Sarah Palin on Debate: Great Night Now We Know We Can Turn Things Around

By Gary P Jackson

It was an enthusiastic Sarah Palin who discussed the debate with Sean Hannity. She notes that Mitt Romney provided a clear contrast between himself and Barack Obama. She hammered Obama for such a poor problem, and noted Obama didn’t have “Mr Teleprompter” and everything written out for him before hand. “Anyone can be an actor” Sarah says.

She also warns that Obama and his henchmen, along with the corrupt media, will pull something before the next debate, especially if Romney keeps gaining momentum. I believe she’s right.

I think Mitt did a great job, much better than expected. Not only did he mop the floor with Obama, he sounded like an actual Conservative. He hit the right notes.

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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6 responses to “Sarah Palin on Debate: Great Night Now We Know We Can Turn Things Around

  1. Anthony

    ” He sounded like an actual Conservative~” Sarah Palin
    See this is what I mean~ I take this as it was thought before that maybe he wasn’t~ Which in a way falls in line with what I hear about him seeming more like a moderate Dem~ What is your take~? I guess I need to go take a better look at his record~

  2. Great song!! “O Mommy!” Great catchy tune! Gary, you sure know your music from way back when, eh? Must have quite a collection – online or on the shelves? Anyway, sure enjoy your eclectic selections, so, keep ’em coming!

    • Gary P Jackson

      LOVE music, always have. I had a buddy years ago who was also quite keen on different music. We used to wear his wife out because of the trivia we knew! Some songs stick with you more than others.

      I do have an extensive selection, but what I really enjoy going to You Tube. Always great stuff there too.

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