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Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Shake It Up on the Dance Floor

Bristol Palin gets a surprise backstage visit from son Tripp Monday night. [Photo courtesy Sarah Palin]

By Gary P Jackson

In the intro to Monday night’s dance Mark Ballas tells Bristol Palin she needs to “shake that ass” and shake it she does! She wasn’t a bad dancer the last time out, but Bristol has certainly matured since her last appearance on Dancing With The Stars two seasons ago. She and Mark impressed the audience and the judges with a great performance:

Watch the results show tonight at 8 pm, 7 central.

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Chuck Heath and Chuck Jr Talk Sarah Palin on Fox and Friends

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath, and brother, Chuck Jr were on Fox and Friends this morning talking about their new book: Our Sarah: Made in Alaska:

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska went on sale today. Stop by your local bookstore, or order it from

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Breaking It Down With Bristol: Episode One

By Gary P Jackson

Our buddy Kevin Scholla from SarahNet Radio is doing a new weekly series called Breaking It Down With Bristol, which will take fans through Bristol Palin’s time on this season’s Dancing With The Stars:

Bristol Palin is here! Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 1: Bristol Palin is ready to embark on another dance adventure. Today, Bristol talks with Kevin Scholla about her expectations for Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

After a strong showing her first time around, Bristol is paired with Mark Ballas once again and she’s excited for a terrific season. Find out if Bristol’s been practicing her steps and what her mom, Sarah Palin thinks about her return to the show. Tune in now and each week to Breaking It Down With Bristol on SarahNET Radio and get the inside scoop on DWTS with Bristol Palin and Kevin Scholla.

In case you missed it, Kevin sat down with Bristol a week or so ago for a longer interview:


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Julianne Moore Receives Emmy for Misleading the Public About Governor Palin

By Stacy Drake

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I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be a part of a group of people who suffered though watching Game Change, who methodically dissected the film using historical facts, published articles to clear the record, only to have all of that work ignored and Hollywood give this piece of propaganda its highest honors anyway. It’s not that I didn’t expect it, I did, but that doesn’t make it any easier to look at. They are entirely shameless.

After winning her award for “best actress in a mini-series,” Julianne Moore said during her speech:

Wow, I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down

Governor Palin not appreciating the movie’s character assassination had nothing to do with Moore’s feelings of validation. She feels “validated” now because her fellow travelers in the industry patted her on the back and cheered for her when her name was called. She didn’t receive the award because she did a good job, she was issued a trophy because she contributed to the left’s war on Palin. See, they will conveniently overlook the crappy production value of the film, the bad accent, the mistaken mannerisms, and every other feature of this movie and Moore’s awful performance because they want to elevate the film. They want Americans to buy their version of events, and hope that those same people who watched their awards show never stumble over the truth.

The truth… Things like, how much money the makers of the film donated to Barack Obama. How the filmmakers tried to con Governor Palin herself into “validating” their piece of fiction. How the person who vetted Governor Palin for the McCain campaign called the movie “revisionist.” How so many of those who were there with Governor Palin in 2008 told the world that the movie was full of lies, and unlike the main sources of the movie (until we exposed them), put their name on their statements. How the movie tried to portray Governor Palin as having a nervous breakdown, when in fact, news reports from the time prove that to be impossible. How the movie falsely accused Governor Palin of not going on stage with anyone who was “pro-choice”; how they lied about “Troopergate”; how they mislead the audience about the Governor’s record, her knowledge, and pretty much everything else.

Moore may seek validation with her role in this attempted cinematic lynching, but you cannot validate lies. All she can do is reinforce them within herself and within her Palin-hating peers. The trouble with all of this is that they lie to the world in the process. How many televisions tuned into the Emmy Awards on Sunday night? How many of those people understood exactly what it was that they were looking at?

This is really about more than just Governor Palin, this is what this country does to reformers. The media distorts, the political class trashes, and then Hollywood steps up to “validate” it all. I really don’t know how we ever correct the many issues that plague our nation if we allow it to continue. Who will fix this broken mess if the only ones willing to stick their necks on the line are systematically slandered and libeled through marginalization and lies? It’s up to us, the American people, to stand up for reformers and for the truth.

Below: THIS ain’t Sarah Palin!

~ Gary


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Mystery Solved: Why Sarah and Todd Palin Were in Las Vegas Last Week


An update at the bottom of the article.

By Gary P Jackson

If you saw the Hannity interview last week, Sean mentioned that Sarah Palin was in Las Vegas. Lots of folks were wondering what she was up to. Well as she and Todd are both race fans, they were in town to enjoy the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Race results here.

Scott Tyler Clary tweeted this from the event:

@StrongholdMotor is Stronghold Motorsports, a team that races in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

Sarah also took time to go by the Competitive Metals team’s pits for photos as well. They posted a few on Facebook.

This is the hood of one of their competition buggies:

Sarah talks with Greg Parker:

Sarah and Dave Mason Sr.:

Sarah and Shawn Stewart:

Sarah and Greg Parker:

Geoffrey Cooley and Dave Mason Jr. with Sarah:

Geoffrey Cooley took the Competitive Metals Romney/Ryan buggy to a podium finish at the event:

Check the patriotic team out on Facebook here.

You can follow the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series on MavTV, check your local listings for dates and times.

Many thanks to Joy for the tip.


In case you are wondering about that cap Sarah is wearing:

Something from Bristol Motor Speedway’s catalog:

Bruton Smith’s Speedway Motorsports, Inc, which owns Las Vegas Motor Speedway also owns the track in Bristol, Tennessee, among others.


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Dancing With The Stars Starts Tonight: Vote for Bristol and Mark!

I LOVE this photo of Mark and “Bristol the Pistol” because it drives the liberals INSANE. “Like oh, my God, she’s glorifying gun violence” [or something equally ridiculous]

By Gary P Jackson

OK, tonight’s the night, a new season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. [The All-Star Edition] This is going to be a great season, lots of talented stars. Obviously our hearts are with Bristol and Mark, they are such a cute couple and have wonderful chemistry together, but I have to say, it’s going to be a real competition. All of these stars won the hearts of America in previous seasons.

Part of the contestants’ scores come from fan votes. All of the stars have millions of fans who will be setting up groups to vote. You can certainly do the same for Bristol and Mark. So grab your friends and have some fun!

Also please note, you can vote multiple times after each show. [And use all three methods of voting to do it!] In the online voting you are only limited by how hard you want to work, as you can create as many accounts as you want, and vote from each one.

Here are a couple of blog entries from Bristol and Sarah that may help you understand ABC’s rules, if you haven’t voted before:

How to Vote for Us on DWTS

The couples dance on Monday nights for a score from the judges. Then the fans vote for their favorite. The judges score counts 50% and the fans 50%. The key to the judges score is that they convert it to a percentage. They take all the scores from the judges and add them together. Then that number is divided into the score for the individual couple. That gives the 50% that counts as the judges scores. Same thing with the fan vote. All the votes are totaled and that number is divided into the couples fan vote. The lowest combined judges scores and fan scores send a couple home.

There will be three ways to vote:

The first is by phone. We will not know the phone number for Team Ballin until show time on 9/24. The number will remain the same throughout the competition. Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show. Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts. After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote. You can vote on as many phones as you have access to. For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants. For example, the first week there will be thirteen contestants, so each type of account gets 13 votes. The second week it will go down to 12. Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

ATT users can text their votes by texting the word “vote” to the last four digits of the voting number. Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants. It is my understanding you can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

The final way is online. Go to On show nights there will be a vote tab. You have to have an account to vote online. You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls. You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

Dancing with the Stars is definitely a team effort. Bristol and Mark will do the dancing-the fans have to do the voting! Please be sure and support them with your votes on September 24!

The Phone Number To Use to Vote for Mark Ballas and Me!!

Thank you guys for asking about how to best vote for Mark and me on Dancing with the Stars All Stars! I’m so excited that I just got the official telephone number to use. It is:


Sarah posted this on Facebook this morning:

Bristol goes from joining Willow, Todd and buddies looking to fill the freezer a few weeks ago in the wilds of Alaska to the wilds of LA on the dance floor tonight!

I know how many worries we all have about the challenges facing us today, but in the midst of it all I’m really looking forward to taking time to just be a proud mom and cheer on Bristol as she does her thing on “Dancing With the Stars” tonight! It’s good to take a break from the heavy stuff and recharge your batteries with something like this uplifting, energetic, and positive competition.

If you tune in tonight (at 8/7c on ABC), I hope you’ll vote for Bristol & Mark (online at the DWTS website, by calling 800-868-3409, and for AT&T subscribers by texting the word VOTE to 3409), and I sincerely hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Sarah is right. There is a lot going on and many of us are extremely worried about the future of our nation. Taking a break to watch a fun competition is something I hope everyone will do. Dancing With The Stars is a fun family show, something everyone can enjoy. So watch and then vote for Bristol and Mark!


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Video: Karen Harrington on The Economy, Tax Reform, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

By Gary P Jackson

Karen Harrington recently appeared on the show Facing South Florida from Miami. Here she talks about some serious issues that need addressing. From the start the host notes they invited Karen’s opponent, Debbie Wasserman Schultz to join in, but Debbie refused. Evidently, the host decided to serve in her stead, as the democrat surrogate. That said, Karen holds her own quite well.

I particularly like Karen’s stance on taxes. While a lot have Conservatives have fallen for so-called “fair tax” a Rube Goldberg style sales tax scheme, Karen favors a flat tax, as do I. It is definitely the best solution. Currently lawmakers use the tax code to do a lot of societal engineering, as well as reward their cronies. A simply flat tax would stop 99% of that.

Though, if I was designing a flat tax, it would be much simpler, with only one deduction.

If I was in charge, I’d set the rate at 20% and allow everyone to deduct the first $20,000 they earn. [adjusted for inflation] My “20-20” plan would create a simple one page tax return. How much did you earn? Deduct $20K. Send in 20% of the difference. Easy and simple.

I also love the fact that Karen wants to eliminate the corporate sales tax. In reality corporations don’t pay taxes anyway. They just pass the costs on to the customer. Currently, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the civilized world. That sends a lot of jobs overseas. Eliminating that tax altogether will bring businesses back to America and create millions of jobs. Any taxes lost will be made up [and then some] by all of the tax paying people who will have jobs again. Couple that with a national Right-to-Work law, that would stop the union bosses and politicians from forcing people to join a union, just to have a job, and you’ll see job growth like this nation has never seen before.

Karen also wants to eliminate one of the most immoral taxes our nation has ever imposed, the death tax. This will make it easier for a business owner to pass that business along to their family when the die. The number of small businesses and farms that have been lost, just because survivors have had to sell them to pay the death tax on their inheritance is staggering. It’s double taxation, as the earnings have already been taxed once.

The more I listen to Karen Harrington, the more I know we need her in Congress. Karen won her primary in a blowout, but she is going to need all of our help to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is not only a Congresswoman, but the chairman of the DNC, and will have plenty of money and support. Check out Karen’s website. Doesn’t matter if you live in Florida or not. If you can’t help in person, there are other ways to give her your support. This is one race we must win!

Video courtesy <i>SarahNet.

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What Governor Quinn Could Learn from Governor Palin

by Whitney Pitcher

There is good reason that the acronym of Illinois’s nickname is LOL. True–it does stand for Land of Lincoln, but it is also indicative the fact that our state is the laughingstock of the country. We’ve been approaching a fiscal cliff for quite sometime. Our budgets are bloated, and our state continually borrows money. Our pension systems are massively underfunded, and our credit rating is being downgraded on a seemingly monthly basis.

Our pension problems are our latest fiscal fire. There are five state pension systems–one for legislators, one for judges, one for teachers outside of Chicago, one for state employees, and one for state university employees. Right now, these pension systems are underfunded by $83 billion  (although new rules in such estimates put that number at $206 billion) and have the potential to go bankrupt by 2018The 67% state income tax increase and 46% corporate tax increase passed in  a lame duck session in early 2011 has done little if anything to help better fund education or help improve the pension situation.There are two ideas that have been pushed by Governor Quinn–pension reform and a federal bailout.   Pension reform was not achieved during the most recent regular session, nor a special session this past summer. The pension reform plan that Governor Quinn proposes includes increasing individual contributions, reducing cost of living adjustments, increasing the retirement age, and requiring that state pensions only be provided to state workers (i.e. make school districts responsible for providing teacher pensions). If implemented, these partial reforms would perhaps help, but in some respects, these changes would be considered merely nibbling at the margins. These ideas are not relentless reform.

In addition to his pension reform plans, Governor Quinn is toying with another idea to help stabilize the state’s fiscal situation–a federal bailout. In his FY2012 budget speech, Governor Quinn stated (emphasis added):

 Consider the state’s unfunded pension liability as a mortgage on future public employees’pension payments. Illinois has a long history of high unfunded liability—a big, decades-long mortgage problem, a big risk. After fiscal year 2010, following losses from a deep recession, the unfunded liability sat at over 60 percent. While the pension reform of 2010 improved the situation by decreasing future liabilities—and certainly the economic recovery improved net assets for the pension funds significant longterm improvements will come only from additional pension reforms,refinancing the liability and seeking a federal guarantee of the debt, or increasing the annual required state contributions. Until one or more of these options is achieved, pension funding issues will persist.

So much for that Illinois state motto of “state sovereignty, national union”! When you become dependent on outside sources to hold up your debt and subsidize your failure you begin to lose your sovereignty. The same could be said about America as a whole with roughly a third of our debt held by foreign nations.

The Illinois Policy Institute (a conservative think tank akin to a Heritage Foundation or Cato Institute) has pushed two key ideas to tackle the state pension problems. One is to change the pension funds from a defined benefit to a defined contribution system, which means that taxpayers no longer shoulder the liability of pensions and how they are invested. The other is to reject a federal bailout, as it would create “winner and loser” states throughout the country and runs counter to the constitutional concept of federalism. In short, the answer to Illinois’ problems could simply be: “listen to Governor Palin”.

This past week, Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina joined with the Illinois Policy Institute to push for blocking federal bailouts of state and municipal pensions, and Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois had also made the same call in May 2011.  Federal bailouts for states have been discussed in recent years because of the woeful straits that states like Illinois and California have found themselves in. In December of 2010, Governor Palin wrote a piece against the bailout of states by the federal government:

American taxpayers should not be expected to bail out wasteful state governments. Fiscally liberal states spent years running away from the hard decisions that could have put their finances on a more solid footing. Now they expect taxpayers from other states to bail them out, which will allow them to postpone the tough decisions they should have made ages ago and continue spending like there’s no tomorrow. Most Americans would say these states have made their bed and now they’ve got to lie in it. They accepted federal dollars and did not voice opposition to the unfunded federal mandates, and they even re-elected politicians who foisted debt-ridden programs on them that could never be sustained.


My home state made the switch from defined benefits to a defined contribution system, and as governor, I introduced a number of measures to build on that successful transition, while also addressing the issue of the remaining funding shortfall by prioritizing budgets to wrap our financial arms around this too-long ignored debt problem. When my state ran a surplus because we incentivized businesses, I didn’t spend it on fun and glamorous pet projects for lawmakers – though that would have made me quite popular with the earmark crowd. In fact, I vetoed more excessive spending than any governor in our state’s history, and I used the state’s surplus to bring our financial house in order by paying down our unfunded pension plans that some other governors wanted to ignore. This fiscal prudence didn’t make me popular with the state legislature. In addition to vetoing hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful spending, I put billions of dollars into savings accounts for future rainy days, much like most American families do in responsibly planning for the future. I also enacted a hiring freeze and brought the education budget under control through a commitment to forward-funding. I returned much of the surplus back to the people (it was their money to start with!) through tax relief and energy rebates. I had proven as the mayor of the fastest growing city in the state that tax cuts incentivize business growth, and though the state legislature overrode some of my veto cuts and thwarted an additional tax relief request of mine, the public was supportive of efforts to rein in its government.

It’s one thing to veto spending and reduce the size of government when your state is broke. I did it when my state was flush with revenue from a surplus – though I had to fight politicians who wanted to spend like there was no tomorrow. It’s not easy to tell people no and make them act fiscally responsible and cut spending when the money is rolling in and your state is only 50 years shy of being a territory and everyone is yelling at you to spend while the money is there to build. My point is, if I could fight this fight in Alaska at a time of surplus, then other governors can and should be able to do the same at a time when their states are facing bankruptcy and postponing this fight is no longer an option.

The reforms that Governor Palin implemented helped lead to a 34.6% decrease in total liabilities during her tenure. In fact, Alaska is third best in the nation in the percentage of its pension system that is funded. Additionally, due in part to pension reform and other fiscal measures implemented by Governor Palin,  Alaska’s credit rating has twice been upgraded by Standard and Poor’s and once by Moody’s since 2008. In addition to the bias of the media and the ill intentions of the GOP establishment, Governor Palin’s stellar record is not as well known as it should be because she prevented problems from reaching a tipping point by nipping them in the bud. She didn’t have to put out the proverbial fiscal fire because she removed the kindling before the fire could start. That doesn’t mean, though, that governors on both sides of the aisle can’t learn from her by implementing the reforms that helped make Alaska one of the most fiscally sound states in the country.

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Sarah Palin: If Our “Fearless Leaders” Insist on Waving White Flag, It’s Time to Bring Our Troops Home

By Gary P Jackson

All I can say is when I hear Sarah Palin speak like this, I get quite sad that she isn’t the Republican nominee for President. This is what powerful leadership looks and sounds like:

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Government For Sale! Peter Schweizer: Meet the Bundlers

By Gary P Jackson

Peter Schweizer has put together an extensive list of Barack Obama’s top campaign bundlers. Peter and the Government Accountability Institute also disclose what, if anything, these top bundlers got for their efforts:

The term “bundlers” is as mysterious as it is ubiquitous. Bundlers are fundraisers who gather high-dollar donations and “bundle” them together for their favored candidates.

Recently, we at the Government Accountability Institute decided to look at some bundlers to see whether they, their relatives, or their businesses have received government contracts, loans, or other perks.

This list consists of the 50 bundlers who (along with their immediate families) have given the most to all federal campaigns, parties, and PACs in the past 22 years—and who bundled for President Obama in either 2008 or 2012.

Next week, we’ll look at some of Romney’s bundlers, although identifying them is more complicated because—unlike the Obama campaign—Romney has refused to release the names of his top fundraisers.

Note: The total contributions listed, as well as bundlers’ employers, are based on research by the Center for Responsive Politics. Bundlers’ names and contributions during the 2008 and 2012 cycles are based on information available on the Obama campaign’s website on April 20, 2012.

Here are several noteworthy bundlers. Government is, most definitely FOR SALE:

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO DreamWorks Animation

08 bundled $500K + ’12 bundled $500K +

Katzenberg was a guest at a February 2012 luncheon for the likely future Chinese president, Xi Jinping, attended by Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton. DreamWorks’s $2 billion proposal to create a China-based studio required Xi’s signoff. (The administration told The Washington Post that the lunch did not facilitate this agreement.)

Paul Egerman [right] Co-Chairman and Co-CEO
eScription Inc.

2012 bundled $50K-$100K

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka, the stimulus) included a $19.2 billion dollar pool to incentivize physicians to upgrade to electronic medical records–up to $44,000 per physician. eScription’s parent company, Nuance Communications, helped launch the “EHR Stimulus Alliance,” which encouraged physicians to upgrade. If the physicians upgraded, one of their product choices was eScription. Egerman is listed 6 times as a visitor in the White House visitors database. He did not respond to a request for comment.

Doug & Lisa Goldman Chairman (Doug) Certain Software Inc. (Doug)

08 bundled $200K – $500K ’12 bundled $500k +

Certain Software has received $325,330 in contracts from the Energy Department since Obama took office–although similar contracts exist from before he took office. Lisa is listed 4 times since April 2010 as a visitor in the White House visitors database. Doug is listed once. They attended the October 13, 2011 state dinner. Doug did not respond to a request for comment.

For the complete list, click here.


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