Sarah Palin: Obama Lied In 2007 Speech Voted Against Very Legislation He Claimed to Support

By Gary P Jackson

That Barack Obama is a racist and degenerate liar should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. A couple of days ago a video from 2007 surfaced that was filled with racist, and race baiting comments from then Senator Barack Obama.

In the video, seen here, Obama praises his racist, America-hating preacher of 20 years, the Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, and blames the government [whitey] for the Katrina disaster.

What’s so despicable about Obama’s take on New Orleans is his outrageous race baiting, and total dishonesty. Ten days before this 2007 speech, the federal government had indeed waived the Stafford Act in order to aid the city. Worse, Senator Obama is one of only 14 Senators to vote against it.

Sarah posted this on Facebook, Wednesday:

Many of you have seen the 2007 speech in which then-Senator Obama suggested that because of racism the federal government didn’t waive the Stafford Act to assist New Orleans after Katrina. What you may not know is that 10 days before Senator Obama gave this speech, the federal government did in fact waive the Stafford Act for New Orleans.

And to add insult to injury, Barack Obama was one of 14 senators who actually voted against the bill that included the provision to give supplemental emergency assistance to New Orleans. In other words, he was being dishonest and divisive, which is behavior we’ve sadly seen far too often from him in the last four years.

On Thursday Sarah talked with Greta Van Susteren about it all:

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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6 responses to “Sarah Palin: Obama Lied In 2007 Speech Voted Against Very Legislation He Claimed to Support

  1. Laden

    Yes I heard this~ For your eyes only~ If they bring out that BinLaden movie it may inspire riots from Islamists in America~ Not only this liberal crazies, occupy etc may join and then we are looking at a martial law situation for sure~And Iran and whoever else on top of it~ Im prepared~ As me and you both know by now anything is flippin possible~ I think they are doing all this on purpose Bengazi etc etc~ No impeachment tells me infection is across the board~ And the fact that people are even willing to see the debates knowing in a strong sense high crimes and misdermeanors have been presented~ In these times sense of urgency is appropriate; feasible~

  2. al

    All of this should have been “vetted”, clarified, examined, but, NOOOO media fell into promoting person of color as a symbol of “their” agendae. So, USA comes out losing face with the world, declining into long term debt, and swirls in class warfare, finger-pointin about situations that can be traced back to pre-Columbus days. We have to become grownups. We are the result of our past; this word past is significant as some groups, clics exist solely upon the shoulders of past grievances toward other groups. I listen and many groups have attached their trauma to the prefix ids; example dis-advantaged, dis- enfranchised, you get my drift. GOP nor DNC either nor both should be aiming special offers for any group. What is great about USA is all are equal to pursue. Let’s get off the blame wagon, attach our dreams to a sure foundation (education not necessarily 4 yr), put your head down and get into the grind. The main issue may be that it may be hard, not a giveme. All can be exemplified by my favorite The GodFather–man up!

    • Gary P Jackson

      There’s plenty of blame to go around, but right now we are exposing what a lying rat bastard Barack Obama is. Until we rid this nation of the evil that has it in it’s grips, NOTHING is gonna change. We can’t keep going like this.

      The democrat party has been taken over by communists, socialists, and 60s radicals, all hell-bent on destroying the United States from with-in. Then you have the Republican Party. A bunch of spineless wimps with no stomach to fight evil. Oh, they WILL fight the only group trying to save America: Conservatives, but never the enemies of Liberty and Freedom: Liberals.

      Liberalism is not compatible with human life. It must be wiped from the face of the earth. If not, the world cannot survive.

  3. D. Ford

    Every day it looks more like this election is America’s last stand. Four more years of this and we’d be done for sure. Our only hope is to get this guy and his cronies out of DC.

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