smith’s Speedway Motorsports, Inc, which owns Las Vegas Motor Speedway also owns the track in Bristol, Tennessee, among others.



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2 responses to “Mystery Solved: Why Sarah and Todd Palin Were in Las Vegas Last Week

  1. Shes Comin Around The Corner Now In The Lead

    “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, in this case, cannot be true because I now know these photos have made it out~ Ha Ha
    I want to thank you Gary and too, thank the Palin’s for sharing with the rest of us some insight, into their lives and for being such genuine, normal people~ And as off to the races they were it makes me realize, in its own little way, that I need to lighten up a little bit myself, pat myself on the back a couple of times, brush myself off and gain another wind~ And Palin still taking time off from her off time to do an interview with Hannity discussing important topics is very nice and shows she cares no matter where she is at, as well~ Which reminds me I think I am going to stop in over at ” ole” Herman Cain CainTV see what he and his fam is up to because he is good peoples, too~ Anthony

    • Gary P Jackson

      Make sure you check out the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series on MavTV. Good stuff. Lucas Oil is a great sponsor for many racing series, including NHRA Sportsman Drag Racing. Good company, great people.

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