Liberals Want to Put Tomatoes in Your Fruit Salad!

by Whitney Pitcher

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the United Nations. During part of his speech, he spoke about the “red line” which must be drawn to prevent Iran from developing and potentially using nuclear weapons. In doing so, he literally drew a red line on simple graphic of a bomb:

He spoke about how he was thankful that the United States had drawn red line previously when Iran wanted to block of the Strait of Hormuz, which would have prevented the transport of a good portion of oil from the Middle East.This “red line”caused Iran to back off.  He called for an additional red line to be drawn, as he depicted during his speech,  when it comes to Iran’s enrichment of uranium for nukes. As expected, the Left (including writers from The Atlantic and Buzzfeed) mocked the simplicity and straightforwardness of his pictorial example, indicating they he was unserious, and his illustration was childish. However, he made his point, and he did so clearly.

The Left does not like simplicity and brevity. We saw this in their reaction to Governor Palin’s “death panel” statement a few years ago. She used a short phrase to make a profound statement about government involvement and rationing in health care , and she was proven right with Obamacare’s inclusion of the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare. President Reagan’s foreign policy could be simply summarized by two succinct phrases–“peace through strength” and “we win; they lose”, yet he was also mocked. However, Governor Palin and President Reagan had the Founders on their side. Thomas Jefferson once said, “[t]he most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do”. Brevity speaks more clearly than verbosity  It’s no wonder that the Constitution–the blueprint for our government–is a mere 7,000 words while the Obamacare law was more than 2,000 pages!

There is a saying that I like that states, “knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”. I’d like to take that saying a step further by saying that intellectualism is writing an 5,000 word essay of why tomatoes should be put in a fruit salad. Intellectualism is different than having knowledge or wisdom. It’s also different than intelligence. Rick Santorum was mocked recently by the Left for saying,” [w]e will never have the elite smart people on our side, because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do.” He is right. The “smart” people–the intellectuals–think that they know better than us, and therefore, dictate to us through academia, the media, government, etc.They want to mandate us to not only put tomatoes in our fruit salad, but also to enjoy eating it.  Thomas Sowell wrote a whole book on this topic a few years ago–Intellectuals and Society–which in my opinion, is one of the most instructive and interesting books written in recent years. In that book, Sowell writes, “at the core of the notion of an intellectual is the dealer in ideas, as such–not the personal application of ideas”.Sure you can discuss the concept of a fruit salad with tomatoes, but actually doing it makes no sense. Inapplicable knowledge is useless, but applied knowledge is necessary. President Obama, who has presided over credit downgrades from multiple agencies, is seen as an intellectual, but Governor Palin, whose policies has led  Alaska  receiving three separate credit upgrades since 2008, is seen as an intellectual lightweight. Governor Palin is intelligent, but she is not an intellectual. This is a good thing.  To use an example I used once before in comparing President Obama and Governor Palin:

If you’ll excuse the personal anecdote, let me digress for a moment. My dad is a farmer turned city bus driver who has great mechanical skills. A good friend of mine received his degree in mechanical engineering and was one class away from having a second major in physics. My friend was fascinated by my dad’s ability to fix cars and farm machinery. My friend could complete all the calculus and understood the physics behind the mechanics of a car’s engine, but he could not change his oil much less fix a car. The intellectuals and pontificators of the world would likely gush over my friend’s engineering background while they would likely poo poo my dad’s high school education and career choices. However, my dad could fix a car while my friend couldn’t. I don’t say this to bash my friend, but to make a distinction between intellectualism and intelligence put into practice.

The Left would rather have Prime Minister Netanyahu wax at length about pussyfooting diplomacy and meaningless sanctions rather than use a clear and simple illustration. They would have preferred that Governor Palin praise the National Institute of Comparative Effectiveness (NICE) and their role in British healthcare than to make a succinct warning about rationing. The simplicity and rationality of their actual arguments though allow them to connect with the everyday person because their arguments are applicable, and they respect the intelligence of their audiences. Their fruit salads don’t have any tomatoes in them.

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  1. It ain't plugged up

    As expected, the Left (including writers from The Atlantic and Buzzfeed) mocked the simplicity and straightforwardness of his pictorial example, indicating they he was unserious, and his illustration was childish. However, he made his point, and he did so clearly.” Gary P
    Well, truth is the left would have preferred him not even speak~ I mean they did deny God three times at the DNC, as just one examples, of many~ And there is no doubt, that Israel’s safety is not at the top of their priority least, by any means~ Also, for me this illustrates Netan is talking to [US] who care about Israel’s well being because the other half aren’t giving a cahoot~
    What I have experienced in my own life is that being a country boy who pretty, much lived outside (without supervision) since very young; later to live on the streets, but in a home now, is that I have accumalated over the years 200% common sense; those whom I have come across, who are well educated couldn’t make what I call real world decisions~ Wrapped up in not only, their directional way of thinking academically, such as a master of subject, but also personal bias limits them~ Now this already can make the average intellectual only half knowledged~ Same goes with the left~ They are on the left so they strain half of the brain never expanding its functionality~ ” They can never be right if they spend every moment of their days being left~” Which really goes with any bias in my opinion~ This is why I have said in order to see in HD one must not have any bias~ The elites or uppers I will call them, who think they no better than the people suffer from a self servant bias as well~ Being well educated or the environments where this occurs can change people’s mindset and place them high on a pedistool that has paper legs~ Because in the real world or faced in a situation of having nothing all the sudden as example, common sense is what improvises and adapts to overcome~ In these circumstances according to my experience all intellectuals fall~ For example, my step-father read the instructions on how to put together a push mower and got it all wrong and took him a day or so~ When I was asked to help I did it by visual and had it in 15 minutes ( in a real bad situation I may have lived and him not)~ Intellectuals have their advantages, though~ But if given a choice I would pick common sense over it but to expand my brain, I find it feasible for me to use both simultaneously~ I like to open my mind and not be trapped into one bias or another~ Generally, speaking
    And here we are in need of leaders who have the common sense to create an environment, to help the common man flurish, and instead are dealing with left leaning, self servant, elitest mentality intellectuals who do not know for one: the first thing about the common man but even more, because of the type of bias and self servance don’t nor will ever care (Which puts Israel on their back burner; in harms way)~ Anthony
    ” God unifies all through simplicity of understanding; to HIS opposite, likes complexity to confuse and separate~” The Light

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