Bristol and Mark Dance to Redneck Woman

By Gary P Jackson

I thoroughly enjoyed Bristol and Mark’s dance last night on Dancing With The Stars, so did the audience:

The judges, however, hit the couple hard because they didn’t follow the rules. Never mind the dance was great and the style popular at joints that play that kind of music.

All three judges gave the kids a 6, for a total score of 18, lowest of the night. We’ll have to see how the fans voted tonight to see if Bristol and Mark get to come back next week.



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2 responses to “Bristol and Mark Dance to Redneck Woman

  1. As I posted on Dr. Fay’s blog (and in response to Jan, a like-minded Palin fan!), the judges should have made those remarks about the “break” in contact/routine/rules to Mark, who KNOWS the rules & sets the choreography (or, has a big hand in it). The judges super-low scores (think East German judges during the Soviet era!!) displayed their bias? displeasure? a bit of both? by giving the kids the low scores – when a few others who danced later should have ALSO rec’d MUCH lower scores than they did!

    Well, all is fair in love & war; and should Mark & Bristol be voted “off the island” tonight, at least it was a great run – and a great tribute to the world’s most talented NON-Dancer, Bristol!!

    As I also point out, if Team Ballin are no longer in the competition, watch the audience ratings plummet! Certainly, the advertisers will…

    • Gary P Jackson

      It was total bias, and yes, they should have directed their anger at Mark, he’s the professional and the one who choreographs every dance.

      I was incredibly angry last night over all of this.

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