Sarah Palin to Cavuto: Obama Had No Enthusiasm For His Own Policies

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin talks to Fox Business New’s Neil Cavuto about Wednesday night’s debate. She noted that Obama was phoning it it. Had no enthusiasm, even for his own policies.

Sarah also notes she was disappointed in both candidates because they didn’t didn’t really do anything to help the American people understand just how dire our nation’s precarious financial situation is.

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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4 responses to “Sarah Palin to Cavuto: Obama Had No Enthusiasm For His Own Policies

  1. Anthony

    She makes a good point~ I watched it on FOX just to see what the people were seeing not from interest~ But I will tell you as soon as it was over I turned to CNN real fast to see their reactions and they were talking Romney up and not really trying to cover for Obama~ In your opinion Gary, do you think that they are embarrassed to stand by such a bad debate from Obama~? Or do you think they actually, like Romney or little of both~? I just find it kind of odd seems to easy~ Im not conspiracy theorizing it just seems odd~ Another thing too, have you ever heard that Romney is more along the lines of a moderate Democrat because I have heard people saying this~ And explaining that this is why he did so well with an 87% Democratic platform in his state~ Just curious~ I want to believe the best but these elites in GOP; Dems are a little sneaky~ Thanks buddy

    • Gary P Jackson

      CNN has such a credibility issue these days, I imagine they are just playing it straight. Besides, their own snap poll had Romney winning with 67% of the vote. Hard to spin that!!

      I don’t trust CNN, but other than the real hacks like Marcos Molitsas, and Chris Matthews, even democrats have acknowledged Romney won big.

      • Anthony

        Didn’t seem like Obama gave a flip at all not that I give a flip about that~ Fine with me~ Just seemed easy~ Thanks

      • Gary P Jackson

        I think President Choom Gang showed up!

        In honor of that, a little Brewer & Shipley:

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