Daily Kos:”Ann Romney thinks she’s suffered? Let’s make her suffer”

By Gary P Jackson

The people who write for the Daily Kos [as well as their readers] have always been sewer dwellers, gutter trash. But Kos is still one of the leading democrat websites, and democrats still flock the the annual “Kos Klan Rally” known as Netroots Nation.

Remember, it was Kos founder Marcos Moulitsas who targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as a “sell-out” and put a bull’s-eye on her before the Tuscon massacre in 2011, and Kos writer “Blu Boy” declared “CongressWOMAN Giffords Voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And Is Now DEAD To Me!” a mere 48 hours before left-wing nut job Jarred Lee Loughner’s assault on Giffords.

So it should come as no surprise that the vile and disgusting animals at Kos are now attacking Ann Romney, a cancer survivor who also suffers from MS. Writer Kaili Joy Gray has penned a particularly hateful screed in which she wants to make Ann Romney suffer more, and they are raising money to do it:

Hell to Pay: Ann Romney thinks she’s suffered? Let’s make her suffer (metaphorically)

.Welcome to this week’s extra special edition of Hell to Pay. We’re raising money for Daily Kos-endorsed women candidates for the House and Senate, because it’s time to send more, better women to Congress to kick some ass, take some names, fight back against the Republican War on Women—and maybe even shrink some penises with their feminism.

So far, we’ve raised $9,559. But come on, folks, that’s not even one Mitt bet! We’re not done yet. So we’re just going to let Ann Romney, Mitt’s official chief adviser on lady things, keep on talking. Because when it comes to women, she’s had an awful lot to say. And we’re going to make her pay for it.

[ …. ]

Feel sorry for her yet? Because it’s been tough for Mitt too, turning down all those $30-million-a-year job offers

[ …. ]

Are you tired of hearing about how hard it is to be Ann Romney, even though she “loves” how hard life is for you?

Then it’s payback time. Let’s make her pay. Let’s make them pay. Name your favorite anti-woman bill Republicans tried to pass since they took over. Name your favorite quotes. Name your favorites offenses. And open up those wallets. Because now, it’s payback time. And payback? It’s one hell of an unladylike, penis-shrinking bitch.

And it’s time to shrink their numbers in Congress. Women are 51 percent of the country, but only 17 percent of Congress. So it’s time to step up and show that we’re the majority, we’re mad as hell, and we’re ready to make them pay for it.

Nice talk huh? You have to laugh at these poor pathetic loons, but not too much, because we must never forget how dangerous these people are. The hate just drips off the page as you read this tripe. The writer purposely chose the word suffer while attacking a someone who has suffered. Disgusting and quite evil.

I’m particularly interested in Gray’s obsession of the male genitalia which is mentioned several times in the piece. Rush used to called these specimens of the female persuasion “femanazis,” with good reason. Again, these creatures seem to exist on nothing but hate.

It’s funny that Gray thinks Mitt Romney has multiple $30 million a year job offers coming at him. These people have absolutely zero concept of reality, or how the world actually works. If ignorance is bliss, then they are in true nirvana. But ignorant people can be just as dangerous as anyone else when their efforts are geared toward evil.

I’ve come to realize that liberalism isn’t just an ideology of hate and destruction, it’s an ideology that simply isn’t compatible with civilized society. The goals of liberalism are certainly not compatible with America’s founding principles. We defeated the Nazis and the Soviet Union. We must defeat liberalism as well. It’s the only way America will survive.


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4 responses to “Daily Kos:”Ann Romney thinks she’s suffered? Let’s make her suffer”

  1. Liberalism Is A Cancer With A Cure

    “I’ve come to realize that liberalism isn’t just an ideology of hate and destruction, it’s an ideology that simply isn’t compatible with civilized society.” Gary P
    What this says to me is that “We” can expect to see some of the worse things ever seen by the end of 2012~ I need not say what they are~ Because with this liberal mentality you speak of anything is possible, obviously~ I mean they will attack a child~ Anthony

  2. Those libturd beeyatches really get me steamed; but then I calm myself with the thought that they’re still VERY much in the minority – it’s just that they make more NOISE than anyone else in the room, particularly Conservatives!! They’re true bottom feeders and live in their own hated-filled bubble. So, as you suggest, it’s WAY past time to burst that bubble and let them do their little “dance of death” like roaches on their last slow turn around the kitchen or bathroom floor. They might not know the game is up, but we, watching from the sidelines, certainly do!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’ve come to realize that liberals have no redeeming qualities. Not a single one. We are at war for the very soul of our nation, and us winning is the only way America’s survival will be guaranteed. It really is either us, or them. There is no way to compromise with these people.

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