Video: Karen Harrington on The Economy, Tax Reform, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

By Gary P Jackson

Karen Harrington recently appeared on the show Facing South Florida from Miami. Here she talks about some serious issues that need addressing. From the start the host notes they invited Karen’s opponent, Debbie Wasserman Schultz to join in, but Debbie refused. Evidently, the host decided to serve in her stead, as the democrat surrogate. That said, Karen holds her own quite well.

I particularly like Karen’s stance on taxes. While a lot have Conservatives have fallen for so-called “fair tax” a Rube Goldberg style sales tax scheme, Karen favors a flat tax, as do I. It is definitely the best solution. Currently lawmakers use the tax code to do a lot of societal engineering, as well as reward their cronies. A simply flat tax would stop 99% of that.

Though, if I was designing a flat tax, it would be much simpler, with only one deduction.

If I was in charge, I’d set the rate at 20% and allow everyone to deduct the first $20,000 they earn. [adjusted for inflation] My “20-20” plan would create a simple one page tax return. How much did you earn? Deduct $20K. Send in 20% of the difference. Easy and simple.

I also love the fact that Karen wants to eliminate the corporate sales tax. In reality corporations don’t pay taxes anyway. They just pass the costs on to the customer. Currently, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the civilized world. That sends a lot of jobs overseas. Eliminating that tax altogether will bring businesses back to America and create millions of jobs. Any taxes lost will be made up [and then some] by all of the tax paying people who will have jobs again. Couple that with a national Right-to-Work law, that would stop the union bosses and politicians from forcing people to join a union, just to have a job, and you’ll see job growth like this nation has never seen before.

Karen also wants to eliminate one of the most immoral taxes our nation has ever imposed, the death tax. This will make it easier for a business owner to pass that business along to their family when the die. The number of small businesses and farms that have been lost, just because survivors have had to sell them to pay the death tax on their inheritance is staggering. It’s double taxation, as the earnings have already been taxed once.

The more I listen to Karen Harrington, the more I know we need her in Congress. Karen won her primary in a blowout, but she is going to need all of our help to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is not only a Congresswoman, but the chairman of the DNC, and will have plenty of money and support. Check out Karen’s website. Doesn’t matter if you live in Florida or not. If you can’t help in person, there are other ways to give her your support. This is one race we must win!

Video courtesy <i>SarahNet.

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